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  1. There was a Cyrus One Cast in the commercial forum about a month ago at a pretty sharp price. Its not marked as sold so it may still be available. You can find it here,
  2. I've had a set of the original Aurora 2's since around 2002. There have been a number of times I've tried to justify getting different speakers, but then I sit down and listen and think, they just sound really good. Good imaging, wide sound stage and good tonal balance. They just sort of disappear. I ran them originally on a NAD C350 (60 watt) and more recently on a 40watt Quasimodo and they performed well on both, but the Quasimodo is certainly superior. They don't need a heap of juice. Definitely would recommend giving them a try.
  3. Hi All Interested in getting people's opinions on a new streaming amp. I'm looking at consolidating my existing family room system which currently has 6 boxes (amp, tuner, cd player, Blu-ray player, Apple TV (attached to a cheap DAC) and is too complicated. At present I've got a NAD C350 amp with Adelaide Speakers with Sentinel speakers. I'm looking at getting a streaming receiver/amp with an internal DAC. I would then use the Blu-ray as a transport for CD's and get rid of the CD player, tuner and cheap DAC. Yamaha I've been seriously considering the Yama
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