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  1. The only SS headamp I've heard that is audibly better is the Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold - but does cost a lot more. In the asking price range, you won't find anything better than the gsx mk2.
  2. WedgeBiggs

    SOLD: FS: Chord HUGO 2

    sold pending payment to @rmallam
  3. WedgeBiggs

    SOLD: FS: Chord HUGO 2

    Yes - now available again!
  4. WedgeBiggs

    SOLD: FS: Sennhesier IE800S IEMs

    I have the IE800 which is simply stunning. Can’t imagine how good this must be 😱
  5. WedgeBiggs


    I want the Eikon plus extra cable! pm coming with intent to buy at list price! am in Sydney too.
  6. It’s a very solid amp. But just like some amps are MEANT for certain headphones (eg the cavalli Audio Liquid Gold for the Abyss)... I honestly feel that the Prautes is MEANT for the Utopia. It lights up the Utopia like Nothing Else. So much so the Utopia becomes almost a different headphone (big soundstage, deep bass, with huge spades of micro detail) compared to, say, listening directly out of the DAVE. So yeah- I do recommend eventually pairing this amp with the Utopia!
  7. SOLD pending payment to the gentleman @kroozzy
  8. Item: Onkyo HA300 Hi-Res Portable DSD DAC/AMP Location: Sydney Price: SOLD Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Raising funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes 5V usb charging cable and original packaging, can post *This is a superb hi-res portable music player for the money. It performs as well as the Chord Mojo, but also has the ability to play music without needing an external source. An external source such as a phone however could be used to enhance the user experience. I've been pairing it with my Astell & Kern JH Layla IEMs and Sony MDR-Z1R to great effect.* The unit is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery which gives around seven hours of playback when connected to an iPhone, and can be recharged via USB when connected to a PC or using the supplied 5V DC cable and plug. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet and want to add high-resolution audio capability, Onkyo's DAC-HA300 digital-to-analogue converter/headphone amp can oblige. It connects via USB to an iPhone or Android handset (using an Apple Lightning connector or Android On-the-Go cable) and then syncs with Onkyo's HF Player app. A free upgrade to the HD Player Pack app enables output of high-res PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) or 5.6MHz DSD audio files to the DAC-HA300 for decoding and playback. In addition, the DAC-HA300 serves as a standalone media player and headphone amp. It has a slot to accommodate up to 128GB of music on a microSD card, and is equipped with a micro USB Type-B input for asynchronous digital-to-analogue conversion of high-res audio from a PC without the need to install drivers. It also has a switchable optical/coaxial/analogue input capable of accepting digital signals from connected devices up to a maximum resolution of 24-bit/192kHz. Onkyo says the DAC-HA300 uses a MUSES8920 op-amp, a fully discrete push-pull output stage and a selectable gain adjustment function. Its 32-bit/192kHz TI Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC was chosen for its "low out-of-band noise performance and excellent resistance to jitter". Pictures:
  9. Item: Cypher Labs Prautes Tube Amp 230V Location: Sydney (have original packaging, can post) Price: SOLD pending payment Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Reluctant sale; raising funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Also listed on Audiogon for US$2700 - so lower price being offered on SNA for local sale What's Included: * The tube amp itself of course - including original packaging: Includes all 6 tubes (2 preamp 12AU7, 4 power amp 50L6) * Cypher Labs Power cord - RRP US$200 * 6x Jan Philips 12AU7 preamp tubes (back up) - RRP US$180 * 4x NOS RCA 50L6 power tubes (back up) - RRP US$120 Key selling points: * One of the best headamps money can buy - up there with the Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold and Woo Audio WA5 * Amazing amp for Focal Utopia and also Planars (Abyss, Audeze LCD 4, HE1000 etc.) - easily better than my previous amp Violectric V281, and is much more engaging than the Simaudio 430 without sacrificing dynamics * Able to cater to a wide range of headphones with impedance selection options from 8ohm to 300ohm * Preamp line output is world-class, and probably comparable to dedicated US$4000 preamps. No remote though. * 2W pc speaker output - to drive high efficiency speakers (does fine with my KEF R100s) Reviews/links: http://www.tonepublications.com/whats-new-homepage/first-look-cypher-labs-prautes-headphone-amp/ https://www.amazon.com/Cypher-PRAUTES-Vacuum-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B013RRZZA2 Pictures:
  10. WedgeBiggs

    Driving utopias

    I own both the Utopia and Z1R. I think the Z1R is a great closed back... I picked it after trialling the Aeon C, Ether C Flow, Audeze LCDXC etc etc. The Z1R is actually much less scalable than the Utopia AND is quite easy to drive: that is, you get to peak performance much more easily. If you picked up a Mojo, or even something like my Onkyo HA300, you will get really good performance out of the Z1R. If your budget can extend, I strongly urge you to consider the Z1R over the Aeon Closed - the Sony is much better in the lower frequencies and just has an overall better musicality FYI - my HA300 (a great match for the Z1R) is here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/242676-fs-price-drop-onkyo-ha300-hi-res-portable-dsd-dacheadamp/ [I had to spend a lot more on a Hugo2 to get a noticeable uplift in performance]
  11. WedgeBiggs

    Driving utopias

    Open headphones while on the move may not be the best idea? the utopia are the best dynamic headphones, and need really good amps to sound their best. If your budget is <$1000 for an amp then Utopia probably isn’t a good option. Not to mention the annoyingly heavy/long cable. properly driven, the utopia is a much more refined experience than the clear. But the clear is great in its own right. my Prautes is still available in case you feel like splashing out on the best amp for the Utopia! But suspect it’s out of budget (and obviously isn’t portable).
  12. Yes you’ll be fine. Assuming this is your dac: https://www.audiostream.com/content/bricasti-design-m1-dac Also I have this cable between my Antipodes DX and my DAVE. It is the best connector. Adding things like Audiophilleo or USB regen actually detract. Hence why I think it’s a steal.
  13. My onkyo ha300 is available. Listed here and on eBay. Pm me if you’re interested. It probably is the best solution for you. Not to mention it’s probably a big upgrade in terms of sound quality. Super value for the price.