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  1. Signed on to your channel, Will – love it! I’ve been dubious about the merits of assessing sounds/products through youtube, but the difference among your different bits of gear is striking. The KWs sound pretty special, too! Can’t;t help but feel the room/floor lets you down a bit though...
  2. Item: Yamaha CT-610 Location: Sunbury Price: Free Item Condition: NW Reason for selling: Not working, not required. Payment Method: Free Extra Info: This was a nice tuner when it was operating many years ago. It was sadly damaged in transit during a house move, and has been sitting idle since. Other than scuffs, only external damage is is tuning knob shaft, such that it doesn’t sit straight. Also, it’s not showing any signal. Just thought if so one can use it, tinker with it, I’d prefer to give it away than scrap it. Pick up Sunbury. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. oh yes, I see there are two versions on Spotify. The first one listed is this:
  4. The favourite track is: Antonio Forcione - Heartbeat from the album Acoustic Revenge Just checked this album out. It’s pretty special! Love the Grapevine cover. Couldn’t see Heartbeat, though.
  5. Cafad and Terry, I’m nowhere near in the market for a $25k amp, but I really appreciate the effort of your comparisons and sharing results here. Most informative! Cheers
  6. Sure is. What a beast. One on Vintagechief going for 10000 Euros.
  7. Thanks Soundfever, that looks like a good process to go through. It never occurred to me but now that you mention it, it’s not 4k capable, so that could be the culprit.
  8. Thanks for that info. I’ve actually tried running Kodi into AV and ARC back to TV, but instead of getting the Kodi signal, I get the Marantz GUD.
  9. Dragged out a couple of old amps and just picked up the pro amp to do some comparisons with the Sunfire. Been interesting so far.
  10. Yes it does have arc. I don’t have a blue ray player but I have one of those kodi boxes, which plays many file types via usb. What I don’t understand is, if the signal from the box goes into the Marantz, how does the video component get to the tv? I have tried to set it up this way, but with no luck.
  11. Yes, I thought that might work, and i have tried that, just struggling to make it work. I’ll keep playing around and see how I go. Cheers
  12. Not so much FTA but movies played through a tv box on a usb stick, allegedly 5.1 recordings. Interesting what you say about tv setup to output mc sound. It’s not a cheap tv (sony 4k, couple of years old), but it may have reset to default setup recently, and I seem to remember I did at some stage have all channels going, though the rears were very minimal, as you mentioned. Checked TV, setup all looks good re sound output. I realise now I used optical because it only has rca and optical out, despite having 4 hdmi in. I should be able to run signal from source into receiver and then to tv, right? Not sure how this is done though; is that what the arc ports are for?
  13. Thanks; yeah, I know what placement is, just didn’t see what that would have to do with my problem. I’ll try an hdmi cable, but I was under the impression that optical would carry multi channel audio.
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