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  1. To my eyes the cheaper ones looked roughly finished so I splurged on the exorbitant ones instead
  2. Are you telling me my R2R DAC does not generate infinitesimally small black holes when decoding EDM with lots of bass? You cannot be serious! 🤣
  3. Well, due to their mass, the weights significantly reduce the Hawking radiation generated around DAC chips and Op Amps and that translates in a sizeable increase in transparency. If you can't hear it I don't know what to tell you.
  4. I don't think so. My ears are not lying! Short of replacing the A/C circuit breaker with a low noise coil activated unit, this is the greatest upgrade of my system this month!
  5. I am pretty unimpressed with John Darko right now because he said these weights do nothing other than stop light gear from sliding on furniture. As it turns out, the additional benefits greatly outweigh the weight of these heavy metal door stops!
  6. Don't have room for the tall ones unfortunately but this other model is almost as heavy while being more stable due to larger footprint. The jitter in my NVMe internal drive is gone and the Soloist frequency range just dipped into negative territory. What an amazing mod! Small Satin Chrome Door Weight - Bunnings Australia
  7. Fantastic sounding speakers! Wish I had a listening room to allow me build a smashing system around these two and enjoy long listening sessions. Right now limited to near field auditions and headphones and I can't see that changing soon in this crazy housing market... Amazing value speakers at that price.
  8. Purchased a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 unit instead. It should be good enough as all I really need is to clean up my PC USB output and convert to HDMI I2S, the optimum input to my Denafrips DAC. Saved me some money, too
  9. Did you use Gaia with a DAC with clock out, such as Teminator Plus? My understanding is that's how you get the most of its benefits.
  10. I have seen a review where the conclusion was that Gaia provides significant improvements if your USB source is poor and also that there's more to gain as your DAC is more refined. Looking at getting a DDC myself as I am using a PC as source, not ideal. Gaia is a nice piece of kit indeed. GLWTS.
  11. Got one for sale, two weeks old, mint of course, purchased new from Dacman. Upgrading to Venus soon. PM me if you wish.
  12. Heard an M&K sub before, it went deep and fast. Great value for money this one.
  13. Save up and buy the Sony IER-Z1R. That's the only IEM I will ever need for the next years. Superb with anything you throw at it and the bass and sub-bass are absolutely delicious. Make sure you try them first as fitting them in your ears could be a problem for some.
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