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  1. Wasn't aware of that. Forgotten how much of a learning curve there is on this stuff to make sure it all goes together nicely. Lucky im not in a rush!
  2. Hi Dennis, Crazy. My post above yours i actually mention im thinking of selling my RP3 which has had a tonn of upgrades
  3. Wow, nice set up. Another win for Magic Mushrooms
  4. Just a side note, I will likely prefer to buy secondhand as i know the the value to dollar stretches further & tbh the customer service i got on my previous "new" purchase was real ordinary & saw little to no reason to spend the extra bucks on a new item, unfortunately.
  5. Thanks Rantan, the MKIV - any idea what they go for? Googled but no price on the website
  6. Hi everyone, been quite a long time since i posted here, hope everyone is doing well in what is a rather difficult year. After a few years of going on a bit of a hiatus with my audiophile hobby, i've decided to take a deep breath and have another go at it, but as always - i need to feed of the advice of people who know a lot more than i do - you guys. I've decided its time to upgrade my Turntable and cartridge. I'm currently combining a Rega RP3 with a Ortofon Blue (yes i know, not great - but my previous stylus got broken and it was all i could afford at the time) wit
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