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  1. WedgeBiggs

    Driving utopias

    I own both the Utopia and Z1R. I think the Z1R is a great closed back... I picked it after trialling the Aeon C, Ether C Flow, Audeze LCDXC etc etc. The Z1R is actually much less scalable than the Utopia AND is quite easy to drive: that is, you get to peak performance much more easily. If you picked up a Mojo, or even something like my Onkyo HA300, you will get really good performance out of the Z1R. If your budget can extend, I strongly urge you to consider the Z1R over the Aeon Closed - the Sony is much better in the lower frequencies and just has an overall better musicality FYI - my HA300 (a great match for the Z1R) is here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/242676-fs-price-drop-onkyo-ha300-hi-res-portable-dsd-dacheadamp/ [I had to spend a lot more on a Hugo2 to get a noticeable uplift in performance]
  2. WedgeBiggs

    Driving utopias

    Open headphones while on the move may not be the best idea? the utopia are the best dynamic headphones, and need really good amps to sound their best. If your budget is <$1000 for an amp then Utopia probably isn’t a good option. Not to mention the annoyingly heavy/long cable. properly driven, the utopia is a much more refined experience than the clear. But the clear is great in its own right. my Prautes is still available in case you feel like splashing out on the best amp for the Utopia! But suspect it’s out of budget (and obviously isn’t portable).
  3. Yes you’ll be fine. Assuming this is your dac: https://www.audiostream.com/content/bricasti-design-m1-dac Also I have this cable between my Antipodes DX and my DAVE. It is the best connector. Adding things like Audiophilleo or USB regen actually detract. Hence why I think it’s a steal.
  4. My onkyo ha300 is available. Listed here and on eBay. Pm me if you’re interested. It probably is the best solution for you. Not to mention it’s probably a big upgrade in terms of sound quality. Super value for the price.
  5. Someone buy this awesome amp! Would have done so myself if I hadn't picked up the Simaudio 760A recently. SNA emails etc. are not working properly so not sure you got my PM @DocD? @DocD out of curiosity, would you consider a trade of my Prautes for your BHK preamp? The Prautes is a SUPER headamp, but is also a fantastic preamp in its own right. Would be the perfect match for your Abyss.
  6. I have this cable - it is superb. This is a bargain!
  7. Trade fell through Still available for sale Now on Audiogon too.
  8. Bump - this really is a fantastic DAC/amp for the price! If you are after portable audio it's like having a Mojo, but not needing your phone to drive it. Though a phone can help with the user experience if you like.
  9. need to clear out my unused equipment. so if you're interested, lob me a semi sensible offer and it's yours.
  10. need to clear out my unused equipment. so if you're interested, lob me a semi sensible offer and it's yours.
  11. need to clear out my unused equipment. so if you're interested, lob me a semi sensible offer and it's yours.
  12. Bump, Price is negotiable if you're interested & would like to send an offer.