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  1. Hello folks, If things go as planned, we'll soon be in some places in Australia. We'll notify you when everything is ready. Greetings Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  2. No worries, I’ll be waiting kind regards Nick
  3. I like your system. Is very balanced in all areas. Congratulations.
  4. And forgot to mention it cost arounf $52 us with a 30%discount at the moment for their latest version 3.5
  5. Hi Steve, There is an option to listen to MQA that it may be cheaper. You can Install Audirvana on either a Mac or PC and it will allow you to play your Tidal music including MQA format. That's the way I do it to control the music from my HD and Tidal and it works fantastic. Cheers. Nick
  6. Hi mate, Unfortunately don't for the moment. Hopefully one day soon. Cheers Nick
  7. Always looking for new songs to test the speakers. Best regards. Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  8. Hi Brunno77, Thank heaps for creating that list. I just added to my Tidal selection. Best regards. Nick HULGICHAUDIO
  9. The Image I uploaded was showing the Albums and Artist but not the song names. I will correct it and promise to share it again Regards
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