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  1. Item: Dyson Airwrap Location: Sydney CBD / Inner West Price: SOLD Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: My father in law and I both bought one each independently (total of two). Wife only needs one. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This was my penance purchase to justify the multiple greater amounts spent selfishly on audio for myself this year. I think this is quite possibly the best Xmas present for the significant other. On selling at the same price I paid another guy - have accidentally ended up with two due to poor coordination with my father in law. Two years full warranty (purchased new on 12 Dec, when it was last available before selling out for a wait period of 4-6 weeks). Pictures: See the website: https://shop.dyson.com.au/dyson-airwrap-styler-310729-01
  2. $800 (!!!) per pair if sold this weekend... need the $$$ for some other goodies. These are virtually new (run in for around 100 hours) - were bought direct from XLO earlier this year.
  3. I have this. Quite a noticeable upgrade above stock cable (and more manageable to boot). Adapters good quality and handy too. Great price. GLWTS.
  4. Quick update: new remote and new tubes have safely arrived from the UK - and remote has been fully tested. Can now confirm that the unit will come with a perfectly functioning remote control (controls volume). So now works well as a high end DAC and preamp (with 4 x 6JD8 tubes). Not a bad way to reduce box count...!
  5. Well reasonable offers are accepted ... which might help manage this money system??
  6. Ok. I got official feedback from Korjo (who make the Korjo AA02): 1. Polarity and grounding ARE correctly changed by this connector, so using US plugs will be safe & allow the US cord to function as intended 2. The adapter does NOT change voltage. So you need to get a transformer, or make sure you only use units with 240V (our voltage) Hopefully that helps. You can't do better at this price point, but happy to be a bit flexible on price for people wanting more than one item (can do a good deal if taking 2 x XLR pairs and 2 x power cables ... all from the XLO top of the line Signature 3 range).
  7. These adapters are certified: https://crest.com.au/brands/crest-travel-power There is a risk if polarity is not changed that the appliance remains live even if turned off. It's more a safety issue than fundamentally whether it will power the units correctly or not (as AC current is constantly switching anyway, doesnt have constant polarity). So, if I had to bet... the plugs you buy in Aussie shops (not china direct on eBay) correct the polarity for our needs. Will call Korjo and confirm on Monday as this is a bit of a public service project now as I've noticed several open threads over past years in SNA on the topic of polarity.
  8. i tried to on sell it, and the bloke that bought it off me returned it saying he had conclusive proof it is a knock off. https://sites.google.com/site/isthistherealstuff/siltech
  9. keen to get a more conclusive view. i have gone through the ps audio director's manual and haven't been able to find any proof of polarity reversal. the literature i'm reading suggests that AC doesn't have polarity as it keeps switching directions. Also I have moved on to having my power conditioner (P10) with US plugs, with an AU plug Valhalla 2 was feeding my P10 from the wall socket and my XLO Sig-3 US plugs were going from my P10 to my components. But previously the XLO were plugged directly into the wall sockets via adapter, and I had no issues.
  10. 1. I haven't had any issues 2. Now very common for people to US plug cords in Au 3. EDIT: awaiting comments from more qualified people re potential impact of reversing polarity on sound quality. I haven't used exact same cable with different plugs to see what it does to quality of music.
  11. US plug, and yes it is the normal C14. I have been using a US to AU converter to plug into the wall socket.
  12. Some additional info on the Signature 3 line, it is the real deal giant killer: "XLO’s Signature 3 cables are one of the two holy grails of neutrality I’ve found so far. I have the highest regard for the Signature 3s, for their honesty and for their complete refusal to play games with the sound of my reference system. And I have great respect for XLO: they’ve chosen not to engage in pseudo-science or outright silliness to describe how or why their products are special. Even their advertising slogan, “Sounds like nothing at all,” is appropriate, and lacks any of the audio nonsense that some people seem to need to persuade them to even consider a purchase. If you’re looking for neutrality, XLO Electric’s Signature 3s get my highest recommendation." http://www.soundstageultra.com/equipment/xlo_electric_signature3.htm "What XLO has done with the Signature-3 is to keep it straight forward and simple. Use the finest quality materials, put them together with an astonishing quality feel and have them reproduce music in its purest form without coloration and fanfare. That has made it easy to make the Signature-3 my reference cables." https://www.dagogo.com/xlo-electric-signature-3-interconnect-speaker-power-cable-review/
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