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  1. For what it’s worth I have a DL 110 on my TP16 - they play very nicely together. I’ve got a spare 110 around somewhere, if I can find it, I’ll let you know.
  2. Thought I’d add a bit to this. my original copy of above album was actually damaged on arrival so I sent it back. I got the new copy today which arrived in one piece and without I assume being dropped which is always a good start. is the quality any better? Of course not. what I find interesting though, if not somewhat frustrating is side 3 is absolutely fabulous - exactly what I would have expected from the vinyl pressing. Side 4? Exactly the same as sides 1 and 2.... im really thinking I might just as well send it back for a refund to be honest
  3. Sounds like to 45 is the way to go. They just annoy me with the frequency that you have to turn the record over. Not even sure how much they would be at the moment , but I think the price is scary from when I was looking a few weeks ago...
  4. That’s exactly what I’ve got here with the 2016 pressing John. Interestingly I’ve got other half speed masters that sound great. Just luck of the draw perhaps? you think by now though given the relatively low volume of vinyl produced today, the quality control would be better I guess as a consumer we’ve just got to be more ruthless with not accepting it.
  5. That’s really interesting, thanks
  6. Good call, I hadn’t thought of that
  7. Hi all, I’ve just received a brand new half speed remaster of Peter Gabriel’s us album PGLPR7 after much anticipation and delivered via the States - wasn’t cheap either! Really disappointed with the quality of the sound! It appears that side 1 and 4 are simply poorly pressed? It’s damaged as well so it’s going back, but has anyone got experience where simply poor sides of a record exist? It’s a new one on me.
  8. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for a power amp to bi wire my 8VS to - There have been a couple of these on ebay for about the $500 mark but postage from the UK has been a killer - what's out there? Thanks
  9. I've just done it. Thanks for your help. Going to PM you on somthing else Pete
  10. The Mk 1 is very cheap on Amazon ($105) could they be in the same league?
  11. Thanks for that one, Not sure I'm as keen on the solid over ear design. Thanks again though
  12. Thanks, Haven't dismissed these yet, they're just not screaming buy me, I'll keep you posted
  13. Item: In Ear Monitor Price Range: $200 ish Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a set of IEM's for work. Targeting something that presents on the warmer side as I don't want anything fatiguing. Cabled is preferred as I don't really want to be charging. What's lying around and not getting used?? Thanks
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