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  1. Thank you Balk 2117 for the Naim CD5 XS,it certainly slots into my System nicely ! With better drive,dynamics,resolution & detail.The improved resolution highlights what a quality Mid Range my Ruark Crusaders have ! PS : & I didn't mention the lovely tones that the CD5 XS is producing ! Also , 'Cream' is sounding just Great !
  2. HI balk2117, I'm prepared to buy your CD 5XS,if it's still available !
  3. Could someone please remind how to PM ? I haven't used this service for 2 years !
  4. Hi balk2117, How long have you owned the CD 5 XS,please ? In case I need to, how do I PM ? I haven't used this service for 2 years, so I've forgotten how to !
  5. Hi balk2117, I look forward to your' For Sale' Ad with the accompanying details !
  6. Sorry to hear that you have Tinnitus.I guess it must be a somewhat annoying factor in listening to music & life in general ! I guess down the track I'll be trying out a CD 5 XS with my Flatcap before making any further decisions about PSU'S !
  7. I did have more of an issue with treble effect when I had my Ruark Spkrs tri-wired & an Audio Synthesis CD i/c. Probably my Pwr.Amp was struggling @ bit @ times,also.Listening is a more relaxing these days tho' ! Maybe a Teddy Cap could be an option for me down the track,I like the thought of the Analogue sound you mentioned.I think my Analogue Yamaha tuner @ times is a more favourable listen.Don't know how I would get to audition it tho' in my system.I did think the Naim CDX2.2 was probably overpowering my system a bit @ times, thinking maybe a Teddy Cap would have a similar effect ?
  8. Hi deanB, Do you find the Teddy Cap with your 5X smooth in the Top End ? I sometimes find with my CD 5 & Flatcap 2X that some of the old Jazz CD'S can be bit 'bright' on piano !
  9. Hi agisthos,Would you think using a Densen 410XS CD player as a transport for the Den Dac 50 source be the way to go ? I think the outlay would be something like $10,000 !
  10. Hi deanB,Is yourTeddyCap psu equivalent to a Naim HiCap in performance ? Some time ago I did hear a Naim CD 5 XS with possibly a NAP 250 & a HiCap DR driving small Scandanavian stand mounted Speakers @ Melbourne Hi Fi.The disc was a classical piece,Sophie Mutter (the Violinist) with the Wiener Philharmonic & also the London Symphony Orchestra.Tonal colour & detail was very impressive.Although some members of some Forums think the Flatcap Series are a better balance with the 5 Series Cd Players
  11. Thank you deanB.You say that the CD5XS is only discontinued for a while, interesting ! So I guess that parts will become more readily available down the track ! Yes i'd like to take advantage of the Sound Reference price soon, but I'm recovering from a shoulder injury & my Flatcap 2x might need recapping !
  12. Hi George, I must say in response to your comment about dynamics of the CD5 XS.My replay of the the Beatles 'Day in the Life' doesn't have the build up of tension & impact of the crescendo @ the end that previous HI - Fi setups I have had ! So also being a lover of tonal qualities of instruments,especially Sax.I will have plenty to look forward to when I eventually upgrade !
  13. Hi PKay,Good to hear from you again & thank you for your helpful information ! You have given me good food for thought !
  14. Hi George, Thank you very much for the information.In your reply I guess you are not including the influence of a Flatcap might have on the performance characteristics you describe.One wonders what listening to the 1812 Overture would be like ! My Densen B330 has 110,000uF of Capacitance & is good in the Bass so I guess my system wouldn't hinder the CD 5XS's output ! Cheers Bob
  15. Hi I'm Crusader 2 my system consists of : Ruark Crusader 2 Loudspeakers,Densen B200 Pre,Densen B330 Pwr.Amp,Naim CD 5,Naim Flatcap 2X (purchased from NAP 250 in 2016),Bi-wired Spkrs with Chord Epic Cable & Chord Signature I/C for the CD 5.Can anyone give me any Insight into whether a Naim CD 5XS would be an improvement in terms of detail & soundstaging,with or without a Flatcap,please.I have trialled a Naim CDX2.2 in my system & it was overbearing @ times, but I did enjoy the detail & depth.I have no way of trialling a Naim CD5 XS in my system ! I listen to a broad mix of music types but favour Jazz & Blues.Another consideration I have is that my Ruark Crusaders are pretty lively (they are Bass Reflex design with a 'long throw woofer') & having a 75mm Dome mid range driver (similar I believe to PMC & ATC speaker models) are pretty loud.As a probable comparison a British magazine testing a large pair of Tannoy loudspeakers set the volume level @ 3:00pm & equivalent volume level for a pair of Mk 1 Crusaders @ only 11:00pm.My Thorens TD 320 Turntable & Naim CD 5 are both mounted on Quadraspire Reference shelves
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