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  1. What the? Really??? I haven't been on for a couple of weeks as I haven't had a lot of progress - so if you had a tech on here saying that on here - it means you have gotten more info than myself! haha!
  2. Hi everyone, another update (again or sorts),. I ended up having to get the amp sent to Advance Audio in Sydney, which I did 2 weeks ago who used to be the distributor for Pathos in Australia (no longer are, currently there is not one). They had a tech chap who was to look at it. Updates have been a bit few and far between, but apparently the part required had been discontinued in Australia and had to be ordered from Pathos directly in Italy - the part was roughly $280 - so must assume that it was more than a simple resistor, which was what another chap here thought it might be as my issue seemed to reflect the same issue he had with the same amp . What the part was, I haven't been told but will follow that up after the Easter break. The part will take a couple of weeks to get here and the ETA is I should get it back early to mid-May - which kinda sucks. Looking at it being away somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks. At the moment I haven't got a whole lot of info of what went wrong & what is required. Once the part gets in they will then test it to see if there is further issues. They have no idea what the total cost will end up being, but when pushed over a ballpark - as I was concerned about parts being ordered before knowing a total cost - I was told, perhaps $800. Im not sure if that was meant to include the courier cost too - I hope it does, as otherwise I am looking around $1k for the repair, ouch. Will try and find out what the part was as I too am pretty interested to what went wrong.Will continue to update everyone.Thanks for the interest and concern everyone - much appreciated
  3. an update of sorts - I was given the details of Advance Audio in Sydney as being the previous distributor for Pathos and have arranged for it to be sent there to get the unit looked at. Fortunately i kept the original packing box. Once i find out more i will be sure to update you all
  4. Thanks, unfortunately i wont have the same as i got it second hand from a chap in a different state here. I know aussie Hifi stock PAthos items - might give them a call today to see if they can recommend a tech that can work on it. Love the avatar too , LD!
  5. Hi Hugo, thanks. for replying. How did you go about getting it repaired? Was it a relatively cheap fix then?
  6. Will definitely keep you all in the loop. It is a beautiful amp & I purchased it from a lovely member here a few years ago. I have it paired up with a set of Zu Soul Supreme's and Dyna-Vector MK II Pre-Amp. I had felt that its performance had been somewhat sluggish of late so i am hoping that might have been a pre-cursor to what just happened and perhaps this will be a weird blessing in disguise. I dare say the room and set up i use it in is not getting the most out of its full potential.
  7. There was 3 models - The anniversary model had a volume relay and remote - which is the model i have -so dare say this is it above.
  8. This is pretty incredible that you were able to find that image and identify that, even as a possibility - so quickly. Ive spent about 40 minutes trying to google key words to even find someone that may have had any issue - period - on this amp, and found naught. When i shone a torch into the heatsink when it first happened i did think that there was some faint browning around one of the capacitors. When i compared it to the other side, it too seemed to have some discoloration - but not as drastic, IMO. I think you are right that i need to stay calm and locate someone who can investigate it further that is suitably qualified, & hope it is not something too significant. This amp was a once in a life-time" purchase for me and is my pride and joy. Feel ill!
  9. It certainly has done something under the hood. When you say output device - what do you mean there? I am not really very experienced with this level of equipment - how on earth will i get this looked at and repaired? I have sent Pathos an email, but as they are in italy I am not really sure how they will be able to assist much - short of it being sent to them. It is unlikely to be one of the external valves I would assume?
  10. Evening everyone. I have a Pathos Twin Tower and this evening i turned it on with no issue. I was letting heat up for a bit when after about half an hour we heard a noticeable pop sound followed by a loud constant hum. I believe the hum is coming from the amp itself & not the speakers. I could also smell a faint electrical/plastic burning smell that seemed to be more prevalent on the right side heatsink. I quickly turned it off. It also felt to be hotter coming from that same right heat-sink. I allowed it to cool and then decided to turn it back on to see if anything had changed. Upon turning it on and after the initial "Warm up" period, once it was ready to kick it it still had the same effect. Question is does anyone know what happened & how earth does one go about getting something like this repaired?
  11. already invested in the D10 so i am going to be stuck with that for now - hopefully i can get it up to 384 .... half way there!
  12. ah crap! I was hoping you might hold the key! I've managed to get mine to run at 192 pretty easily - this guy gave good instructions https://www.massdrop.com/buy/topping-d10/talk/2128898 If i manage to get it to 384 i will come back and let you know what i did
  13. @Wimbo -hope you are still around mate I got a new HP Laptop today so i can install the D10 driver onto it and use it through my amp. When i installed it i was still only getting a quality reading of 44.1. i've managed to get this up to 192 by going into the sound settings via windows control panel - however i am still unable to get the 384(ish) i was getting when i had it plugged through my Mac desktop - without the need to install the topping d10 driver. Do you have any advice on how i can get up to maximum quality ? What am i doing wrong?
  14. Hi everyone I'm looking at getting a basic laptop to just use for Spotify & to plug into my TV via HDMI to watch all formats of video ( MKV, MP4, AVI etc The sound system it will plug into into will be my Topping D10, Pathos Twin Towers & Zu Soul Supremes. The TV is just a HD tv without 4k. I really don't want to spend too much on this laptop - as its purely just for this basic purposes. My question is, should i be looking for any type of minimum requirement in regards to sound or the video card? Or will the purposes i want it for mean that basically all options out there will be equally capable at handling its purposes. Sorry, i am completely inept at computers and tech stuff. At the moment I'm just looking at options at Officeworks for under $500
  15. Yeah but the Oppo will put me back a $1k and i don't have that at the moment to spend on such joyous things. The Topping D10 DAC for $120 looks like something i could probably pick up now and get the ball rolling. It's size also looks perfect for me as well - won't require too much re-jigging of the cabinet/table space. Will have a look at Massdrop - thanks for your advice mate
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