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  1. Hey SMP, I'll grab these if still available. Will PM with for details. Thanks mate.
  2. G'day Mav, I'll take it if it's still available. Can drop round and pick it up. Cheers.
  3. Post them up Luc. Definitely keen to see more photos!
  4. The black cockatoos are a stunning bird. Both to look at, but they are so different in behaviour to the Sulphur Crested ones. Which Kingston was this taken near? Canberra?
  5. Hey guys, Great thread! Here are a couple of fairly dated photo's. Hope you enjoy.
  6. I've always wondered about the Spendors as well. Let us know how they go! I've got the 926's setup and am waiting until the weekend to give them a full workout, but I'm running Natalie Merchant at the moment (Carnival from Paradise is there). Only way to describe it is a significantly fuller sound. I can feel the bass or double bass. While Natalie is still coming through balanced and clear. Have multiple playlists to run through over the weekend (running Roon and Tidal). On a different note, even running ARC through the Atom and watching ABC News this morni
  7. I've no doubt they would sound amazing; $40k of electrocompaniet gear would make two bricks sound good 😉 The CM's are a great speaker and I was totally happy running them in a nearfield desk setup with a Quad tube amp. The vocals and imaging were stunning. It's only since moving into a new house where the main listening room is now a lounge room, and obtaining the Atom that I've realised I want a bigger, fuller sound. I may even end up with the CMs and the Quad in the bedroom.
  8. I know this post is a couple of weeks old, but I'm on the same journey upgrading my current setup. Currently have the Atom paired with some BW CM6s2's. While they are great speakers, having heard the Atom with a set of CM9s2s I realised I wanted a fuller, more separated sound. I don't have a massive room and so have ordered a set of Aria 926's. They should arrive in the next couple of days. If it's still of interest, I'll loop back in here once I have them installed and have run them in a bit. And Vincentia is a truly stunning part of the world. 🙂
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