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  1. that doesn't say that all it says is it doesn't output dsd, if you read my earlier comments I always said it outputted 24/88 PCM from sacd discs. So it actually does output sacd just not DSD naitivlly which was never implied. It does an internal conversion but its still hi res and frankly sounds amazing.
  2. Here for sale is the nagaoka mp150 moving magnet cartridge It has the mp200 stylus on it, which upgrades its performance to that model with this stylus change stylus has less than 10 hrs on it. Shipping included australia wide with tracking
  3. for sale zerostat antistatic gun for removing static from your records postage included australia wide no pickups due to lockdown shipped with tracking no
  4. One last Robertson cable to move its a 600mm pure silver ruby phono interconnect extremely nice sounding and build quality is extremely high price is firm and includes shipping australia wide absolutely no pickups due to lockdown
  5. Audioquest perch headphone stand, bit heavy and well built suits even big bulky headphones such as audeze headphones $15 shipping anywhere in australia with tracking absolutely no pickups due to lockdown
  6. 600mm XLR to RCA robertsons audio cable fantastic cable its pure silver to $5 shipping anywhere in australia no pickups due to lockdown shipped with tracking
  7. 3 metre audio quest usb a-b cable 5$ postage anywhere in australia absolutely no pickups due to lockdown
  8. Mine was perfect all stock is guaranteed HiFi disposals was written up on this very site that's how I heard about them.
  9. When your playing sacd it’s clearly labeled saCd when yr playing a CD it says CD so you have no worries there.
  10. not sure there is anything akin to a sacd only disc. If there is I don't have one. Again I reiterate. The player clearly says on the screen when its playing a cd or sacd. When playing the SACD it outputs 24 bit 88khz. It isn't available as default you have to set the player to not downsample from the disc. That may be how Arcam are getting around it
  11. no it clearly says sacd layer as its playing . in the settings to do this you have to select "no downsampling" default layer sacd. there is absolutely no upsampling as a normal rebook cd comes out 16 44.1 and is clearly marked cd .. its because of this feature I bought it. its almost non existent elsewhere, but it is what it is. For that im very thankful
  12. so I can confirm output via digital is 24bit 88khz
  13. definitely outputs hires pcm from the sacd layer. ive tested that myself via the optical output
  14. converts to pcm then outputs via digital, the output is 24 bit its not downsampled just converted. it doesn't effect sound quality at all. the internal docs sound great. its better than no sacd digital output at all, which is the case with nearly all players. I have mine outputting to my external dac via optical. Couldn't be happier with its sound.
  15. I have one you can buy off me pm me to discuss
  16. yes it does, the sound is wonderfull. you can even plug a hard drive of Flac files in the back its very flexible . im thrilled with mine.
  17. I bought one of these beauties yesterday they retail for 1600 He is selling demo units for 900 One of the highest spec sacd players out there complete with balanced output as well. Except for the tiniest mark on the case the condition was unbelievable. The player sounds great easily the best sounding CD player Ive owned
  18. I let the guy with the wanted add know about this
  19. Found an arcam sacd in a scratch and dent sale very happy camper. Price was fantastic
  20. My favourite cans by a fair margin unbelievable price
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