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  1. I had the DAVE for 3years, it is an amazing DAC. And if I had to guess (given I haven't heard both), I'd guess it outperforms the Tambaqui. This is purely speculation based on browsing the internet over the years and internalising pro/con reviews from users. I'm super happy with my Esoteric N-01, which is a noticeable step up in quality/musicality from the DAVE - as yes the DAVE sounds a bit "thin" (though extraordinarily detailed). Of the ones you mentioned I'd be most tempted by the Emm Labs DAC 2x... though if you can get a used higher-end Esoteric, you should jump on it.
  2. Further information: No need for any introductions - arguably the best headphones ever made, and has exquisite build quality (in my opinion the French Ferrari of headphones). This is the crown jewel of my gear, and the only reason I'm selling is that I've had no time to listen critically. And I don't expect this will change any time soon. Comes with original accessories and packaging. Price is net to me, so pick up probably works best. PM with any questions. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising mu
  3. Bargain! Absolutely totl. Close one between 1266 phi and Utopia for the best ever cans. I personally wouldn't say better resolution or more dynamic than utopia... but definitely better bass, timbre, soundstage, and more real/ speaker like presentation. Excellent "pairing" for those that already have a utopia.
  4. Photos still say 2, not 2i In any event - you have decided to keep the 2, and sell the 2i?
  5. Guys the list price here is a bargain, and these are amazing headphones. The buyer will not be disappointed. SOLD pending payment. @Rob McHugh - I will give you the opportunity to edit your post to remove your mobile number before I mark it SOLD officially - as you won't be allowed to edit the post after I close the thread. It is not a good idea to leave personal contact details on public posts!
  6. Really - no takers? I thought it would move quickly. Especially with the excellent aftermarket cables included. Genuine offers welcome - looking to fund some new toys...
  7. Further information: Up for sale is the excellent Meze Empyrean headphones, INCLUDING upgraded/aftermarket cables - specifically: 1. Meze Empyrean headphones (of course) with Meze Empyrean spare earpads (RRP $5500) 2. Meze Empyrean 6.3mm 2.5m Silver Plated PCUHD Upgrade Cable (RRP $820) 3. Silver Dragon 6.3mm 1.5m Moon Audio Silver Dragon Upgrade Cable (RRP US$465 / A$750 shipped) Lots and lots of gushing reviews all over the internet - many consider this to be the best all-round headphones ever. This is 100% Aussie stock - purchased from a local ret
  8. Further information: Purchased new in May 2020 (RRP $3500) - from A2A - proof of purchase can be provided to buyer for warranty purposes. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/spl-phonitor-xe-headphone-amplifier?_pos=1&_sid=cb01802eb&_ss=r Lots and lots of gushing reviews online on this particular headamp - the reviewer on Inner Fidelity called it the best solid state headphone amplifier he has ever heard. https://spl.audio/phonitor-xe-dax768-innerfidelity/?lang=en I'd agree that is a brilliant headphone amp - and powerful enough to make any headpho
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