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  1. How big is the difference between the Apollo and the Apollo-R? I've heard this generation before - but not the newer of the two.
  2. Item: Cursa or Cursa 3 Preamplifier Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for one in good to excellent condition, but needs to be black. Boxes and instructions not important.
  3. I've got an Elex-R, and have always thought of making the move up the Rega chain. I've heard that the Elicit-R is similar to the Elex, however takes things up a notch or two. What's great, too, is that it almost looks just like my amp: my wife will be none the wiser! Does anyone know about how big the jump is from Elex to Elicit? I've never heard the latter.
  4. Still after one of these little boxes...😀
  5. Item: Cyrus 2 PSX PSU Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for the aforementioned PSU for the first model Cyrus 2 (plastic grey model). There's a couple of different units, and the picture below is the one in after with the push-button power switch. I'm in Melbourne, so local is preferred - but, you can't be too choosy when you're looking for 35 year-old HiFi gear 😆
  6. Gone up $50 in the time that you've bought it 🤔? GLWTS 👌
  7. cordlessmatt


  8. Item: Technics SU-V900 Price Range: open to negotiate 👍🏻 Item Condition: as good as can be Extra Info: Preferably local to Melbourne, happy to travel around the state Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. If it wasn't in Perth, I'd honestly take it off your hands! GLWTS
  10. Pretty sure the DAC was available in the satin, but the DAC-R (where they updated the USB among other things) was only done in the black.
  11. ...but they don't do the DAC-R in the same colour (that I've ever seen?). I couldn't deal with a mis-matched colour scheme; I went through that with the Cyrus Silver(s)!
  12. Oh, man - if this were black, I'd be all over it... like white on rice 😀 GLWTS
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