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  1. 8 ohms 130wpc so guessing it would double to 260 at 4... am I correct in assuming this Kelossus?
  2. Great speakers! You’ve got me wondering... how do I know if my amp has high current?
  3. Tried to sell this previously but no luck so up it goes again. I have just realised there is some light rust to rivets as I live in a coastal region. Purely cosmetic and does not affect operation in any way. It can be seen in photos. https://www.moon-audio.com/dragon-inspire-iha-1-tube-headphone-amp.html Exceptional sounding Dennis Had headphone amplifier that can also be used as a preamp. upgraded version with Lundahl transformers. 220v version Uses 2x6sn7 and 5y3 s rectifier. tube rollers dream. Dennis had founded CARY audio. The inspire brand is hi
  4. Get some foat on yer boat! Love a bit of Greg... and what cover art!
  5. What’s that miniature room to the left of the Lp?
  6. Is that dauner? And jimmy woode? Looks interesting. Nice TT. Bet Albert sounds schmick on that...
  7. love the sounds of Phillip catherine on the Joachim Kuhn.
  8. Sitting back enjoying these two... not at the same time😉 wendell Harrison album I think is pretty special!
  9. I concur. A very enjoyable speaker to listen to. The air motion tweeter is so pleasurable. Glws....
  10. Volker Kriegel SPECTRUM MPS BASF 1971
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