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  1. did you have to do anything yourself or did it automatically change? My one is still same... no atmos on netflix...
  2. Doesn't sound good. My Nx-9 must be just sitting there next to yours as well then. I understand that it's new year and all that but as you said I would expect some form of handover of duties to someone else. Brand new $20000+ projector, I didn't even get to see a single picture and not working is disappointing to begin with and now it seems that the waiting will be long... Not very impressed.. Should have bought Sony I guess.
  3. So after 30seconds, Left warning light flashes repetedtly 3 times (the manual says it is internal temperature issue), the middle light is off, right light turn from green to red)
  4. It says MY 05 2019. I actually bought it back in november but just opened as the new house is now complete.
  5. Tried it on another power source as well but same result. No USB connected to the projector.
  6. I should have checked it before I mounted on a ceiling... such a heavy projector lol.
  7. Got a new JVC nx-9 projector. Opened the box and mounted on a ceiling. Turned the power on and approximately 30 seconds later it turns off with the warning lights on. According to the manual ‘the internal temperature is abnormally high’. i haven’t even seen any picture out of the projector and the machine doesn’t seem to be hot at all. Is this a faulty unit? Anything I may have forgotten during the installations? TIA
  8. It will be one of JVC’s 4K projector. N7 probably. Screen top to ceiling is 35cm and the floor to ceiling is 270cm. Thinking of 130 or 135inch screen. Thank you.
  9. Hi, i am setting up my home theatre and about to buy a ceiling mount for the projector. The centre of the screen will be approximately 110cm below the ceiling. Is it better to install a pole for the mount to position the projector as close practically possible as the centre of the screen buy using say 80cm long pole? Or just mounting it to the ceiling ok? Any improvements in picture quality etc by using a pole? TIA!
  10. I am setting up 7.1.4 dolby atmos for a new house I'm building and need to place speaker wires before the walls are put on. I am using B&W surround speakers and in-ceiling speakers. I don't think I need to spend too much money for these speaker wires. Should I just get any speaker wires from AV shops? Or Is there any particular brand wire that you recommend? 12AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG? Distance from the amp will be 5-10 meters for speakers. Any help would be appreciated!
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