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  1. Hi _ are they still for sale? I'm interested in buying them!
  2. Hi John - I'm not familiar with this sites' communication - what's a PM? I'm also getting your replies via my Email address (Removed by mods)
  3. Hi John, Now that I've seen the photo with the removed felt pad, don't worry about regluing it, just include it in the packaging, and I can reglue it if I need to.
  4. Thanks for your quick response. It seems I'd been overly concerned with the acoustic effect removing and replacing the felt might have had on the tweeter. I'd be happier if you could glue the pad back to match the other one. That would give me the option to try them as they were originally, or with a separate damped chamber as you suggested (both with and without felt pads?) I'd prefer Postage "with signature required" as added delivery security. I presume payment will be by bank transfer. How do we proceed with this sale - I'm a "newbie" on this site and not familiar with protocol here?
  5. Can the felt pad be replaced on the modified one so its acoustic performance matches that of the new (unmodified) one ? - I want to be sure they can still be used as a matched pair. What is the approximate postage to Melbourne?
  6. Hi - I'm interested in your K2 - what colour is it, and how old is it? can you attach some images of it?
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