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  1. Discogs is not a a crate guide at all. It is in my experience good for getting release info and that's all. The prices sellers ask are inflated by up to 500 percent.A lot of people think it's a Bible...I believe it's a shame. Classical lp collecting is like stamp collecting.So unless you have looked at all the records and verified the lp pressing and the sleeve match ( for UK pressings) and the condition is close to M as possible your price is maybe too high.....just my opinion have been a buy and seller of records of all genres for the last 30 years.... Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. McIntosh MC 240 Output Tansformer Shorted on Primary Windings

    Hello No ...I gave up trying as the only place I could get them done to original specs was in the USA and the price was prohibitive regards Kevin
  3. FS: Lot of 12 Vinyl Cheap!!!

    Ok...what's the payment procedure Thanks K Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. FS: Lot of 12 Vinyl Cheap!!!

    Can you confirm postage to 2113 is $21.40 please...I so I would like to purchase
  5. I would like the Band Of Horses LP...PM sent
  6. Earth Hum from Valve Pre & Power amp set up......safe removal

    Thanks for all the suggestions . I have used the pre for the last 6 years with a McIntosh 240 and there were no issues. Introducing the Radford after the McIntosh made the earth hum. It had been narrowed down by the process of elimination to the right side of the power amp. I was advised by a very nice guy at Leonaudio in SA that using one may not be the best idea and 2 would be ideal in order to "normalise" both sides. I was looking for anyone who has had experience with using Line Isolation transformers and what they could tell me
  7. Earth Hum from Valve Pre & Power amp set up......safe removal

    He did what he could on a bench..I assume he would have needed to do it where its set up in order to correctly diagnose the issue and pin point the source
  8. Earth Hum from Valve Pre & Power amp set up......safe removal

    I had my reputable tech look at it and he was able to reduce the volume of the hum about 50%...beyond that I have done nothing. I wanted to get an idea of wath the learned folk @ STA though before I progressed
  9. Hi I recently acquired a Radford STA 25 power amp which has a nasty earth hum coming from the right channel when coupled with my Luxman PZ24 preamp As far as I understand the issue can be solved by putting an isolation transformer between the power amp & the pre amp on the offending Right Channel. Tortech in Sydney seem to make all manner of isolation transformers and they have a good name .They are also 10 minutes from home. Can any member advise on an appropriate course of action. cheers K
  10. Please don't forget to check the Classifieds Guidelines before posting this classified ad. You many delete this text from your advertisement. Item: McIntosh 240 Power Amplifier Location: Liberty Grove Sydney Price: $1000 Item Conditihon: Not working...shorted on primary windings Reason for selling: Not working Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: My beloved MC 240 has ceased to perform. The middle output transformer has shorted on primary windings. The difficulty of having this rewound "correctly" has forced me to dispose of it. There has been a few little mods done on it over the years...the end transformer was rewound some years ago for 240 volts and the repair guy vented the can..he thought it looked cool. . The "twin amp mono" switch lost its original top and it has been replaced by a utilitarian one. The for sale amp is complete so to speak...you get the cage & the valves..and the chance to make it sing again It weighs a fair bit so I will not be able to ship...pickup only in Sydney @ Liberty Grove ( Near Olympic Park) thanks Kevin
  11. @Nonagon Thanks Gavin...i think its cheaper to get the two pieces made up afresh small indeed Kevin
  12. Hi Has anyone had any experience with a reliable chroming business in Sydney that could do a nice job on re chroming a Radford STA25 chassis. thanks Kevin
  13. Hi First post here..looking for any leads on replacing an output transformer on my McIntosh MC 240. I gather it is not a simple replacement . Any ideas or thoughts would be gratefully appreciated Kevin