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  1. Hi. Has anyone been in position to hear the difference between a Klein 3, the Fein 1, and a Grob and are able/willing to share their thoughts? Thanks in advance. Zane.
  2. Hi All. I am looking to buy 2 tickets to the Rugby World Cup Grand Final in Japan. Thanks for your time. Zane
  3. Hi, Would this device work well coming from my gigabyte x470 motherboard/pc USB to my Paradigm PW amp? Or would a topping D10 or Dragonfly 1.2 / black be better? Cheers Zane.
  4. I still use my Touch with LPS. Works well. Great value here!
  5. Hi Jon, Yes the Q300's are still available. I have sent you a PM. Cheers Zane.
  6. Item: Tannoy Xt Mini Dual Concentric Bookshelf (Dark Walnut) Location: Nth Brisbane Price: 475 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Preferred Extra Info: Got these off another SNA'er and have been using them happily in my bedroom. Note: I took pictures in my son's bedroom because of the better sunlight - a 5 year old has no business using these great speakers https://www.tannoy.com/Categories/Tannoy/REVOLUTION-XT/REVOLUTION-XT-MINI-DW/p/P0C41#googtrans(en|en) Pictures:
  7. Item: KEF Q300 Speakers Location:North Brisbane Price: $375 Item Condition:Very Good Reason for selling:Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Very good speakers in very good condition. Great all rounder. Can be used in home theater although I only used them as my main 2 channel speaker. Pictures:
  8. Hi Harbord Yes that would be perfect Thanks.. Last night my wife and I switched back from the curious cable to the Oyaide class a and vocals were more projected and articulated... Ie killing me softly by the fugees her vocals were awesome could hear the nuances and it was intense. Curious cable adds more weight and soundstage sounds more fuller and refined but I preferred the Oyaide Hoping the S cable will keep the same transparency/highs/vocals of the class a with some added weight/smoothness. Will PM you Cheers Zane
  9. Looking for a Oyaide neo d+ class S 1m USB as I have the class A which sounds good.
  10. I recently tried out an after market power cord for the first time. Plugged it into the LPSU for my Squeezebox Touch (lpsu made soundstage better..) wasn't expecting to hear any change....but.. I definitely heard a difference and so did my wife - separated instruments and provided a better picture of what the music was doing. Wow. I got a Kraftwerk LPSU to power my arcam irdac and that made a difference as well. Crazy how power supply/cables and most likely power plugs makes a difference. Recommend trying them out. PS. The order of devices plugged into a power board may also make a difference. I have my integrated amp plugged closest to the power source. Cheers Zane
  11. Hi Tezza. Can you please private message me. Cheers Zane
  12. Hi Untca. Sorry for the late response. I'm looking for a local sale on these.
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