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  1. Hmmm....I knew this had the potential to get complicated pretty quickly! Thanks for all the comments/advice. I'm really happy with my speakers/vinyl set up so concentrating on getting the digital part set up properly. I'll look at the streamers suggested but think I might start with a 2nd hand DAC to see if that gives any improvement and go from there. Thanks again.
  2. Understanding that all of these may be gone....but in case any available or sales fall through...I'd take Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin Repressing (Sundazed) $20 Wooden Shjips West $20 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Rust Never Sleeps $10 Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space $20 Gil Scott-Heron I'm New Here $15 John Spencer Blues Explosions ACME Still Sealed $20 Nicholas Jaar Space is Only Noise original pressing $15 The Flaming Lips Embryonic 2LP $20 I'm local and able to pick up and pay cash or whatever is most convenient to you. Cheers
  3. Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice here (in laymans terms!). In addition to a vinyl set up I currently stream music via spotify premium on my phone via google chromecast to my integrated amp and speakers. It sounds great but I think it may be limited somewhat in sound quality by going through the chromecast DAC which might not be the best. So I'm looking at buying an external DAC and using a laptop to stream spotify (I will likely give tidal lossless a shot too to see the difference once I'm set up). My query is that if I use an external DAC will the quality of the laptop have any impact as long as my source files are decent quality? I'm looking at buying a dirt cheap laptop to run spotify/tidal, rather not spend heaps as this will be its sole purpose. BTW, wasn't sure whether to post this in DACs or computers so went with general. Any commentary or advice in general appreciated.
  4. Right, sorry for the late reply on this one folks but I wanted to give a decent reply on my experience with the VAF EVO 1’s. First up the up-front sales experience was good, post-sale was a little frustrating as they quoted 4-6 weeks delivery but ended up taking 11 weeks - I think they were very busy after a successful Melbourne Hi-Fi show so maybe a bit of a one off. For reference I no way consider myself an audiophile, at least in terms of experience and be aware the other components in my system may be a bottleneck somewhat in terms of audio quality – I’ll be really keen to see the review from a more experienced person that Marc is talking about. I’m new to the proper hi fi set up game and the EVO1s were a real step into the unkown for me and waaaay more expensive than my initial budget was meant to be contained to! Running into the EVOs I have an old (but fully reconditioned) Technics SU7300 integrated amplifier and a Thorens TD-160 TT and pretty low fi / cheap interconnects and speaker cable. Anyway on to a bit of a review of the actual product in question - 1st impression out of the box was extremely pleasing. I bought these off the back of a listen at the Hi-Fi show and was taken aback by the sound and looks of the EVOs with a special 2 tone timber inlay with gloss finish, unfortunately this finish was out of my price range so I ended up ordering the standard clear oak finish and I was not disappointed. The cabinetry on these speakers is impeccable. You can tell they have had some real care and attention when being made and since I’ve had them have really noticed on other speakers which are more mass produced the lack of quality on the finish (gaps in mitre joints, less solid feel etc.). On to the sound (I really struggle to describe audio so bear with me). I think they sound great. Very detailed and with the ability to get heaps of bass and punch particularly for a relatively small speaker. These replaced a pair of floorstanding Wharfdale diamond 9.1s and although I haven’t done an A/B listening test the EVOs straight away made an impression. This may sound corny or audiophiley but on a particular track I played early I was actually able to hear the noise of the bass players fingers pressing the string on the fretboard, I’ve never heard this type of detail in a system before and I guess this points to the EVOs sounding pretty detailed and accurate. The bass is impressive too, they can get down to some really really low notes that can really shake the room (much to my significant others annoyance), very impressive. I’m still playing about with positioning of the EVOs in my room which is an awkward size and shape so not sure if I have got the best out of them yet in terms of imaging and getting in the sweet spot. Seperation of instruments etc. is good and they sound well balanced to my ears – crisp not harsh and I can listen to them for hours without any hint of fatigue. The only issue I have with the EVOs is that I’d like to get a bit more noise out of them at times but this I’m pretty sure is down to my large room size and relatively low powered Technics amp (40W) which I never turn above 12 o clock to be on the safe side, it’s a bit more of an issue when I am playing vinyl and suspect the phono stage in my Technics amp might be letting me down a little. I believe the EVOs are relatively low sensitivity so I’m planning upgrading my amp to get the best out of them. Looking at a Rega Elex R (VAF recommended this when I ordered the speakers – I do note that they stock Rega) unless something interesting 2nd hand pops up on here or ebay (there is a Luxman L507u that’s close to my range available but can’t find many reviews on them). Anyway there you go, my first and maybe last product review for SNA – I hope it’s of some use to anyone considering the EVOs. The bottom line being I most definitely recommend them and think I can get a bit more out of them when I upgrade my amp – I’ll be sure to provide some commentary on here when I do upgrade (hopefully within the next month). The EVOs will be happily kept in my system while I go on the journey of upgraditis on the rest of my system and they themselves may never get upgraded…..unless of course my ship comes in and I can afford a set of VAF floorstanders!! PS If anyone has any comments or experience on the Rega Elex R or Luxman L507u amps, particularly in reference to how much sonic benefit / difference I might hear from my old Technics I’d be keen to hear their thoughts.
  5. I think ive missed the boat here but let me know if sale falls through, id take them all and pick up when im back in melb from next sun.
  6. hifiscot

