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  1. sorry my interpretation was for new exchange for around $5800
  2. I can see that Rebuild cost or replacement Cost?
  3. You will have to clear that as I can read it 2 ways
  4. I would be keen on the new exchange cartridge, is it a grey import?
  5. Do any have C20 ICE power conditioner connection
  6. I have an older 24 bit CD player & require streaming system to connect with my stereo system I am looking for a dac or cd player with an upgraded dac that i can use as a streaming option. Upgrading to 34 bit cd player maybe an option did you notice an improvement when you upgraded ?
  7. Hi Henry dedicated power? what type? have been interested in this for couple of years, But only installed isotek units. I would be interested in your end results. Regards Warren
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