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  1. Is there a receiver out there that can receive HDMI in via eARC and then output to AES. The use case is to drive Genelec SAM speakers.
  2. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/lurker-majority-youre-not-weird-reading-never-posting/
  3. Lurkers are the hidden under-represented majority. The beating heart of any good forum.
  4. It's intriguing isn't it. How would you know there was even a classifieds section if you didn't have access to it. I certainly wouldn't have.
  5. Incorrect. A number of us lost access today. Apparently there was a change made.
  6. Hi Betty Boop, I suspect as a result of the maintenance we actually lost access. That's the thing. A number of us previously had access and then lost it. So we had already contributed. I'm all good now though.
  7. All I can say is that after I made a quick few posts access has come back. Maybe give that a try?
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