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  1. Hi, did this sell? I might be interested in both if available ...
  2. I really like my Elys. Good luck with your sale
  3. I'm happy to go next in line for this in case the sale falls through.
  4. Doesn't look like it. Good luck with your sale.
  5. Forgive my ingorance, my wife is the camera person, not me, will this work with a d5000?
  6. That's a seriously good price. I love mine. Glws.
  7. Dac magic plus works as a digital pre. I run mine mine with a chrome cast audio and it sounds great, and has a decent headphone stage. The only downside is that the volume knob feels terrible. It's a small thing but you'll notice it straight away. Some people report that that the dac magic plus can tend towards being bright, but I haven't found it to be so with my gear.
  8. I'm happy to go next inline for both speakers and stands on the off chance this falls through. Glws.
  9. I'm not sure about amarra sq, as I've never used it before. The advantage with the chromecast is that it takes the steam directly from tidal or Spotify and goes straight into your dac, without compressing it to back via your wifi. This probably doesn't help but it made a difference to me. Perhaps see if you can borrow one from a Perth member to see if it would make a difference for your system.
  10. I used to use airplay for streaming, switched to a google chromecast audio, still using my dac, and the difference was really significant. Soundstage widened, detail got better and things sounded less compressed. I cant imagine a better bang for your buck upgrade as it's only fifty bucks.
  11. Item: Sennheiser HD 700 Location: Sunbury, Victoria, or Melbourne CBD Price: $400 or will consider trade for a bottlehead crack plus or minus some money Item Condition: 9.8/10 Reason for selling: Too many headphones, not enough ears Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This pair of headphones is eight months old, has less than 100 hours on them, have been stored in their case when not in use. They were supplied to me new in April 2016 after a warranty issue with another pair of 700s. They are still under warranty and I will supply the original receipt. Great set of headphones in Sennheiser's classic line. Most comfortable headphone I have ever put on my head. Fast, accurate and detailed sound, whilst still engaging and musical. Pictures: Will follow, I'll post some over the next couple of days. They look like new HD700's.
  12. heyday, the speakers I have are some custom floorstanders built by an SNA member. 8ohm, high 80's sensitivity, so not too hard to drive, but not as sensitive as your monitor audios. I agree with bunno77, auditioning them is the way to go. If you're not in a a great hurry, lurking around in the classifieds can really pay off
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