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  1. blonde moment yes the Yggdrasil .. someone sold one could of weeks ago on here for 2k that was a great deal
  2. I have the ragnorok dac, id love to have the matching amp but sadly this isn't the best time for me.
  3. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: if you have any Paul mccartney or Beatles uk pressing yd like to offload drop me a line.. condition has to be excellent though not after anything beaten up
  4. if your first call doesn't take it ill go 2nd in line to take it
  5. I’ll grab that thanks. If u have any other paul stuff for sale let me know I’m a big collector
  6. the elac is amazing for the money the r15 really isn't comparable as its not balanced, its bigger brother the r35 is more compatible on spec but you have to pay over 2 grand for it. guess it depends if having xor's is important to you. on the elac they have more gain, more dynamic and better sound stage. but if you dont have a balanced amp its probably overkill.
  7. mark me down for where ever I am I can pay straight away no waiting.
  8. is this sold? if not id take it.. no sold sign so thought id ask
  9. I think it was rubbish sales tactic. It can still be had for 1699. I’m loving mine i run it balanced with my mofi ultradeck. Absolutely no complaints. It’s definitely at its best balanced.
  10. ive had a pair of these for a long time but thanks anyway
  11. you put in a feature like that can't see it being an oversight .you dont have to software update it if you won't want to totally up to you. the players been around a couple of years if it was an oversight it would of been caught by now. I did software update mine to the latest version its still working great.. I did an a/b test today playing out the balanced xlr inputs I have to say the internal dac is really superb to I could barely tell a difference between it and my external one.
  12. could always email hifi disposals ask if he is getting any more in
  13. price and the feature that it outputs hires from sacd makes it unbeatable so im not surprised.. what still surprises me is its not mentioned in the manual at all. its just written up as yes it can output pcm but no mention of the 24/88 output maybe they sneaked it by the licensing or got permission on the basis they didn't put it in the manual , whatever the case, it was quite a find. Even at 1600 compared to others in the market its a very compelling device. It even has balanced XLR outputs which is unheard of at its price point.
  14. did you end up getting one as I see there sold out
  15. I know some members were interested in seeing the sacd digital output playing a sacd then what the days playing so click on the link just for those who don't know the schiit yggdrasil sample rate in the video refers to 2x44khz is obviously 24/88.2 to be precise anything 16 bit is 1x 44.1 obviously . That is being fed via optical to my dac with no downsampling selected in the menu . sacd digital out
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