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  1. Hi David, I know you are keen on connecting through the same amp. But I was surprised by this little device for powering my small outdoor speakers. Connected to a raspberry pi, it streams my music collection from a nas, and does Spotify and Tidal too. Streamer, DAC and amp all in one, and sound is decent for the speakers they are on. It's great for nights when friends are over and we pass the phone around and play whatever comes to mind. https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-amp2/
  2. Thinks I may have put this in the wrong thread topic, probably should be in DIY audio projects. Please feel free to move.
  3. So after my small experiment in refoaming the old Celefs, my mum asked me if I wanted dad's old speakers, or they are going out on the verge. My dad passed away a couple years ago, and I remember these were his prized joy when he was young. I grew up on these things, playing his old records, and becoming a music lover. So now I have them in my garage, I am wondering what I can do with them. I know these are not the original drivers, as he had a mate tinker around with them. There was some kind of bass treble control dial in the speaker that has been removed. From memory I don't think they ever sounded especially amazing. I think I would have 2 goals really. To do them up and hold on to them for sentiment sake. And if I am going to hold on to them, I want to to see if I could make them sound as good as they can. Nice quality drivers etc. I have read the 10inch woofer is a passive radiator. I am wondering if I could make a nice 3 way out of these cabinets? I have never had my own set of larger floor standers, and am wondering if this might be a cheaper way to get into it. And a bit of fun. I saw some links to what other people have done. http://projectgallery.parts-express.com/home-audio-video/cabinet-reload/
  4. Hi Afa, thanks for all that info, thats great. Gee there are some pretty knowledgeable people on this forum. Yes, I had a great listen to these speakers over the weekend, and what I have found..... They are exceptionally good for listening at a further distance away with them cranked up a bit. The trebel sounded raspy and dry, old school kinda sound. Not in a bad way at all, really quite nice. Snare drums have a real attack to them, you can really hear the raspiness of the snare. At a 5 to 8 meters away, they are really nice. Night time with the kids in bed, doors shut, and turned down a bit for closer listening, I did find them to get a little fatiguing after a while. I swapped my PMC's back in, and my ears instantly relaxed, smooth honey top end. Its fun just swapping them back and forth really and finding out why you like something for a certain setting / sound. Not sure if I'll keep them or not yet. I have found another project which will be coming in another post.
  5. Hi Doctor, yours look like a nice step up from mine. What model are they? So I just got them back from Jason at the Speaker Doctor today. He said these were very nice sounding speakers and like every one said, he only had to repair the foams. He also glued the veneer back on too that was falling off. All for a very reasonable price. Cant recommend him enough. So I got them home today and plugged them in to my system. Pretty blown away I have to say. I have a set of PMC 2 TBSi monitors, which are very nice. The Celefs, could definately hold there own! I have A-Bd them on a few songs. The PMC's are definately more refined, the top end is a lot smoother , and they go a little lower. But the Celefs seem to have more definition in the midrange and top end. The cymbals and snare drum seem to have lots of texture and attack. These are just first listening impressions, I haven't done a long listening session. I am wondering if the Celefs top end might grow weary on the ears after a longer time, but immediate impressions are very satisifying. They are less sensitive than my PMC's becuase I noticed my Pre is up to 11.00 from 9.00 for average listening levels. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with a speaker that was going to be turfed, revived for a small amount of money, and what a sound they have!
  6. Thanks so much to eveyone for your advice. I have taken all the advice onboard and found a local guy here in Perth to refoam and check the crossovers. Jason from Speaker Doctor assured me that these speakers were definately worth rejuvinating. His prices were very reasonable too.. Looking forward to connecting them up to see what they sound like!
