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  1. Great pickup...absolute bargain [emoji106]
  2. Can I also add Big Bill Broonzy please spidey?
  3. King bee and Genius Sings the Blues for me please Jim [emoji106]
  4. Can I please have the Prince record and Abbey Road?
  5. Oh, and Dark Side [emoji106]
  6. Can I have midnight blue, Wes Montgomery, purple rain and Something Else please?
  7. I'll take it. [emoji106]
  8. ElDuderino

    SOLD: FS: Mission 754F (freedom) Speakers

    So, have they been bought?
  9. Looks like an ebonised oak/ash finish to me... [emoji848]
  10. ElDuderino

    SOLD: FS: 8 Vinyl Albums for sale

    Lemme guess...zippi?
  11. In my experience, the REL subs are best for music rather than HT as they are very nimble, but don't tend to rumble for the big film soundtracks... If music takes priority, I reckon this would pair beautifully with your LS50...
  12. ElDuderino

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Also, I know it's spoken for, but I'd take Sea Change as a local if the postage thing falls through (in reference to Dave O)))'s post)
  13. ElDuderino

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Astral Weeks (studio version) and Dark Was The Night please...
  14. ElDuderino

    FS: Vinyl Records for Sale

    Gotta be quick to pick up a RLJ disc! Both are cracking records...nice pickup [emoji846]