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  1. Hi James I have you checked whether your Yamaha has pre-outs? Ben
  2. Hi MTsoul Thanks for the feedback. I have looked at the R-N602 and wondered whether spending the extra would be worth it. Good to hear it is working well for you. I'll have to check it out. Cheers
  3. Hi All Interested in getting people's opinions on a new streaming amp. I'm looking at consolidating my existing family room system which currently has 6 boxes (amp, tuner, cd player, Blu-ray player, Apple TV (attached to a cheap DAC) and is too complicated. At present I've got a NAD C350 amp with Adelaide Speakers with Sentinel speakers. I'm looking at getting a streaming receiver/amp with an internal DAC. I would then use the Blu-ray as a transport for CD's and get rid of the CD player, tuner and cheap DAC. Yamaha I've been seriously considering the Yamaha R-N803d. The C350 has served me well but its getting pretty long in the tooth. What I'm wondering is whether is what people think would be the performance difference between the C350 and the R-N803. I don't really want to go backwards in sound quality if possible. I'd be interested in hearing the opinions of people that may have heard them both. Or if there are other options you'd suggest I'd been keen to hear it. Budget is around $1500. Cheers, Ben
  4. Hi Paul I'm only fairly new on here and haven't had a lot of exposure to a wide range of equipment, but I've had a set of Orpheus Aurora 2 (series 1) speakers since 2001, initially driven by a NAD C350 and now a 40w Quasimodo. Over the years I've tried to justify getting new speakers, but then I sit down and listen to them again and think they are just really nice sounding, balanced speakers, with a wide variety of music. Certainly an improvement with the Quasi over the NAD though. So I would say, if you've got a chance to have a listen to the Aurora's do that, you might be pleasantly surprised. Cheers, Ben
  5. Ok, thanks for getting back to me. I was intrigued by the Creek, but I'm looking for something with digital inputs. GLWTS.
  6. Just wondering whether this includes the Ruby 2 DAC module? Thanks
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