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  1. Been hearing to the Nina's today while selecting some music for the show. I thought I was hearing to Astor's for moments in regards to bass response. Impressive bottom end for a small 2 way speaker. Beautiful speaker for sure.
  2. Here you have a picture of the 2 prototypes that we have made for measurement purpose and final crossover design. We are very happy with the end result. I promise final product photos later on. Regards Nicolas Hulgich HULGICHAUDIO
  3. LDBT stands for Low Diffraction Baffle Technology
  4. It should be D for Distraction. Thank you for the correction Regards
  5. Hello Kanyin, Unfortunately we have not been able to test our new speakers with the system that Anthony will be presenting on this occasion. I know he's very busy finishing the final details of his new preamp and his dac, and he will also presenting new amplifiers as well. In the past we have tested their amplifiers and we liked them very much. We have no doubt that their new models will sound great too and we are looking forward to try them at the show.
  6. Hi mate, Not yet unfortunately. We are still working on the samples for the show. As soon as we have them ready I'll upload some photos. Stay tune! Regards. Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  7. Hello people, Very soon we will participating once again in the international high-fidelity show in Melbourne in conjunction with Holton Audio. In this opportunity we will be presenting two new models. One of them is "Nina", a very sophisticated 2-way model. The other model is "Duke", a three-way loudspeaker that replaces our successful Astor model as our high-end model. One of our objectives in the development of both models was to bring the application of our LDBT (low diffraction diffraction technology) to the limit, to guarantee the smoothest possible frequency response on axis and in a very wide off-axis area, both horizontally and vertically. To achieve this, all the angles and all the structural elements of the speaker enclosures have been carefully examined, as well as the selection of drivers and the crossover components used. As with the Ella MKII model, the LDBT in combination with our CST (coherent sound technology) were applied in both models with the objective of improving imaging and allowing a larger soundstage compared to the conventional speaker enclosures. The speaker box simply disappears and you are wrapped in a generous and pleasant sound experience. We hope to see you soon in Melbourne. You will find us again in room 1311. Best regards. Nicolas Hulgich HULGICHAUDIO
  8. Hello everyone I take the opportunity to thank all those who have come yesterday to the presentation of the Model Ella MKII. It was a great opportunity not only to show you a little what we do but to know you personally and also discover new music that is another of my passions. I am infinitely grateful for the hospitality that Tom and his wife Ewa have given me when they received me at their home, and I also extend my thanks to Steve who is always willing to help at all times. I hope you have liked what you heard and I wish to see you all again in other opportunity and show you more of what we do. In case you require more information regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. See you next time amigos Nicolas Hulgich HULGICHAUDIO
  9. HA_Nick

    Ex Demo Serenades for Sale

    Serenade Description: http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/serenade.html Serenade Specifications: http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/serenade-specifications.html Serenade Review: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-hulgich-audio-serenade-loudspeakers
  10. HA_Nick

    Ex Demo Serenades for Sale

    Ex demo Serenade loudspeaker in piano white. This was our first Serenade model that we later modified cosmetically to eliminate the rectangular grid that hides the front port. They have only a few very small marks. One of the speakers has a small touch-up of paint in one of the speakers that can only be seen very close. For these offer we have replaced the old drivers with new ones. We also have included our CC technology (Impedance Correction Circuit) in the crossovers to make the speakers valve friendly. This technology doesn't affect those with other type of amplification. They really sound fantastic and we are selling them for $2800 aud including our 5 years guarantee for drivers and components. As a reference, the price of this new model in piano white is $ 4500 aud and including our Impedance Correction Circuit (ICC) $ 4650 aud Regards Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  11. HA_Nick

    Ex Demo Serenades for Sale

    Hi Mike, Thanks for the advice. I'll try selling them in that section. Regards. Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  12. HA_Nick

    Ex Demo Serenades for Sale

    Hi mate, Not really, it is a hard dome which has a fabric cover on top. It only looks like a soft dome which has been poked in. It is a great sounding tweeter. Cheers. Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  13. HA_Nick

    HULGICHAUDIO Sydney Demonstration 11/03/2018

    Hi Psyberpunk, You are welcome any time. When you decide to come, let me know in advance. I have no problems looking for you by the airport and will take you back to where you are staying after the demonstration.
  14. HA_Nick

    Ex Demo Serenades for Sale

    The price dropped to $2800