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  1. I am about to make a same decision. Cinemascope looks great but I realized that about 70% of what I watch is 16:9. Also I watch many foreign movies with subtitles and 16:9 seems to be the better option for me.
  2. Hi there, There is currently a good deals on DLA x9000, 70000 and 5000 as the new JVC 4K models are coming up. They are over your budget but I am seeing dealers selling them for around $6000-$7000. Their usual price was around $8000-$10000. I really liked these projectors and I think they are very good value for money now. You probably can haggle bit more too.
  3. Hi, I am building a house with a dedicated room for a small home theatre. The size of the room is not huge about 5.5m by 4.5m and I am intending to put 130inch 16:9 screen. As it will be a room just for the home theatre, I can keep it dark for the movie viewing. I would like to get a 4K projector with hopefully good enough light to show HDR reasonably well (understanding that it will be no where near what TVs can do) Would projectors in $20000-$30000 range such as Sony 760 and upcoming JVC NX-9 show clear difference in picture quality in my setting compared to those in $10000-$20000 range such as Sony 570 or JVC nx-7? I can see that sony 760 and nx-9 are clearly a superior projectors but for the small setting I have I am not too sure if i will see any major differences in picture quality. Any advice will be appreciated. cheers!
  4. Thanks! just one more question... if we choose the output at 1080p then what happens to the original UHD content? Does it get downgraded then upscaled by tv again?
  5. Hi, I am relatively new to all this 4K and about to upgrade my gears to 4K. However I am little confused on this 4K upscaling... Let’s say I have a UHD 4K player with 4K upscale connected to AV processor with upscale conmected to 4K TV with upscale... I put 1080 HD blu ray into UHD 4K player... then which device is doing the 4K upscale? I guess it will be the UHD player?? what do I do if I want my TV to do this job? Do all devices have 4K upscale disable option? thanks!
  6. Hi, A newbie question... Given that 100% of music source will be digital such as Tidal... and there will be a separate dedicated high end streamer with good DAC, how important is it to have a good preamp? I mean... What does preamp actually do in this situation to make the sound better? Would you have a basic preamp and instead spend money on good power amps and speakers? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks everyone. Learnt alot! By the way... one more question... If I end up buying speakers along with number of amps, surround speakers, projector, etc and spend say around $100K, what sort of deals can you realistically expect from the dealer? I guess they won't charge exactly as retail prices for everything?
  8. What a great setup you've got. I will look into Krix speakers. I always thought that it's ideal to have same brand speakers everywhere but obviously that's not necessarily the case!
  9. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Really appreciate it! The part of the reason why I am considering mcintosh amps are because I will be getting a used mcintosh 601 amp from my relative in America. Is it a stupid idea to use American version of 601 with a transformer (I will be getting the top quality one not the cheap one from ebay)? I was thinking of getting another new 601 here in Australia to power 802D3s. But if it's a bad idea to use American one then probably will consider other amps as well. Regarding surrounding speakers... do you usually use same size/power speakers for the surrounds and surround back? Or should surround pair be larger than surround back? (or should I say surround backs don't need to be as powerful as surround speakers?)
  10. Hi. I am thinking of purchasing B&W 802D3 speakers with Mcintosh amps (452 or 601) for music and also want to use them as a part of dolby atmos setup using Mcintosh MX122. Money is not the biggest issue but at same time I do not want to spend money if the extra benefit is very small. How important are surround speakers and amplification for them? Is it worth getting really good matching surround speakers (for example 805D3 with mcintosh amps like 207? to match them with RCL speakers?) Or would more economical B&W in wall speakers with 'average' amps good enough? Will I notice much difference from surround and in ceiling speakers by spending extra $$$ for mcintosh amps and expensive speakers? The room will be dedicated home theater with 7m*6m in size. TIA!
  11. Might be a stupid question but I am wondering... If I setup a home theatre setup using Mcintosh MX122 AV receiver and B&W 800 series speakers as front LR (and use these for music listening as well) And assuming that I only use streaming music service like Tidal... and knowing that MX122 receiver has Airplay connectivity, is there any reason why a network players will have any benefit to me? My understanding is that Airplay doesn't have any loss of music quality?? Why are some network players like Linn Klimax so expensive? What's so special about them? Thanks in advance!
  12. How do they sound together? I have never seen anyone using this combo. Would be interested to hear other's opinion on this... Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, I am new to the world of hifi and home theatre. but recently had a chance to audition B&W speakers and fell in love with them. Working hard to save some money and get wife's permission to buy them! Already learned alot from this forum and look forward to learn more and contribute as my knowledge and experience grow in this topic. Cheers!
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