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  1. Item: stand alone cd sacd player. needs to have balanced outputs Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: just throwing it out there to see if anyone has anything 500-1000 budget must have balanced XLR outs as my whole system is balanced top to bottom
  2. Decided to get a onyko streamer that fits in more with my system
  3. I have 2 actually its a fraction over your 800 dollar budget but the mobile fidelity ultra tracker is a lovely cart I own the master tracker myself just loving it, there made by audio technical's by a mobile fidelity design the other is the audio technical's vm750sh an absolute bargain which can be had for about 550 sounds very open, dynamic and has wonder reach into the highs and bass as well
  4. Hi I bought this node on the weekend from a fellow snr. I have changed my mind and decided to go in another direction for my streaming needs. has everything included + an optical cable free shipping anywhere in australia now being in lockdown absolutely no pickups sorry
  5. I don't use it on mine, its absolutely your choice.
  6. what I don't like about the okki nokki is the platter is for the whole record. so when your turn the record over your spreading any muck that's dropped from the dirty side of the record. That's why I went project recently there's only covers the label.
  7. all good news sounds like I made the rite decision
  8. I have the same one it’s brilliant.
  9. exactly, your really just using the node as an interface to your files.
  10. well that's what im hoping the get the qualities of my yggdrasil dac rather than the nodes internal sound
  11. great.. I intend to use it with my iPad.. ive worked out im going to throw a gas drive for use with it rather than a usb one..
  12. I have about 650gb of hi res files.. I want to plug a tb ssd in the back of a box output digitally to my hi end dac and control said files from an iPad app.
  13. bit above my budget but if you could sneak it under 500 id be interested.
  14. just checked it out.. usb hard drive usage check.. but no ability to output a digital signal to my dac so it won't work but thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Item: streamer which can play hi res from usb drive Price Range: 4-500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I want to free my dac from being plugged into my computer. So I am after a streamer that can sit in my hifi rack with a SSD plugged in. I want to be able to either control it via a touch screen or an app on a iPad. But it must be able to play hi res music from a hard drive and have optical and or coaxial digital outputs to plug into my external dac.
  16. I use these https://www.selby.com.au/brands/isoacoustics/isoacoustics-orea-bronze-component-isolator-single.html. there terrific well built and heavy duty really make a difference.
  17. lovely cartridge I had one on my last table, can't recommend highly enough.
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