  7. Ok thanks everyoe, advice taken. I'll look at refoaming and getting the crossovers looked at for a once over.
  8. Cool thanks Muon, This would be a first for me, so don't really know too much what I am doing. So wanted to take on a little project for fun and the learning experience really. I am prepared to spend a few $100 dollers if I get a nice little speaker out of it. And I do like the sound of sealed speakers and their fast bass response. The rubbers on the woofers are all old and perished. I just thought the whole driver would need replacing. And crossovers, yes I checked, they are still in their. I just rembering reading somewhere that caps go dry and they usually need replacing. I don't know much about electronics and soldering, but if I could get a decent off the shelf item, that would be ok? Tweeters, well I don't know, could try them and see how they sound, but wouldn't mind replacing if I need too as well.
  9. A builder friend of mine was going to throw these speakers away before I said I would take them off his hands. They were his first set of serious speakers I believe. Not sure how old they are? They are Celef CF1 Cirrus. Made in the UK, they became Proac later on I believe. They need new drivers and probably crossovers I would think. They are a sealed design it looks like, Made out of 10mm chipboard veneer. So I am guessing the cabinet construction is not all that great. Thought maybe I could put some nice new drivers and crossovers and might have a little gem? Or am I wasting my money? I can post all the dimensions if anyone wants to make any reccomendations. Thanks.
  10. Yes Red, it is Chamilla. Top guy. and I am planning to ask him all these questions when I go back to look at amps. So just reading about the tubes. The 12AX7 has a gain of 100. The 12AU7 only has a gain of 20. But the 12AT7 has a gain of 60, and has high fidelity. I don't know much about swapping tubes and I'll be sure to ask Chamilla, but the 12AT7 just might be the go! https://humbuckersoup.com/tubes/12ax7-12at7-12au7-difference/#:~:text=The 12AU7 is used in,headphones or a guitar speaker.&text=You can usually swap out,mind a drop in volume.
  11. Thanks Martykt . I was looking into getting a relay stepped attenuator originally until I stumbled on the Marantz 7. Its a kit build. A local guy here builds them amongst other things. Parts are listed in the link, but I think they are quality components he is using from what I have been told. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hamersley/stereo-systems/vacuum-tube-line-preamp-based-on-marantz-7-bluetooth-stream-/1248020151
  12. Yeah, I wanna try a new amp, more out of curiosty really. Ive only ever used a ICE power, Class D. I am starting to think, I would rather try and work out how much power I really need, then instead of blowing money on power I will never use, put it into the best possible quality of power for the money. RE digital attentuation vs analougue. I used to think that digital was fine, and maybe it is on newer techy dacs. Maybe my dac is just tool old and cutting too many bits. All know it sounds better when I keep the signal full and adjust the volume with the pre.
  13. Thanks Andy, that confirms a few things. No need to go down to a really small amp. Although I think for my speakers and room 40-60w would be more than enough. I'm leaning to a lm3886 design. Maybe the Neurochrome Modulas 286. If I get this guy to build me a new amp, I'll give him the preamp so he can fine tune the gain on the amp to my liking.
  14. For what its worth. https://www.psaudio.com/askpaul/whats-the-best-sounding-volume-control/
  15. Yes Roho your right, thinking about it, putting th inline attenuators in is really just like keeping the dial down at 7 oclock. Doesn't achive much at all. I think Addicted to music has nailed something. I believe the fullest and least attentuation of the siganl to the amp is the most desired outcome. The less of that resistor pot I can have in the circuit the better. But attenuation is necessary for volume. I remeber watching something on youtube from PS Audio syaing that the best volume knob was no volume knob. I don't know how it works, but it sounds similar to what Addicted to audio was describing. You have your full signal going to the amp, no attenuation on the signal. But you control the how much that signal is amplified by a relay or gain stage or something he described. It sounds like volume done inside the amp rather than the pre-amp. To me this is the perfect scenario, an amplifier recieves the best possible signal, all depending on the quality of your source and pre-amp of course, and then you decide how much amplification that signall recieves in relation to volume. Now I can't afford any piece of PS Audio's equipment. Why don't more amplifier's come with user adjustable gain control?
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