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  1. Thanks for all the advice, looks like 4cabling might be the best option for me. I don't want to permanently run these, so legality isn't a concern, I was thinking diy because of the cost I have seen these cables selling for, I don't want to spend around $100 for a couple of cables but they are much more reasonable from 4cabling. Thanks, Aze
  2. Hi all, Just wanting to upgrade the wifi network to help coverage in our large 2-storey house and was planning to add another two airport extreme base stations to do this. I want to make my own cat6 cables to save some cash, has anyone tried and is the process fairly straight forward? I am used to making deutsch connectors and various other multi pin connections with my work so I can't imagine it will be beyond me. As long as they are reliable I will be happy. Thanks, Aze
  3. I did wonder that, looks like I have a job to do this weekend re-ripping cd's
  4. I have done some googling and iTunes is currently converting everything from AAC to ALAC. I have also found how to show file format so once its finished I can put them into file type and delete all AAC to get a bit of space back. I think I will steer clear of delving into DAC types, I am very happy with the substantial improvement made by the Redgum DAC, and will have a play over the weekend to see if I can hear a difference between AAC and ALAC formats. For me anything more is a case of diminishing returns in terms of effort/cost versus improvement made. Thanks all for the advice. Aze
  5. Not sure what Schiit Modi or delta sigma is, but happy with the improvements made, I have never heard these songs sound so good! I'm not sure if I will even bother going to lossless for most of my albums, maybe just my favourites I listen to the most. Cost isn't a concern as it was a prize, so I will just use it with iTunes as anything more is too much trouble for me even if its a little easier or better to manage tracks. Thanks for the advice
  6. Turns out it is usb only so MacBook is the only option. Very pleased with the improvement made Basically I was blown away with the improvements made, given that I was unsure if it would make any difference because my gear isn't super high end or anything. I have definitely been converted to a DAC fan.
  7. so basically speaking if I want to be able to stream to iPhone 5,5s,6s,7plus,8plus,galaxy s7,ipad mini2,appleTV3,macbook pro,ipad air they will be able to read the stream and no transcoding will be required? If so, then I could get a Synolgy DS216 or 218 etc and throw one drive to start off with and it will be a fairly simple starter NAS only slightly outside my optimistic budget Thanks all for the assistance, info and advice offered.
  8. just found the compatibility list on flex support, it seems VERY few Synology units can do it, too expensive for me so I will have to use my laptop and a cheaper one if I want a nas
  9. So on reading some more on the plex info you linked you can broadly say that a $300 nas will require a laptop to provide the processing power to transcode, and a more expensive nas will be able to do it as a stand alone unit? I can't imagine wanting to stream more than two different movies at once, what sort of cpu speed and number of cores would you recommend to have a stand alone nas?
  10. I just thought a NAS is what you do? I don't know anything about PLEX etc, I just thought a NAS was to store all your movies so you can watch them on different displays without getting the disc out.
  11. I would be happy to start with 2 bay and go from there. Is there a drive size limit with Synology? Also can you daisy-chain expansion bays or is it limited to the one expansion? Thanks for the tip on WD Reds. What sort of apps are available for NAS? I figured it was just a storage and stream thing.
  12. I would want to keep it uncompressed, but happy to remove trailers and subtitles etc. Does Synology use a particular file format or you can choose?
  13. Ummm....I know how to turn one on and navigate around We have Mac's if that makes it different? Whatever I end up doing needs to be fairly easy or else I would give up and continue fetching a disc each time I want to watch something! Is it a good time to ask what PLEX is and H264?!?
  14. So I picked it up today and have spent the afternoon loading cd's access to iTunes ready to try it out tomorrow. The other thing I will do is investigate whether I can convert to FLAC or similar for better SQ. I will post thoughts after testing
  15. Thanks, I will read up on Synolgy. I'm not looking at getting rid of physical media, just allowing access on all screens without going to get the disc and firing up the blu ray etc. If $300 isn't enough, what amount would you suggest. I have 700 movies across dvd and BR and laserdisc, how much space is a typical movie with each format? This will help me decide on how much drive space to aim for. Obviously growing my collection is a constant problem
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