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  1. I'm game. Let's move on!!! It's Friday after all!!!
  2. I sort of look at the node like an AV receiver: an all in one box that does streaming, DACing (if that's a word?), internet radio, spotify, tidal...a whole load of stuff. When you start breaking out the specific DAC, streamer etc, I would expect it to be better. Probably doesn't happen in all cases, but when I look to set up my new rig, I'll be using the Node initially, but looking and moving further up the scale and the Qute series will be up there.
  3. @@betty boop Are you sure you weren't in the shop this week when I picked up my C390DD Seeing the small difference the Node made, made me realise that I need to not put lipstick on the Anthem, but to branch out completely into the 2ch realm and let the anthem shine for what it is. I was able to get the C390 for a great price so I'll be looking to build a 2ch system centred around that. Separate threads to follow asking for speaker recommendations that play nicely with the C390.
  4. @@Sime Yeah, with the current set up the Node 2 does sound better. A bigger and brighter sound is how I would describe it (and I just went and checked to make sure I had it round the right way). Don't get me wrong the Anthem doesn't sound bad by any means, I rate it very highly and I would love to have my system set up in a room properly to really hear the digital input un-encumbered by room constraints (sub tucked away in a cabinet, L-front speaker locked into a corner etc).
  5. I experienced this when I recently purchased a Bluesound Node 2. To test the DAC theory I've been able to run both a digital and analog out from the node into my Anthem MRX-710. By using the digital out on the NODE; the Node is acting as a streamer only and I'm using the DAC on the Anthem. By using the analog out on the NODE; I'm using the Nodes DAC, and only using the Anthem as a power amp. I've been able to A/B compare the same file (hi-rez audio streamed from a NAS), and I found quite a difference between the Nodes DAC and the Anthem. The DAC in the Node presented a bigger, fuller sound stage. One that I certainly prefer. So all things begin equal, the DAC Magic, set up correctly, should have made a difference to the sound quality coming out of the Pioneer.
  6. Hifi In Shorts this time of year!!!

    True; valves make it more of an open fire on the prairie type of experience. I think we had our one day of winter last Sunday; I did see some people wearing puffy jackets, gloves and a beanie.
  7. Hifi In Shorts this time of year!!!

    Thanks guys. I was down in Adelaide at the beginning of June and got off the plane to 10c and rain; it felt like a time warp. @@Yamaha Man: there is nothing quite like the warmth of solid states doing their thing to pass cold winters days
  8. Hey Guys, Just a quick hello to let you know that I've finally registered after a couple of years of creeping around the forums! Oh, and yes, I'm in Brisbane and am still able to wear shorts this time of year while listening to HIFI :-) Cheers, Chris