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  1. I don't have an ananda but would a hifiman edition x v2 in tip top condition be of any interest.
  2. Item: PI2AES raspberry pi audio device Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: used Extra Info: Id really like to acquire one of these already constructed don't care if its used also must come with a power supply if you have one drop me a line.
  3. sorry I don't quite understand what your asking? are you asking how does the upgraded Mac sound playing cd's?
  4. no I have my own unit here bought the board from the Schiit USA shipped it to australia and my mate who is very clever with electronics installed it for me.
  5. bought it from Schiit USA mate who's a electronics genius installed it for me
  6. I've used all the inputs on my this new unison board beats them all. BNC coax optical the works its that good.
  7. Just thought id throw this out there. I upgraded the USB in the Yggdrasil to the new unison USB board, from the gen 1 board. Its a fantastic upgrade , less digital, wider sound stage , more linearity . Just sounds fantastic and most of all its less taxing and more pleasurable . Schiit really have nailed it with this implementation of USB.
  8. cheers ordered one straight away, my current stand isn't high enough so it drags the plugs this will be perfect.
  9. stands awesome what brand model is it, id love to look one up for myself? I have the hex v2's myself an outstanding headphone at 750 is crazy steal.
  10. loving the show.. it was definitely shot in 4k, but I am assuming that is being saved for a 4k HDR physical media release.
  11. Item: IFI SPDIF Ipurfier Location: melbourne Price: 149 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: upgrading my dac to new usb board won't need this any more Payment Method: PayPal $5 ship anywhere in aus Extra Info: The purifier is a great product I have one on my CD players and my dac. They clean up spdif and give a clean dynamic sound that is wonderful. there are plenty of glowing reviews online. https://darko.audio/2016/09/ifi-spdif-ipurifier-entry-level-pricing-next-level-results/
  12. Item: Schiit Audio EITR USB to Coax converter Location: Melbourne Price: 150 Item Condition: excellent see pictures Reason for selling: Just bought a new Unison USB board for my Yggdrasil dec so this is no longer needed Payment Method: PayPal $5 ship to anywhere in australia Extra Info: The Eitr is basically a USB Gen 5 board in an external enclosure . Its greatly improved the sound of my gen 1 Yggdrasil Dac now its time to move it on as I am about to install the new USB board in my Mac that will render this box superfluous to my needs.
  13. Item: Shiit audio WYRD USB Decrapifier Location: Melbourne Price: 100 Item Condition: excellent see pictures Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: PayPal Extra Info: This unit cleans up usb , gives cleaner blacker backgrounds ship australia wide $5 c/w power brick
  14. I agree. give it end of the year maybe 1000-1100 I don't think they'll sell at 1599
  15. how the new ones fold up is very clever making them far more flexible . just wish they weren't 1599 . I think that's a tad steep
  16. I know addicted to audio don't but just looked at mini disc and I stand corrected good luck.. think you will need it probably only a handful of people have them yet.. its a headphone im definitely looking at as a second pair for home doubling as my portables they look real nice.
  17. can't even get them in australia yet.
  18. +1 greatly improves the sound of my 1st gen yggdrasil usb also they have stopped making these now, absolute bargain.
  19. Item: ORTOFON 2m Bronze MM cartridge (As new) Location: melbourne Price: 350 Item Condition: as new brand new stylus installed never used Reason for selling: prefer MC carts Payment Method: PayPal $5 shipping to anywhere Extra Info: ORTOFON 2m Bronze MM cartridge (As new) new stylus installed c/w head shell head shell has a bit of wear from screwing the cart in but cart is immaculate . I can also include the old stylus which has about 150 hrs on it also. Your getting 2 for one. Plays fine to.
  20. Item: interested in any vacuum record cleaner Price Range: 4-500 tops Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: any brand no preference automatic or manual
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