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  1. I am so happy with MDR-Z1R and IER-Z1R that all my cans and IEMs will be on sale. Except Oppo PM-3, Fostex TH-X00, Meze 99 Classic... Should be enough cans you reckon? Tried Focals but they won't do it for me. I might be too much of a Sony fanboy, dunno... Will try Meze Empyrean next year at their HQ in Romania and if I like it will get a pair.
  2. Replace the Topping unit with RME ADI-2 DAC and set the parametric EQ to suite your Z1R. You're welcome
  3. It might a bit extreme to say that since we survived Net Neutrality we will survive any MQA assault. Have faith
  4. Oh man, I am really tempted to pull the trigger! 878 EURO with Fedex shipping, what a bargain. I'm just a bit worried as there's not much info around about the retailer.
  5. Absolutely correct. Balanced output to balanced input only.
  6. Finally, my Fiio M11 Pro is managing to do a full unfold following the latest beta firmware and the latest version of UAPP app. Best rate I have seen is 384 kHz unfolded. Sound wise, fantastic on IER-Z1R. Interesting to see if unfolding works while using this DAP as a DAC with a Windows PC. So far does not but if it did the M11 Pro would be a fantastic desktop DAC and portable DAP solution
  7. Are you using the Kef LSX straight form RME ADI-2? If you do, how does it sound? I'm very tempted to get this setup as that gives me excellent headphone and IEM sound plus decent sound on the speakers with only one device on my desk.
  8. The Conductor 3 Performance and 3X Performance will be available soon for $1,599 and $1,999. One DAC chip and no analog input, smaller footprint and other than that these should be right up there with their Reference siblings. I would like to listen to the 3P version but unfortunately no store will carry it here in Adelaide. Still deciding between the 3P and RME ADI-2 that I could get for a similar price. Looks wise Burson wins hands down but that German wonder box looks so good on paper with all them tuning options... What to do?
  9. To get the best of your balanced output, yes. 2.5mm to 2 x XLR balanced. But you can also go 2.5mm to 2 X RCA or even 2.5mm to 3.5mm TRS (single ended). It all depends on your amp available inputs.
  10. Unbalanced should work OK. Balanced would worth the trouble if the amplifier is also balanced.
  11. The 2.5mm jack is for headphones and it is a balanced port. What that means, the left and Right channels are completely separate, with their own +, - and ground. As you can see, the balanced port is 3X the power of the single entry 3.5mm one. make sure you only use one at once or you will end up damaging your unit. To use the 2.5mm balanced port you need some IEM or headphones that can run in balanced mode.
  12. Further information: Very well looked after with velour pads that have never been used and the leather ones as new. Comes with the original cable, 3.5/6.3mm converter and leather case. https://personal.audioquest.com/nightowl-carbon
  13. Further information: Perfect condition. Poly gets you the best sound out of your Mojo. Upgraded to the latest firmware and ready to go. Got a couple of cases for Poly & Mojo combo available, just ask. Photos:
  14. Please let me know when you got it. Curious to find out postage duration and what happens with the tax I will continue to look for a unit here in Oz but most probably will end up ordering one in EU as well.
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