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  1. Thanks Hugh and Frank - I'm in McLaren Vale, near Willunga. Cheers Hugh
  2. Like Rittz and C4m3r0n who joined just before me, I've been having a look at this forum from the outside and have decided to join as "more off than on" has become "more on than off". I'm a better reader than a writer and so speculate I will get more out of the forum than the forum gets out of me - apologies if that turns out to be the case - this is the first post I've made in any forum . . . My interest is in stereo since 2000 when I resurrected my mother's system which I'd last tinkered with in the early 80's, and having made steady forward progress since then with my gear and my sound, I've finally had some setbacks in the last year and am currently nursing a cartridge with a random stylus-to-cantilever bonding/alignment, and an arcing ESL. My current slow-moving project is a plinth/motor-board for my Garrard 401. So - thanks for having me Hugh
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