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  1. Giving this a bump to add that reasonable offers will of course be considered. They really should be in someone else's house being enjoyed rather than standing idle in my dining room .
  2. I’ve changed to PMC MB2SEs. Still love the B&Ws, just don’t have the space (or bank balance) for both [emoji50].
  3. Item: Pair of wall-mounts for Devialet Expert Pro (250/1000/Original d’Atelier), Brand New in box. Location: Geelong, Victoria Price: $350 for both - will not separate (incl. $10 Stereonet donation) (postage extra - at charged rate only but must include insurance and delivery receipt) Item Condition: New in box (one box has been opened but mount is unused) Reason for selling: Mistaken purchase, not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only, Paypal (+2.6%) Extra Info: Purchased these a couple of years ago on Stereonet but never got around to wall-mounting the amps. Recently decided I was finally going to do that and imagine my surprise when I opened one of the boxes to realise they will not fit my Expert 440 Pro and are only suitable for the larger chassis. At the time I purchased them, neither the seller nor I bothered to check and we assumed the mounts were the same for both chassis types. Alas they are not and these mounts only suit the bigger Expert chassis. Just seeking to get back what I spent on them and will provide someone with a big saving over new. Pictures:
  4. Item: FS: Bowers & Wilkins B&W 802 Diamond (D2) in Rosenut Location: Geelong, Victoria Price: $13,000 (incl. $50 Stereonet donation) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Recently upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Bank Deposit, Paypal if buyer covers the fees. Extra Info: B&W 802D2 in Rosenut in excellent condition. Includes all speaker grilles, original spike kits (with tommy bars), original castors (currently fitted) and bi-wire links. Manual is not present but PDF is available from B&W online. I do not have the crates, so shipping is not an option unless you willing to pay for professional packaging, insurance for the agreed purchase price and appropriate transport (e.g. via Cope Sensitive Freight or similar). If you are reasonably close, then I can assist with transport (lets say within approx. 150km of Geelong). I purchased these from a fellow Stereonet member a few years ago and they are in perfect working order and excellent physical condition, as I hope shows through in the photos. I'm happy to send you full resolution images (~4MB JPEG ea) on request. I welcome auditions and inspections. I will be listing a few more items soon so keep an eye out! Pictures:
  5. Yep I have the wall space and certainly considered the first of your points. Having the TV, turntables, digital transport and associated other stuff nearby and connected, a super-clean look isn't likely to happen for me. However, I was thinking that if I mount them behind the cabinet and with the bottom edges below the top of the cabinet, then I do at least get a clean look, with usable screens and the cables out of sight They are currently in the cabinet under the TV along with other stuff, rendering the screens utterly useless (have to resort to the crappy remote app on my phone, like most people seem to do). No dramas with heat as they currently are though - they are side by side with a decent gap between and above, and open on 3 sides.
  6. I'm local and tempted... but haven't quite decided whether I want to wall-mount mine or not.
  7. PM sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Great thread! Nice to hear some differing opinions. I have heard of some models, particularly the earlier ones, having some design flaws leading to issues with reliability - Pity that has affected some folks here. Touch-wood mine's been fine, and seems to be well made from the few times I've been inside it. I've owned an EC4.7 pre in the past and still have the ECI-4 and both were great. The ECI-4 has "rev 5" on the PCB, so I'm guessing most the quirks might have been figured out by then. Agree that present retail prices are a bit rough though! Nearly fell out of my chair when I saw what they sell for these days. For the fans, my ECI-4 may find it's way into the classifieds in the not to distant future, so keep and eye out.
  9. Absolutely agree with those words, Mr Thorens. Couldn't have said it better. As you noted, certainly not the last word in detail and micro-dynamics but the overall presentation is agreeable and easy to listen to. There are times when comfort food is more desirable than Michelin stars, especially when your ingredients (source material) are not necessarily of the highest quality . The Electrocompaniets I've heard have always had a touch of what I like about tube amps but well balanced with the advantages of solid state, not least being reliability. This carries across the range, or at least the ones I've heard (ECI-1, 3 & 4, EC4.7 + AW180 & AW250). Always liked what I heard of the EMC-1 CD player too. Apart from blowing the odd fuse at power-on (I think 2.5A main fuse is a touch on the small side for the ECI-4), it's worked flawlessly from day one and only got better still when I re-did the internal power wiring with 15A solid core mains cable and bypassed the soft-start board a few years ago (though I decided to leave the thermal cut-out protection in-line). The factory wiring (thin flex) really was underdone, by the time I ripped it out, the insulation was getting quite hard and was even starting to brown a little from the heat.
  10. Just thought I'd share a nice Friday evening surprise for the ears that in turn made me curious to find out how many other Electrocompaniet fans are lurking around here... I got back from holidays earlier this week and since the Devialet is still visiting its homeland for its upgrade, I reluctantly unpacked some items from the "to be sold (...at some point)" boxes. Got out my trusty Electrocompaniet ECI-4 integrated amp and old BelCanto DAC2 and connected them up to the (relatively new to me) 802 D2s. Now I'd never bothered hooking the ECI-4 up to the B&Ws before, since the Devialet preceded them into the house... Low and behold, things are sounding surprisingly nice, and the ECI 4 isn't even breaking a sweat (at least when playing at sensible volumes). Of course this set-up doesn't have that spooky complete absence of noise, nor the speed & detail of the Expert 400 but it was nice to be reminded of how much I enjoy the Electrocompaniet "house sound". Like pulling on a comfy pair of slippers :). Who else is running, or at least enjoys Electrocompaniet amps? Or has also been surprised that a certain combination of gear ended up working better than expected? cheers, ~synthi.
  11. You're not kidding! Good thing I didn't start a thread about how long a stylus lasts or something [emoji12]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Howdy folks. Had a bit of a search through the archives on this lazy Saturday afternoon and could only turn up a few random posts on the topic. That's weird, I think to myself. Surely many of you out there use your own home-made record cleaning solutions? I'm running low and am on the lookout for some fresh ideas to try. I have been using ye olde 4:1 distilled water to isopropyl alcohol with a drop of photo-flo added on a vacuum machine with reasonable success for a while now, but recently tried some of this stuff http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EXPRESS-250ml-Anti-Static-Spray-Vinyl-LP-Record-Cleaner-Cleaning-Fluid-Cloth-/400761831371 and got somewhat better results. It certainly smells more "powerful" than my mix but in both cases am flushing with a liberal amount of distilled water right after the clean (then vacuum dry again) and in both cases there's no residue left behind. Then over on vinylengine, there's an interesting thread about adding some vinegar/acetic acid to the mix... Given distilled white vinegar is what, 5 to maybe 8% acetic acid, I'm figuring it should be fairly safe to do (caveat, I am not a chemist, nor do I play one on TV). I also think my current 4:1 mix is pretty weak on the isoprop. front so was leaning towards trying something like 30% distilled white vinegar (which should be mostly water anyway), 30% isopropyl alcohol and 30% distilled water (by measured volume), with the usual drop of photoflo. Or hey, let's get crazy and just mix the vinegar and isoprop 50:50 even. Then of course followed with a nice distilled water rinse. Thoughts, suggestions, criticisms? Or heaven-forbid, science-backed opinion?! Lastly, why not share what works (or doesn't) for you? ~synthi
  13. What surface area will they cover? And any idea if painting them would have much impact on their effectiveness? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Well this thread sure is polarising and that makes me all the more curious to go and hear them for myself [emoji23]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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