    Amp crackling and loss of volume

    Ok thanks skippy124, ill give it a blast (pun intended) if i can find some spray.
  7. hifiscot

    Amp crackling and loss of volume

    Hmmm, cover off and first pass no obvious colouration or damage anywhere....the search continues! Ill see if i can get a can of compressed air somewhere tomorrow, i reckon id be a bit nervous using the freezer spray, could sharp changes in temp do some damage??
  8. hifiscot

    Amp crackling and loss of volume

    Thanks skippy124 for the very specific answer!! Appreciated. I'll pull the cover and inspect these as a starting point. Cheers
  9. I have an old 1978 Technics SU-7300. Was bought with a recent full service including all caps replaced, solder joints checked and full de-oxit treatment. Problem is it now crackles a bit (not violently or popping) in both channels and volume drops off once its warmed up. I'll usually get an hour or so before it happens and is somewhat intermittent - really frustrating! Ill take it back to the tech but wondered if anyone here had any easy fixes to try first?? Will be a while before i can get it to the tech hence why thought id ask the clever clogs here. Im convinced its not the speakers as its in both channels/speakers equally and cant hear or see any obvious issues with them (pushed woofers in carefully and gently listening for scratching noises). Any help much appreciated as im frustrated at being limited in my listening options right now!! Cheers Hifiscot
  10. Just did it... Ordered the VAF Evo1's on Friday. Kicker that helped get me over the line is that remote purchasers (I'm in Melbs) get a 30 day money back offer so you can trial in your own home. As a side note the engagement and customer service throughout the sale has been second to none - just gotta wait patiently for them to arrive now!!
  11. bluedog - speakers are the new VAF EVo1 and my amp is a technics SU-7300. Got some reassurance from VAF that their speakers are easy to drive so less worried now. I'm open to upgrading the amp anyway as it's gonna be the bottle neck in my system in terms of sound quality.
  12. kiwijosh - I listen to a wide variety but mostly guitar driven rock/indie/alternative with a bit of blues and old soul. All the classics are most regular players tho...Floyd, doors, stones etc. I haven't listened to the i91s which is frustrating especially given Drews comments - I don't have a reference to determine if the Evo1s are better or similar (they are similar price point). I'm tempted by floorstanders too bu t think I'd ended up blowing my budget dramatically! Drew - great to hear another proponent of VAF in general - I haven't listened to the i91s and am almost tossing up whether I should be going for them given their proven pedigree over the new Evo1s. Subsonic - FYI the Harbeths P3SRs are a lot smaller than the i91s (or Evo1's or ATCs) in fact I'd guess maybe even less than half the size - I was very surprised by this especially the volume they could pump out. Wish I could get to the VAF showroom!!
  13. Just auditioned a pair of Harbeth P3ESR' and ATC SCM11's.....wow!! Both great speakers. Now im even more unsure on whether to plump for the VAFs!!
  14. Just auditioned a pair of Harbeth P3ESR' and ATC SCM11's.....wow!! Both great speakers. Now im even more unsure on whether to plump for the VAFs!!
  15. Thanks Rhythym Willie, yeah they are bookshelf speakers. Sounded awesome at the hifi show in a big room but no idea what amp they used. They advised no less than 40w amp and recommended a couple of amps up near 100w. They said an 80w amp is used to demo them in their showroom which is 100m2 and its a big sound.