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  1. Item: schiit freya preamp tube Price Range: 800 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  2. The Yggy with a2 board and unison is stunning. All down to taste really. I’ve owned or heard nearly all there dacs. Yggy is top of the line for a reason especially ran balanced . As I said each to there own just reporting my experiences.
  3. Item: schiit audio freya Price Range: 5-700 depending on if its tube model or solid state Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  4. I had some records from the us go to Mexico and they are still there not moving. the seller was nice enough to refund me. shipping at the moment is just insanely a roll of the dice from both the UK and US.
  5. I personally don't take much importance in measurements . If my ears like what they hear that's all I need. Always have a Liston before buying I reckon don't let numbers coloraturas your judgment . Does the gear sound good to you, if it does its a no brainer measurements or no measurements.
  6. I own a Yggdrasil dac and mjolnir 2 amp, there absolutely superb . I challenge many to find better price to performance . Also the benefit that most of there components are now modular and can be upgraded with new dac cards usb cards etc. They are very unique in the market place. Also there after sales service is fantastic email schiit or addicted to audio, there australian distributors any issues are remedied quickly. I just love my schiit.
  7. Yes know all about it not spending over 700 on a record weight. I've already got my new one for which I'm super happy with
  8. these are back on the market after buyer changed his mind I also have some other Robinson cables not listed for sale pm me
  9. my Robinson audio cables are back on the market after buyer backed out after committing I also have some others not listed for sale pm me for details
  10. im replacing it with this https://www.analogueseduction.net/vpi-upgrades-parts-accessories/vpi-hr-x-center-record-weight.html. just wanted bit more weight boy its a nice record weight. yes I have the ultradeck I absolutely love it.
  11. .75 metre audioquest carbon USB cable has a lovely sound, no box shipped as is no condition issues.
  12. for sale Robertson audio cables of old hand made PURE SILVER - SYMMETRICAL Unbalanced RCA Interconnect Cables (Ruby Range) 1000mm These are great sounding cables built like a tank . My copy comes with grounding cable attached for use with turntables Im only selling mine as I loved them so much I bought to many for my needs Hand polished 99.9% solid silver core signal feed & return/earth, soft annealed 24 AWG (.5mm Dia.) Solid core to eliminate Skin Effect. Silver conductivity unaffected by oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity
  13. Handmade PURE SILVER - Balanced XLR Interconnect Cables by Robertsons audio cables in qld I love these cables there incredible sounding and build quality is as solid as you can get. I just bought to many of them so im letting some go. Hand polished 99.9% solid core silver, soft annealed 24 AWG (.5mm Dia.) solid core to eliminate Skin Effect. Silver conductivity unaffected by oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy. Designed with minimal capacitance level to reduce attenuation of higher frequencies giving music a completely ne
  14. up for sale 2 AUDIOQUEST GOLDEN GATE RCA CABLEs 2 metres in length each no box shipped as is, shipping included australia wide your basically getting 2 for the price of 1 new..
  15. These lc-1s are legendary for there low capacitance . They reject noise like no other in a unbalanced cable . these are 3 feel. shipping included in price..
  16. Up for sale is the new upgraded IFI I Power 15watt version c/w various barrel plugs this power supply is lower noise than the original any other questions please drop me a line
  17. Selling my mofi record weight for no other reason than I wanted a heavier weight This fantastic record weight works with all non threaded spindles but compliments mofi own turntable range also. It brings deeper bass, better tracking and lowers noise. here is more info on the weight https://www.mofi.com/Super-Heavyweight-Record-Weight-p/mfeshw.htm I throw in shipping anywhere in australia to whoever buys it
  18. They just bought out an amazing phono stage that can directly power elac turntables via its own clean power supply. I have it it’s a fantastic sounding phono stage.
  19. funny thing I discovered my bottom shelf was ever so slightly not straight.. easy fix I just put a bit of felt under one of my dac feet it was ok. just not great that everything isn't square and even.. interesting choice going with casters.
  20. import taxes into australia are 10% gst if its not collected by the seller chances are before releasing it you will have to pay it to Australia Post
  21. there deal is what made me pull the trigger also.. its a really lovely piece of furniture to.. these racks can go for silly money. im thrilled with mine.. just a tip assemble your near where it will live when assembled its pretty heavy.
  22. have no idea sorry id measure them for u alas bit hard with all my gear in the rack. the things very heavy. can't see it mentioned on their website either.
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