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  1. Thanks, know its going to be a mission to find, but gotta start somewhere
  2. Item: Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference TurntablePrice Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Would be interested in buying one if anyone has one available, pm me if so with asking price. Thank you Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. For Interstate transport i use a chap called Bill & his Big Ass Van. He primarily deals in the transport of Pinball & Arcade machines around Australia, but is very easy going & affordable. The pinball market is very similar to that of stereo equipment - incredibly valuable (average machine is $10k) & condition & care is paramount - he understands that & respects that - he literally offers a pick up and drop off service - no depots. Once its in his van, it stays in that van until it gets to your place. The chances of damage and theft occur not on the road, but at "swa
  4. Thanks for the feedback - big floorstanding speakers are going to be a struggle to fit in that room unfortunately. Even though its a big room, all the wall space is already covered with pinball machines, arcades, tables etc. we have a big void in the middle of the room which will be filled with a few papasan chairs later on - but it will be predominately a pinball room for home competitions and party nights. Ive had a Sonos Gen1 Play:5 speaker in the room for a while and it the volume can carry itself fine in there. Are they going to be that much more loud than a set of bookshelfs
  5. Hi Ken, thanks for taking the time to respond. I am a little confused by how these would connect to a TT as there doesn't appear to be a suitable input for that to happen? With these self powered speakers, do people feel that there is a certain aspect "loss" from the lack of Amp? And to confirm, how are they powered ? Are they AC or do they have a self charging battery so that they are completely wireless and can be moved around seamlessly?
  6. As I have posted in another thread i am in the search of a fun new system - i think i have nailed it down to a couple of options. I am after bookshelf speakers mainly due to space & room restraints. Room is quite large, 50m2, with plaster walls and a 2.4m high ceiling. The speakers will not be set on floor - but on a shelf approximately 1.2m high - so will be quite elevated - with a window directly behind it The music will be played in an active, social space, not a "listening room" environment so its all about the fun and overall sound within the room. Will be used with a TT & for sp
  7. Looking them up, really like the look of these as i think they would suit the cabinet in front nicely and it appears they have a good level of performance to boot. So i can make sure i understand this - these would be able to accept my Rega RP3 to connect directly into it - no amp required - while also able to connect to spotify, directly from my phone via bluetooth Do people rate them for sound?
  8. So they have a TT which can access bluetooth? Thats pretty nuts. I am probably thinking my Rega will go down there as i am still very keen to upgrade the TT for my main system - with the "powered Klipsch" speakers - is there any add ons i can do to them to have a bluetooth, or even a DAC with a laptop connected? I do have a bluetooth sonos in there which works ok with the spotify if all else fails
  9. No, i am not really a big audio-head, not real educated on this stuff to be honest. Do you have an example of a Klipsch that would do this? are they powerful enough to carry a room 50m2 - the roof is quite low (2.4) and the speakers would sit about half way up the wall as per the window shelf you see - which i think will really elevate the sound in that room
  10. Ok so after a day of searching i think i have decided against the TT and amp in 1 options and will start searching for a set of Bookshelf speakers that have enough power to them to handle "well enough" the room size i have, which is about 50m2., then a 2nd hand vintage amp that can handle them. Thanks for the advice above - will basically close this thread now and start my search for a set of bookshelfs Really looking forward to the challenge of finding a good pair of vintage speakers and an amp to suit for as close to $1 to 1.5k as possible - just want this system to have a
  11. I guess another idea i could have here is have both. The smaller JBL 4312Ms that live behind it + the larger L80T's that i hook up when i want a bit more boom and placed wide, in front of the cabinet.
  12. Thanks Kelossus - I was a bit worried 4312M would be too small. The Issue i have is that the space where the speakers would live is limited,, so was thinking a bookshelf style would suit better as could live above the TT & Amp. The L80T's look to be a large speaker. A quick google and they appear to be a decent "bang for buck" speaker - see a lot of comments from people suggesting a T3 crossover mod improves the sound. They look very large though - do you know roughly the dimensions. Also what would a pair cost me? Pic is of the space i plan for the stereo to live. Plan was TT
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