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  1. Thank you John, if you like those amps to be posted to SA, send me a message. 😊
  2. Further information: Yamaha pre-am C4 and power-amp B4 in excellent working condition, was purchased from Japan before for my yamaha ns-1000m, i've just upgraded to different speakers, then no need these amps any more, this yamaha power-amp is very powerful at 120wpc, also with the option change to class A at 30wpc, one of the best yamaha combo amplifiers for yamaha ns-1000m speakers. There are some cosmetic cratches here and there, however not really noticeable. Notice: These amps are 100v and need a step down transformer. Photos: PLEASE READ If you a
  3. Thank you everyone, these yamaha ns-1000m now on hold pending for picking up by a local gentlement.
  4. Hi mate, I have some local buyers interested in, will let you know if sale fall through, thank you.
  5. Further information: Here is another pair of Yamaha ns-1000m i'm listing for sale, as i have many speakers and have no space to keep them all, speakers in excellent working condition not any problem with drivers and crossovers, speaker cabinets in fair condition which have some marks and cratches all round and in conners, speaker terminals have been changed to banana plug, matching series numbers, prefer to sale to local buyers however these can be shipped at agreed cost. Note: Stands and amplifiers are not inclued in sale. Photos: PLEASE READ If you ar
  6. Further information: I bought these 2 transformers couple years ago to power some of my receivers come from US, the receivers now being sold then no need anymore. This transformer very powerful as 2400va its running dead quite, i've connect more than 2 amps at the same time and have no problem with it, it's also very heavy 21kg without packing, there are some cosmetic marks and cratches due to moving in and out, postage cost included in asking price. Detais from website: This model is fully isolated (insulated input to output) through a double wound design and is the only model th
  7. Sansui 607KX in excellent condition apart from my Sansui vintage collection, was purchased from Japan long time ago and not being used much as i have many amps, the unit is in excellent working condition, all electronics components are original from factory, never been restored or repaired, all functions work perfect, this amp 607kx model with wood pannels is an option and hard to find. some light marks here and there but not noticeable, there was two dents in the conner of pannel mentioned in the pics please check it out. Happy to set up a demo for local buyers, also willing to post to inters
  8. Hi Erest, would you please drop them off at Pack and Send service to Sydney at my cost? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Will, unfortunatelly i am a bit short of cash this time. Beautifull speakers someone will pick them up soon.
  10. Yes, i should take some photos from inside later, thanks.
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