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  1. Item: HULGICHAUDIO MAESTRO MODEL Location: Adelaide - Andrews Farm Price: $5200 Item Condition: 9/10 Payment Method: Cash or bank transfer Local Pickup or within Australia (delivery not included in the price). Description: The Maestros's are 2 ½ way floor-standing loudspeaker. 37hz to 23 KHz / 90 dbs / 4 ohms Amazing sounding speaker with an impressive quick and punchy bass performance and an incredible midrange clarity and crystal clear highs. This new configuration allows us to increase the overall system sensitivity of the speaker to 90db which is also ideal for those with low wattage amplification. With two identical 6" midwoofer drivers, the effective radiation surface has been increased so that it surpasses that of a single 8" speaker. This allows the midwoofers to reproduce low frequencies with ease. Another benefit is that this also minimises distortion at high volume and ensures the same tonal character throughout the frequency range which ensures the listening experience is truly authentic. The Maestro cabinets have been designed with two identical internal chambers for each midwoofer driver. This allows more versatility for fine tuning the speakers to the listening room with the ability to close one or both ports if required. As a great conductor, the Maestro’s have the ability to command the most demanding pieces of music with grace and elegance. Their precise bass, mid-range naturalness and crystal-clear highs, combined with very low distortion and obsessive phase alignment between drivers, the Maestro model offers the listener an accurate, and palpable timbre reproduction. The Maestro loudspeaker has been optimised for a listening distance of 2.5 meters but in our testing, we discovered it is very forgiving and friendly to rooms of all sizes. The elegant, timeless look of this model, together with the possibility of choosing its finish, allows the Maestro model to adapt to a great variety of home decorations.
  2. HA_Nick

    $15k floorStanders?

    And we have them at the moment at $ 11.500 aud. Regards. Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  3. HA_Nick

    $15k floorStanders?

    http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/ella.html Won "Best Sound Overall"at last year Stereonet International Show.
  4. HA_Nick

    New Nina & Duke speakers at the show

    They look and sound pretty good!
  5. HA_Nick

    New Nina & Duke speakers at the show

    Lets see what we can do in the future. Some Australian audio equipment are on par and in many cases sound better than some mega dollars International audio systems I have heard in the last 3 years. And I have heard a lot of them.
  6. HA_Nick

    New Nina & Duke speakers at the show

    What I explained you before is just a basic idea of what we do when we design a new model. It is much more technical and more complex than what I had explained you, but at least you have a general idea of what we do.
  7. HA_Nick

    New Nina & Duke speakers at the show

    Hi Gieseler, Thank you for contacting us. You should have presented yourself at the show as I've heard very good things about your dac. I would like to organise something in Queensland to show the speakers and could be a great idea to do so using your dacs. In regards to the speakers, they sounded good at the show but the room limited somehow how good they can sound in a home environment room. It was a bit small for the bass extension of the Duke's which exited the room if playing low sounding tracks. But at least we manage to show a little bit of what our gear (including HOLTON AUDIO gear) is capable of. The Duke and the Nina loudspeakers has been designed using our in-house technologies developed for all our previous models such as LDBT (Low Diffraction Baffle Technology) and CST (Coherent Sound Technology). The LDB technology gives a minimal baffle diffraction and therefore the new Duke have a smooth frequency response not just on-axis, but also off-axis with a smooth power response. As a result you will experience a non-fatiguing sound complimented by a huge sweet spot and a large soundstage. The CST technology is a combination of other technologies. Better explained in our Technology section of our website: http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/technologies.html For both models we selected the SBacoustic Satori drivers which are the top of the line driver from this company. They are extremely detail drivers with the lowest distortion levels of any driver we have measured so far ( and we have tested very so call high end drivers). Measurements is a big part of the success of our speaker. With measurements we can select the best frequency response a driver is capable of without distortion. Without proper measurements that's impossible to know. With measurements we chose the proper box size for each driver, the dispersion of each driver and the optimum distance the drivers should be from each other. With all that information collected and the impedance of the drivers in the final box, we commence designing the first xover. Phase integration is the key to get a coherent sound from a speaker. Each driver have to follow the other before and after the xover point for a very extended frequency. That way you won't heat tweeter, midrange and woofer as separate sources of music. You produce a one source of sound reaching to your ears. Even though measurements give us an idea of the tonal balance of a system, it has to be later fine tuned by ear (voicing of a speaker). The level of transparency, the ability to resolve micro-details, the speed of the bass, etc., cannot be derived from measurements, and that is why our loudspeakers have been thoroughly auditioned to achieve an optimum balance and a sense of listening ease.
  8. We were to stay until 7 pm in the room doing private demonstrations (please no misunderstandings) and we sold one of Anthony's power amps, the Dukes, and almost all the interconnects and speaker cables that we had available. We can't complain.
  9. I would like to thank all those who have visited us in room 1311, I was fortunate to partner with Antony Holton and achieve great sound with his amplifiers. Our speakers sounded remarkably well, although sometimes our larger model could not expose its full potential in a small room. The Nina model also produced a great sound, but its image was not the best, since it was very laborious to move the Dukes from their position, but that decision allowed us to exchange from one system to another without major inconveniences. In general, we are very happy with the results and we hope to form a team in the future with Hulton Audio, since all together they worked without problems and setbacks. A special mention and thanks to Aaron Reynolds of Vero Vero Audio for the use of The Metrum Jade DAC. Also a big thank you to Marc Rushton and his great team for the organization of the Show. I do not even want to think about the amount of time and effort invested in organizing such an event. Very grateful for giving us the opportunity to show what we love to do.
  10. Hi mate, The new model sounds in some way very similar to that of Astor. But the new Satori drivers have brought a bit more transparency, especially in the mid-range. In size, the Dukes are a little more compact than the Astor's and their shape provides a very smooth and flat frequency response. We are very happy with the end result and we hope that they sound good in our room. Please come a visit us at the show.
  11. Been hearing to the Nina's today while selecting some music for the show. I thought I was hearing to Astor's for moments in regards to bass response. Impressive bottom end for a small 2 way speaker. Beautiful speaker for sure.
  12. Here you have a picture of the 2 prototypes that we have made for measurement purpose and final crossover design. We are very happy with the end result. I promise final product photos later on. Regards Nicolas Hulgich HULGICHAUDIO
  13. LDBT stands for Low Diffraction Baffle Technology
  14. It should be D for Distraction. Thank you for the correction Regards
  15. Hello Kanyin, Unfortunately we have not been able to test our new speakers with the system that Anthony will be presenting on this occasion. I know he's very busy finishing the final details of his new preamp and his dac, and he will also presenting new amplifiers as well. In the past we have tested their amplifiers and we liked them very much. We have no doubt that their new models will sound great too and we are looking forward to try them at the show.