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  1. Hi from NZ. I have several Lenco TT's, one that I have re-plinthed in granite, an old Technics SL-1100, and a restored Gerrard 401. Amps are mainly Parasound HCA-1000's (mono bridged) and a refurbished Sansui 5000x. I also have a pile of Mission gear, including their first 3 cd players. Speakers - Mission, Image, B&W (Dm 2a, 4 and 6). Despite all the analog gear I find myself more likely listening off the computer over airplay. I guess I enjoy fiddling with the old analogue gear more than listening to it. Several DACS, phono preamps and preamps including one of Gary Morrison's original Craft C4's (before he went to Plinius). I think you could say that over the last couple of years I have gone very wide but now I am choosing what to keep and going narrower with better gear.
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