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  1. Hi, Thanks for reply. Since asking for your location, I'd looked at a few more reviews on the t/table and found that the platter is made of MDF (chipboard), and this is a bit of a turnoff for me - I think I'll keep looking for an alternative t/table with more stable platter material- sorry. regards, Vlad
  2. Hi, I'm interested, but I need to confirm that the tweeters are air motion transformer types with pleated diaphrams and not flat planar magnetic types. Its not clear from the photos which type they are. What brand/model are they, or can you get a closer picture of the diaphram to show more detail
  3. James, Sounds OK for my intended use - I'll take them thanks ! I'll PM you for details.
  4. Hi James - Interested, but could you describe their physical /cosmetic condition - not able to see this on the one photo. Are they sensitive enough to use with a phone as a music source without needing a portable amp ? regards, Vlad
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