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  1. Onkyo/Integra also made these as did Sony. Yamaha had other older models. I have been using an older Yamaha (from around 1996) without issue. Quick google search popped these up https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/YAMAHA-CDC-585-CD-PLAYER-5-DISC-CAROUSEL-COMPACT-DISC-CHANGER-HOME-THEATRE/373167341724?hash=item56e281c09c:g:c-AAAOSwqqNfRRPt https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Yamaha-CD-C555-5-Disc-CD-Changer-With-Remote-Control-Carousel/174611514996?hash=item28a7a84674:g:ZC4AAOSwHtxgD4MN https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-CDP-C345-5-disc-EX-CHANGE-SYSTEM-CD-Player/1
  2. Details for my MacPro 4.1 upgraded from 2.66 Quad Core Intel Xeon processor to 6 Core Xeon 3.46GHz with 24GB ram and then Dosdude'd to MacPro5,1. This runs as a server and has done so since 2009 (upgrades from around 2014 also include a 120GB OWC Mercury Accelsior E2 PCI Express SSD as the primary boot drive). It gets pulled apart every 12-18 months for a dustoff on circuit boards and fans with fine brushes and air compressor. I am holding off doing any graphics card upgrades and am happy to sit on High Sierra as long as possible for this machine. Hope this helps - these are and have been
  3. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT205043#3 https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/owc/apple-mac-pro/2009
  4. These guys often have clearance and second hand printers - colour and monochrome https://www.mediaform.com.au/printers-copiers/a4-colour-lasers/ I have personally not liked the Samsung printers/MFC i have had and am currently using a Canon MF735C in the home office. I think this is a very good machine with good software (it is a scanner/fax/printer) but have purchased many Brother, Fuji Xerox and Lexmark machines over the years for our workplaces in preference to HPs, Samsungs etc. Always look at the running costs for colour laser when comparing machines. The Canon machines have an a
  5. Ha Ha, I must be part psycho - i have found that most cpu's don't require re-application of thermal paste even after 5-10 years of a solid work life but if you can easily get the computer apart (not so easy with glued/taped current iMacs) removing and disassembly of fans and gently cleaning of ducts and blades with very soft brush and compressed air makes a massive difference. Gentle compressed air cleaning of power supply, mother boards, GPUs etc prior to reassembly means the computer is now as new internally. I will do this if i am doing a clean software install around every couple of years
  6. What about the guitar work in this - Neil Young and Devo "Hey Hey, My My" with Booji Boy on synth in a cot.
  7. "(she doesn't want upgrade)?" - I don't think she is giving you a subliminal message, remember HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE! These are good machines i think i may have had one running High Sierra 10.13 but performance wasn't great. With older machines and OS software upgrades i think the best strategy is to look at the cost benefit vs time spent with what gains you may get from the new software eg 32 vs 64 bit app performance, new features, security updates etc vs potential problems after update with machine slowing down, peripherals requiring reconfiguration or changing drivers etc. T
  8. Yes from memory browser support has long stopped for this OS. I think Opera and Chrome were also options with Safari and I remember this development (Arctic Fox) but never tried it. It may be an option https://github.com/wicknix/Arctic-Fox/wiki/Downloads
  9. If the machine is a 17 or 20inch Late 2006 iMac with processors running at 2.0, 2.16 or 2.33GHz then Mac OSX 10.7 Lion is the limit. I am not sure if i would update your machine. I found 10.6.8 Snow Leopard to be a very stable OS
  10. @blybo and @peppy did you guys resolve your problems and if so can you tell us what worked
  11. Excellent forum and your speakers are awesome. In light of the last post i think you should have named them Stumpmaster instead of Thumpmaster 🤭
  12. I use one of these with a Primaluna Pre amp. (not selling my phono stage just a recommendation for a valve phono stage with multiple inputs and outputs). https://www.projectaudio.com.au/products/tube-box-ds2 In order to connect to a second system (zone) in another room it would be better to cable from an amplifier preamp output to the input to the second amp rather than using a long phono stage cable. Maybe a bluetooth/wifi streaming solution like a Sonos or similar would be a better to integrate the two zones if you don't want to or have difficulty with the cable
  13. Technics SH-8020 Stereo Frequency Equalizer in the garage system. Gold FM on the radio playing Solid Rock by Goanna. Cannot do 80's hifi tech and music any better than this!
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