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  1. Are Cyrus amps supposed to drive Dynaudio's well? I'm coming at it from a different direction with my new Cyrus amp on its way. I've started to have a look around for a set of Dyns that might tickle an itch
  2. Thanks Chris. Having checked the weight and tracking force of the Hana vs the Shure, I see I'm potentially 2g lighter with the Hana
  3. Genuine step forwards from the v15?
  4. To be honest I don’t know, just that it has a removable headshell
  5. Hi, Anyone have any direct experience with a Hana EL fitted to a SME 3009 s2? (Removable head shell) any comparisons to the Shure V15 111? I’m guessing it would be a nice step up? I’m chasing a bit more warmth. Thanks
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