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  1. Using shielded cable should prevent any issues, here’s my rats nest, I don’t have any issues
  2. In my system I use a normal cable (2.5mm sq) from the wall to an Isotek evo3 Syncro Uni, same normal cable to Sirius power strip, all good Isotek cable from Sirius feeding source components, haven’t looked back, unbelievably low noise floor, good luck on your quest and happy listening
  3. Picked this up in my local record store, which was unexpected, this is a great come back album for Sabbath and probably one of Dios’ best too (at least to me)
  4. More like a biography, early life and such, as well as technical info on the products, it’s a good read, explains in his own words about the reasons why he believes certain things, (which others disagree with)
  5. On the super today, didn’t expect to find this in my local record store, sounds killer! But it would after 6 of these bad boys yeah! I’m listening around 85-90db 6ft away from speakers, And, not even halfway on the Vol pot!
  6. Jones99, do you mean the Syncro cable? Or the actual Syncro uni power conditioner?
  7. Yeah after more research, I’m gonna save the extra and get the Sigmas
  8. I’m now in two minds which way to go next: save and get the Sigmas or, keep the Sirius and feed the source components and get the Evo 3 Syncro uni and feed the Amp with it, nothing this side of Xmas though
  9. Very happy with an IsoTek sequel on my source components and optimum on Amp fed from a Sirius strip
  10. Yes Apheta 3 cart has around 50hrs on it now, everything is even more refined, I’m very happy, (just need to sell my 911 to pay for the Naiad)...😀👍
  11. Job done, I’m in RP 10 territory now, sounds incredible. Oh and if you have a lazy $60k there’s one Naiad in Australia
  12. First taste of half speed mastering, I’ll have to get a normal one to compare as I only have a CD copy
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