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  1. Indeed, I enjoyed my time owning one of these. Great price too.
  2. The size is imposing for sure but if you can get past that, they work surprisingly well in a smaller space compared to other larger speakers.
  3. Curious to hear what the different direction is as I can’t ever imagine parting ways with my pair of MB2SE. Whoever buys these won’t be disappointed. GLWS!
  4. Hi John Have sent you a DM. Safe to consider one sold 😁. Cheers, -Matt
  5. Hi Famo do you know if this will fit an RB880 tonearm (Planar 8)? If so, consider it sold. I’ll DM you now. cheers, Matt.
  6. Seconding this. I have a pair sitting on some isoacoustics iso155s as my office desktop setup and reckon they are hard to beat at the price point. Very decent Wolfson DAC included as well. If they were closer to home (say within 5km 🤣) I’d be tempted to get them as a second pair myself.
  7. I’ve got an Ortofon Cadenza Red with a measly 72 hours on it (I keep a spreadsheet log). Hasn’t seen much use since I got my Van den Hul so could sell it on. Feel free to DM me if it might be of interest.
  8. Not all class A (though biased in that direction), I have an ECI-4 that I’ve been meaning to sell for a while now. Feel free to DM me if it could be of any interest. I’m the original owner and have double-box packaging. It would be about 15 years old now and in very good condition.
  9. Item: PMC twenty5c centre speaker Price Range: Item Condition: Demo, New or Used Extra Info: walnut finish preferred Looking for a PMC twenty5c centre channel speaker. With the release of the ‘i’ series, am hoping to to find demo or floor-stock at clearance price but also happy to consider 2nd hand in good condition as well. Would also consider a second-hand older twentyC if anyone has one they’d sell. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Absolute bargain here! Not much around to touch this setup at the asking price. And you get 2x decent phono-stages and top notch DAC included too. True set and forget hifi. GLWS!
  11. Yep same here. I love my PMCs but they aren’t anywhere as near as nice to look at as the 802s. In fact many would say downright ugly in comparison (me included).
  12. Item: FS: Bowers & Wilkins B&W 802 Diamond (D2) in Rosenut Location: now Inner West, Melbourne, Victoria (formerly Geelong) Price: $12,000 (incl. $50 Stereonet donation) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Bank Deposit, Paypal if buyer covers the fees. Extra Info: B&W 802D2 in Rosenut in excellent condition. Includes all speaker grilles, original spike kits (with tommy bars), original castors (currently fitted) and bi-wire links. Manual is not present but PDF is available from B&W online (happy to print you one if you like). I don't have the crates, so shipping is not really an option unless the buyer is willing to pay for professional packaging, insurance to cover the agreed purchase price and appropriate transport (e.g. via Cope Sensitive Freight or similar). If you are reasonably close, then I can assist with transport (lets say within approx. 100km of Melbourne, open to discussion). I purchased these from a fellow Stereonet member a few years ago and they are in perfect working order and excellent physical condition, as I hope shows through in the photos. I'm happy to send you full resolution images (~4MB JPEG ea) via email on request. I welcome auditions and inspections. Tidal, CD and Vinyl playback available. *** Note: I had these same speakers listed earlier in the year but ended up moving back to Melbourne from Geelong and decided not to re-list whilst I was busy with renovations. These are the same photos from that listing but the speakers are still in identical condition and have only had a few hours of play since then. *** Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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