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  1. In my experience, the REL subs are best for music rather than HT as they are very nimble, but don't tend to rumble for the big film soundtracks... If music takes priority, I reckon this would pair beautifully with your LS50...
  2. ElDuderino

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Also, I know it's spoken for, but I'd take Sea Change as a local if the postage thing falls through (in reference to Dave O)))'s post)
  3. ElDuderino

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Astral Weeks (studio version) and Dark Was The Night please...
  4. ElDuderino

    FS: Vinyl Records for Sale

    Gotta be quick to pick up a RLJ disc! Both are cracking records...nice pickup [emoji846]
  5. Thanks for that Lucius, yeah I read that a few weeks ago. There are definitely some conflicting opinions. Probably the main message I got from it was that if you can switch the amp to mono, you're good to go... unfortunately i don't have that option. I'd definitely be interested if I was sure to get a delicious sound...
  6. Noob question I guess, but can anyone advise as to how these would play on a stereo cart with no mono switch on the amp? Thanks in advance
  7. Can I please have all Amon Duul 2 as well as Relics? PM coming up. Cheers
  8. ElDuderino

    SOLD: FS: Speaker Stands

    I'll put my hand up for second in line if it falls through...
  9. Apologies for derailing...Some cracking vinyl for sale here, GLWTS [emoji846]
  10. [mention=130173]hlov[/mention] Yep, agree, very powerful indeed... John Bonham is the drummer, however, not John Paul Jones [emoji848] I think you mean Stairway to Heaven, rather than "the song of hope"
  11. Um, I might be missing something here, but Bonzo playing the piano in No Quarter?? No, that doesn't happen... Best version of that tune, though...and one of the greatest guitar solos of all time
  12. Hi b@ndicoot, do they come with the stands?
  13. ElDuderino

    SOLD: FS: $99 Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear V1

    Do you have a postage cost to Melbourne? Cheers
  14. ElDuderino

    Howdy all

    Thanks for the warm welcomes guys.
  15. ElDuderino

    Howdy all

    Haha, thanks. Not like I need my arm twisted either! Yipes...