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  1. I havent heard the Shures but I have an IE800 which often gets compared to the Shures (even those they are BA vs dynamic driver) and Andromeda is on a different league. The clarity and imaging is really something else. Im no analytical listener usually but when I play lossless files, I tend to sit there and pick out different sounds that I havent heard before instead of just enjoying the music haha
  2. Those would be custom IEMs. These are universal IEMs where you use them with comply tips that suit your ears. No custom moulding needed
  3. Haha thank you, yeh they are absolute beasts as you no doubt know. I'm not a hardcore audiophile but one of those rare times where you literally get goosebumps the first time you listen with the proper gear and source. Unfortunately, new toy beckons!
  4. Item: Campfire Andromeda IEM Location: Dallas, Vic Price: $1150 (With donation to website) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need money for new car. Up for sale is the flagship Andromeda from Campfire with Litz cable. 5 BA design and absolutely stunning sound. Very sensitive IEM so you will need a good source. Listening to some FLACs with the mojo was the endgame for me but it has since been relegated to being used at work with Spotify so not really being used properly. There are some small surface marks on the body of the IEM from where it rubbed against each other when I put it back into the case. Cosmetic marks only and in no way detracts from the performance, which is immense. Rarely up for sale in Australia and sold very quickly on international HiFi websites. Will come with original receipt (Bought locally in Australia so you will get Australian warranty), genuine leather case, and all the genuine tips minus the pair that I've been using. Grab yourself a bargain and find out what endgame IEM sounds like Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  5. Item: Chord Mojo Location: Dallas, Vic Price: $620 (With donation to website) Item Condition: As new (no scratches or dents) Reason for selling: Need funds for new car. Will come with all original accessories (which is literally the box and a cable) . Only ever used at work with spotify with Campfire Andromeda so it wasn't being used as it's meant to be used. I have tried listening to FLAC and it was literally earphone nirvana and was pretty much the endgame for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a large collection of lossless and spotify doesn't give me enough pleasure to justify keeping it. Also for sale will be the Campfire Andromeda on another thread. I only have the picture of the Mojo since I'm at work but I do have the box at home. Pick up preferred but no problem shipping Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (fee on buyer), COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  6. Item: Kef R600c centre Location: Dallas, Vic Price: $1150 Item Condition: No imperfections, presents as new Reason for selling: Selling to fund a car. Bought it second hand but have never actually used it (used it for exactly 0 mins) which is a pity. Had alot of plans for a 5.1 set-up along with a Kef CI3160rl-thx that never materialised due to my laziness. I'm keeping the CIs and selling what I'm not using. I don't have the box to ship it so local buyers preferred but I'm open to negotiations. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer covers fees), COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  7. Item: Polk LSiM 703 speakers (Midnight Mahogany) Location: Dallas, Vic Price: $1050 Item Condition: As new, used less than 15 hours Reason for selling: Funding purchase of car. I got these late last year to use as stereo and eventually in a 5.1 set-up when I move into my new property. I have since moved into my new property but have never bothered to set up the system so they have been sitting in the box since January of this year. I couldn't use it in the apartment either as I was sharing with other people so they are pretty much brand spanking new and not even burnt in. Don't think they have been used for even 5-10 hours but I'll say around 15 hours for good measure. Just sitting in the box doing nothing and I don't have the time to do anything with them right now. Someone please do them justice as they are beautiful speakers. I'll post up more photos when I get home as the ones uploaded are just ones from my google drive. I don't really want to ship them but that can be negotiated if the buyer is keen. Will come in original boxes and should be good to be shipped as is. EDIT: Urgggg so I opened the box up to take a couple of photos and noticed that there is a small crease on the cone of the tweeter on one of the speaker. Not sure when that happened and it's just cosmetic but it's there and I have attached a photo of it. Everything else is perfect. Attached are new photos and apologies for my crappy photography skills. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (fee is on buyer), COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  8. Ill be next please if it falls through
  9. Hi there, Do you know what the rough cost of sending it down to melb is? Kind regards
  10. Hi guys, I'm planning to make a 5.1 system based on these speakers that I purchased from SN members (with the option to go to 7.2.2 or 7.2.4 in the future). -Kef CI3160RL-THX Model Ci3160RL-THX Nominal Impedance 4? Sensitivity (2.83V/ 1m) 90dB Frequency response (±6dB) open-backed 45Hz - 28kHz Crossover frequency 340Hz, 2.5kHz Drive units LF MF HF 2 x 160mm (6.5 in.) 160mm (6.5 in.) 25mm (1 in.) Uni-Q Recommended Amplifier Power 30-180W -Kef R600c -Polk LSIM703 as rear L/R Total Frequency Response 36 Hz ? 40 kHz Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter) 0 dB Max Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter) 0 dB Lower and Upper -3dB Limits 50 Hz ? 30 kHz Type Orth Crossover Design Tweeter/Midrange Crossover Frequency 2.8 Hz Now I was planning to get a Yamaha RX-V781 as a receiver and was planning to get an MF A300 (both used) for a stereo amp to power the Ci3160RLs. Sub/s I will get eventually but that's the last piece of puzzle that I can wait until I get more coin in the bank. I also have a Behringer A500 amp that is currently powering the Polk LSIM703s but I'm not sure where or if I can fit the amp into the system. My question is: Is it possible to use mate the A300 to the RX-V781 and just use it as a power amp when the A300 doesn't have a HT bypass feature? I can get the A300 + RX-V781 for roughly $1400-1500. If there are any AVRs, combos for $1500 that will be able to adequately power the system, I'm all ears. I also see a Pioneer SC LX-87 which I think I can snag for a decent price. I'm only just getting started with the whole HT scene and I've been reading tons of information but getting a bit overwhelmed, especially when I'm buying everything second hand individually and trying to fit them together (with the exception of the Polk LSIM703 which I've already had since new). Any advise will be appreciated! Thank you
  11. Are these mated specifically to certain JBL speakers or am I able to use these with other speakers? Would you know roughly the cost of shipping to melbourne?
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