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  1. I think the view that narrower tyres have less friction and are faster has been debunked https://road.cc/content/feature/182519-trend-spotting-why-you-need-switch-wider-tyres https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com/ Another difficulty with fitting wider tyres to narrower rims is that cross sectional profile of the tyre and therefore the overall width of the tyre can vary depending on the width of rim. eg fitting a 28mm tyre on a 20mm rim will present a different shape and possibly a different width to fitting the same tyre on a 23mm rim. Clearance between the forks is the limiting factor in general. I agree with the posts recommending a visit to a good bike shop for an opinion on tyre options for your bike.
  2. I have one of these and it is fantastic. Is the fault occurring on all inputs? I recommend changing HDMI leads to ensure they are not causing issues.
  3. Tivoli Hifi have a great setup for their Mcintosh room with all equipment supported on shelving supported with lightweight blocks like these available from bunnings
  4. I have been using Phile Audio ($7.99 on App store) more so than XLD recently and found this to be a very simple ripping program that can also do multiple encodes at the same time eg: MP3 and AIFF or FLAC/WAV/Apple Lossless etc. Website says it has been updated for Catalina but i am not on this OS so cannot confirm for you.
  5. Australian Blank Audio Cassettes and Duplication Service DUPESHOP.COM.AU Welcome to dupeshop.com.au! This is an Australian company related to www.duplication.ca, a worldwide leader in audio cassette blanks and duplication services. ... Cassette and Tape Supplies - Australia and Overseas, magnetic and optical media for professionals WWW.CASSTAPE.COM.AU
  6. looks like a 2 pin DIN, Bang Olufsen and other euro manufacturers commonly used these for speaker connections
  7. This might help https://www.soundandvision.com/content/equalizers-and-tape-monitoring
  8. What about having a crack at these ones - slightly larger footprint and would sound awesome http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/The-Loudspeaker.htm
  9. Try these guys for a set of speakers https://djcity.com.au/category/pa-live-sound/passive-speakers/ pricing from $70 for Fenton 8 inch 2 way up to $89 for 10 inch Skytec including free shipping. I bought a pair for one of my sons in a share Uni house after his mates blew up some old 80's era speakers. They have not missed a beat. These would be perfect to muck around with without laying out too much cash
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS/NZS_3112 Australian Voltage Standard changed across most states to 230V +10% to -6% (except WA and QLD) in 2000 (if you believe the wiki) and AS/NZS 3122. Whatever the voltage the advertised amplifier is a beast!
  11. I love the font used on the Warning placard. Speakers are very cool.
  12. Best way to overcome the speaker/amp matching issues are active speakers. I think most people if they have an open mind and unbiased ears are impressed with the simplicity and performance of high end actives.
  13. I agree with @Prana69 on all selections but also add Onkyo and Toshiba receivers to his mix. Hard to beat 70's to early 80's discrete component tech. Generally repairable and good phono stages built in. I have put together similar systems for my kids however I have had to replace one of my boys vintage speakers (his college mates managed to wreck) with $69 (brand new and free delivery) https://djcity.com.au/product/fenton-xen3508-8-inch-passive-speakers/ or the larger ones! They have proven to be uni student proof so far. Because the boys are using a receiver they have also discovered FM radio. Apparently this is a new thing! On the digital side I have my kids using a stereo rca to 3.5mm cable connected to the receiver's auxiliary input eg. https://www.storedj.com.au/hosa-cmr-206-3-5mm-trs-to-dual-rca-stereo-breakout-cable-6ft to stream digital files from their iPhones or computer eg Apple Music/Spotify.
  14. Maybe you could try updating via a VPN. Not sure if it could be geoblocking but at least it gives you another crack at solving the issue.
  15. No - most of the back of the cabinet is cut out. I have often found more problems with amps at the top of a stack rather than the bottom. I suspect because of heat trapping within the top of the cabinet.
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