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  1. No that one cost more and lacked the digital inputs! I would say this one is better value.
  2. I get the theory and did think about it but they sell all the same cables over there so thought it couldn't be a big issue? The plugs are just far more sturdy and feel (and are) safer (why I chose it), however that's redundant if I'm not insured because they are not Australian plugs (even if they are safer).
  3. You're of course right that Insurance companies will do anything not to pay out and it worries me that I use UK plugs. I did this because they fit far tighter in the socket and make Australian plugs seem flimsy and loose in comparison. In addition each plug has it's own fuse so IMO these two factors must make UK plugs safer. However I worry an insurance company would refuse to pay out!
  4. Looking at the second picture there this thing looks massive, it's far bigger than an apartment block let alone my house 😁!
  5. I think these are probably new (apparently a model is coming out?). Either way it has full warranty and sub 2k. https://www.excelhifi.com.au/cd-s2100-refurbished-black.html
  6. I have a NAD T777 v3 so not quite the same. I've had two (the first one went back) and both generate/d a low hum when I connect my Oppo via HDMI AND multi channel analogue. It's fine with either or but hums when both are connected. Does anyone else experience this with their v3 player? Does the new module fix this?
  7. I recently purchased a Yamaha CX C5000 for a two channel AV set up so not an exact answer but my experience here makes me think multi channel would be better played directly from the player. Using pure direct mode (switches off video and all processing) sounds so much better than when the when it's off I believe multi channel would sound better in this mode even without room correction. The only way to do that would be via multi channel output from your DVD/Blu ray player.
  8. This and the Arcam DV139 are cheap way to get a nice sounding SACD player that was much better than the competition from Marantz, Yamaha and Denon etc. at the time. This should probably be moved to the Audio section because, with the advent of blu ray, it's only real value is as an audio player (5.1 and stereo SACD/DVD-A and CD).
  9. Well that's frustrating! Switching off at the wall for a few minutes did the trick, I knew it was something simple!! I've already purchased a second hand replacement ;-(
  10. Please help The power indicator is flashing green and amber and I have no sound. I think this happened before years ago and I forgotten how it was fixed (I seem to remember it was really simple) - I have disconnected and reconnected the speaker cables and checked all the connections. The handbook is frustrating as it doesn't have a troubleshooting page and the amp is too old to find good information in the internet. Can anyone help me solve this?
  11. If it were a mark 2 I would have purchased it myself! This is a mark 1. It has the advantage of allowing DVD audio to be sent uncompressed by coaxial or optical cable which the mark 2 doesn’t , however, it does not let you transfer sacd to your pc which the mark 2 can.
  12. I have one of these and an Oppo 205. IMO this is better sounding via analogue out than the Oppo!
  13. Are the parts available to repair this player? Did you get a quote?
  14. Item: Yamaha cx-a5000 Price Range: $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for an s-video av control option and open to suggestions Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  15. Can anyone suggest some in-ceiling speakers for Dolby atmos duty that would go with a ob1. Cb6. Db1, tle 1 5.1 surround system? Their wafers are way over budget, I’m thinking $500 to $1500 as it’s really just for atmos.
  16. Item: Dali Ikon 7, Vokal 2, 4x On Walls and Subwoofer Location: Marrickville Price: $2000 ono Item Condition: Excellent (the on walls have tape marks on the rear to hold the cable in place) Reason for selling: Replaced with PMC 5.1 set up Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent sounding, complete 7.1 surround speaker package that is great value at this price Please feel free to ask any questions! I am keen to sell as I have found a replacement subwoofer so this is no longer in use https://www.whathifi.com/dali/ikon-7/review Photos:
  17. I came upon this post by chance and have wired my XLR cables as suggested. I think you are right about the absolute polarity and I would recommend this to other owners of this unit, I'm not sure it really matters if the XLR outputs are "padded down" (this sounds negative) as my amp has a volume control?
  18. https://www.whitepages.com.au/kimil-electronics-11484163/croydon-park-nsw-11484158B would be my choice! or http://www.marrickville.com.au/listing/hi-fi-equipment-service/mb-electronics/592278/
  19. You are Sydney so I would suggest trying the Audio Note Oto or Soro if you need more power (https://www.audionote.com.au/). I know my next move will be in that direction and Bryan is a lovely guy to deal with..... more engineer than sales person. The added benefit is that he can help you tube roll if you want to tweak the sound here and there and he can fix/upgrade your equipment in the future.
  20. Can anyone point me to the right place to download this? I went to the Quad home page https://www.quad-hifi.co.uk/downloads/ and the link doesn't work. I wrote to them a few days ago and no reply (are they still in business?). Thank you in advance
  21. Has anybody used Alltechs Electronics in Sydney? They are closer to me than Electronics Today (I've used these before and Len Wallis use/recommend them) and I have a Yamaha CD player to be fixed under warranty.
  22. Just as a matter of interest....... I'd just like to know why standard DVD's look better than free to air HD TV which should be higher resolution. For background I use a Panasonic tuner/Blu ray player/recorder and have a 2016 LG OLED 65"TV. Is the Panasonic not good tuner (although It provides a much better picture than the LG TV's tuner)?
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