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  1. Update after listening most of the day to the mojo and having to back the the dragonfly black due to the battery going flat on the mojo I can now hear the difference. The top end is smoother and more separation on things like orchestral strings. the dragonfly is neater and less fuss due to not having battery To charge but like everyone says can’t match the mojo having said that I’ll listen to the dragonfly when the mojo is flat and when travelling I can’t comment to the differences between the dragonfly models as I haven’t heard them
  2. Can you hear a discernible difference between the iPhone dongle and the mchansen amp? if you like the sound and the portability is working for you then we have to question the constant urge to upgrade I recently purchased the Grado GH4 and was happy with the dragonfly black. i could discern minor differences between the dragonfly and the iPhone jack but only when critical listening with familiar music while it does take effort to spot and describe the difference I feel that sometimes these seemingly minor differences can make relaxed listening more enj
  3. Item: Grado RS1e headphones Price Range: Open Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for a pair of Grado RS1e’s cheers Pete Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Nice tech in the build. It’ll be great to see them come together.
  5. Hey All The lockdowns early this year had me looking for things to do so I decided it was time to have a go at the DIY Speaker project I’d been contemplating for a many years. I decided to dip my toe in the water and knock together a pair of Paul Carmody overnight sensations. well “WOW” I was hooked. I paired them up with an old Luxman L3 and I couldn’t believe the sound coming out of these small speakers. Great soundstage, excellent imaging and really easy to listen to for hours. After working out how to stream hi resolution music I picked up a
  6. Thanks Ant I will write up a post for DIY I’ve been on the coast my whole life since 72. Seen a lot of change and the growth in that time. I don’t know how many people they think they can fit in the little strip of sand that is Toukley but with only two roads in an out it can get hectic in peak hour.
  7. Hey all NSW central coasty getting back into listening now the kids are grown up and the pandemic keeping me close to home my first Hi-Fi purchase was back in the 90s from Bill Mclean Hi-Fi of a second hand Yammy amp and a pair of Aaron quartets that was soon upgraded to surround sound. My wife and I enjoyed this for a while till the kids started crawling and put hands into the Aaron drivers and they were locked away in the shed. Unfortunately poor storage got the better of them and they were dumped. I joined SN back in 2016 and lurked for a while researching
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