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  1. Interesting on the divider but that won't pass WAF. I can do whatever I want on the walls. I'll look into panels and DIY as well. Flipping sideways is doable but need to treat echo either way. It's not just musical echo, it's kids, dog, wife etc
  2. The main problem is the flutter echo? Takes a quite noticeable amount of time for a clap to die down. I dragged 3 big rugs from other rooms and blankets/doonas with some overlapping, and well it seems like it barely made a difference to the echo 🙄
  3. Yes, I am thinking to upgrade the rugs first. At least cover all the tiles in front and behind the lounge, maybe even get some proper carpet underlay for under the rugs. Some kind of floor to ceiling panels around where the picture frame is located.
  4. Hi, From some research i know this room is always going to be problematic... but here goes. Dimensions are, tv wall 3.5m, side wall 6m, wall opposite tv is 3metres, eveything else is pretty much open to hallway/kitchen/dining room etc with tiled floor. Ceiling height is 2.7m. My main issue is the echo, i think this is what im going to focus on. The other problem is lack of bass, but im guessing a sub can fix this easily.
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