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  1. I hope your wife doesn’t read stereoNet
  2. Looks like a McIntosh 250 is part of his system!
  3. I thought about getting the Gold 100’s when Eastwood had the special on, but decided to stick with what I have
  4. Thought I’d start this thread since I’m loving the performance of my Silver 100’s. Anyone else care to share please do
  5. SA-31 sold elsewhere, BM5a still available
  6. Item: SA-31, BM5a Location: Hawkesbury Price: $900.00 neg Item Condition: used Reason for selling: n l r Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: only the short black stands (540mm) included, this was my second system. Also I don’t have the boxes for the speakers, they are heavy, would be pricey to post, hoping for NSW buyer, unless you could organise a courier you trust to package them Pictures:
  7. I bet it sounds great, I personally don’t think you’d need anything for an RP10 except maybe The Aphelion cart, happy listening
  8. Hi, what cart did you get with it?
  9. Eastwood HiFi are clearing out Monitor Audio speakers, better be quick
  10. Fans of The Living End or Punkobilly will dig this, check out The Silver Shine
  11. What would the output be on these?
  12. Could you send me a link or contact number Gijo ? Thx
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