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  1. I know this is an old thread but after ringing several insurance companies I just insured with Youi and they gave me unlimited media coverage so you can insure your entire CD/DVD/LP collection for whatever it is worth (as long as no single item is worth more than $15,000). Same for the Hi Fi, they take each item separately and if it's over $15k you name it and probably pay a premium?
  2. Looks like the price is confirmed..... https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/yamaha-c-5000.html https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/hi-fi/amplifiers/power-amplifiers/yamaha-m-000-power-amplifier-in-a-class-of-its-own.html $13k each is a serious amplifier and pits them against some highly regarded, specialist competition! One would hope these are made in Japan because their Malaysian plant isn't perfect and at this price you'd want perfection.
  3. scobb

    Speaker placement/Atmos?

    Thank you, you are a mine of information! Sharing living space and AV always seems to be a compromise unfortunately.
  4. I have a question regarding Atmos and speaker placement. At the moment I'm running 7.1 from my Arcam AVR300 but have recently purchased a NAD T777 v3 that I think can run a 5.1.2 set up. My sofa is against a wall so I have the surrounds on the wall behind the sofa (to work well with 5.1 SACD's). This left no room for back surround speakers, so, the only viable space for them was mid way between my front and back speakers and only about 5 inch's from the ceiling (above the patio doors). With the NAD able to run Atmos, would it be possible (a good idea/possible) to assign the two back speakers as ceiling speakers (for Atmos)? I ask as I feel the, non conventional, set up will compromise Dirac due to misplacement of the back speakers. I hope that's clear? PS: Front speakers are Dali Ikon 7's, Centre is the Vokal 2, Ikon sub and the surrounds and surround backs are all Dali Ikon On-Wall's
  5. scobb

    Nad T777 v3

    Having seen one of these in the classifieds here for $2800 I've taken a gamble on buying one of these. Primarily this is to modernise my Arcam AVR300 which is pre-room correction and HDMI. I needed a one box solution and had been toying with the idea of the T758 v3 however, even though the Arcam has had no difficulty in powering my Dali Ikon 7's, Vokal 2, Sub and 4 On Walls, I was concerned moving from the Arcam 90w per channel amp to a 60w NAD . I feel I'm probably making a sideways move in terms of amplification but hoping that the Dirac room correction will be an advantage sound wise and HDMI switching is a nice bonus. Does anyone here have experience with NAD vs Arcam? I wanted to go with Arcam again but having purchased an Oppo 205 when they announced they were closing down I still want the option of using the 7.1 analogue out which the Arcam's don't offer (yes I know I can't use Dirac with this option but this gives me a choice and the opportunity to compare). Anyway the main point of this post it to ask if I should purchase the full version of Dirac or is the version that comes with the receiver good enough? Also, can someone point me in the direction of an informative thread/forum that can help/instruct me on how best to implement Dirac? Finally the NAD t777 v3 offers me the opportunity of running two sub woofers, would this be beneficial? Dali Ikon subs go for about $350 now so not much more of an investment but placement might be hard.
  6. What HiFi have a tbc price on these. They are going to have to be seriously good to justify the expense! 6700 GBP means they will be around the $12,000 AUD each mark The range will initially comprise the C-5000 pre-amplifier (£6700 tbc, pictured top) and M-5000 power amplifier (£6700 tbc), which are due in November. And joining them next summer will be the GT-5000 turntable for an expected £4600. https://www.whathifi.com/news/yamaha-introduces-flagship-5000-series-hi-fi-components
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  8. They did this to stop people charging way too much for shipping and reducing the item price (therefore artificially reducing the fees paid)!
  9. scobb

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I've had a pair of OB1's for nearly 10 years now. I've never found a suitable tri wire cable, can anyone suggest some jumpers?
  10. Will someone please buy this to stop me doing so!
  11. scobb

    FS: Blade Runner 2049 4K/3D

    Any chance you may post this to Sydney?