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  1. Just purchased a J 125s from eBay. in the meantime I’ve taken my lovely sansui sr 525 for a service. looking forward to the matching of the two. thanks so much for the advice cafe latte.
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply, it’s been much help. have heard the Decca gold and it’s probably the best cart i have ever heard!
  3. I noticed tracking force is quite light, would this Jico boron be ok on a medium mass arm?
  4. Unfortunately they’re out of stock but one is obtainable from eBay. these look interesting and well priced. what do you like most about this model cafe latte and what genres do you feel it excels in?
  5. Hey this sounds interesting what should I search for on the decibel site?
  6. Right off for a retip it goes then! thanks for clarifying doppelgänger. 😊
  7. I have a dynavector 20x2 sitting around needing a retip, any idea how that would go on a medium mass arm? could be a cost effective way to go.
  8. Any experience with the vessel R3SS? Or any vessels of that line up?
  9. Ok these look like overkill for the modest table Sansui sr 525. Could you recommend anything else that is $700 or under?
  10. Thankyou for the reply, I’ll look into these they sound interesting... Oh yes... budget, I think max around $700. Anyone else care to chime in ?
  11. Hi all Seeking some advice from more learned folk than I! I need to upgrade my dl 110 on a sansui sr 525 arm, the effective mass is around 16 grams for the arm. I really like the full bodied lush sound And wide soundstage of the Denon, just thinking about a cart that would give me more of what the Denon Gives me. My other table, a thorens 125 Mk II, has an ortofon cadenza blue on it and I’m digging its fast and transparent presentation. I like the Denon as a completely different Sonic presentation, on a direct drive. MC or MM is fine. phono stage is icon audio ps1.2 valve PHONO PRE. many thanks in advance
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