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  1. 19 minutes ago, cafe67 said:

    Added IsoAcoustic ISO-pucks to my U/D today. But more substantial than the HRS feet - though I didn’t  have complaints about them. The bass seems to “tightened” up a bit. 



    interesting move, doesn't not having height adjustability present issues.

  2. Item Condition: excellent small scribble on inner cover
    Shipping Options: Shipping is available at agreed cost.
    Suburb or Town: hawthorn east
    State: VIC
    Payment Method: paypal
    Reason for selling: NLR

    great Charles mingus concert 3lp America records pressing Europe pressing


  3. Item Condition: excellent no issues
    Shipping Options: Shipping is available at agreed cost.
    Suburb or Town: hawthorn east
    State: VIC
    Payment Method: paypal
    Reason for selling: just bought the analogue productions pressing

    The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady 2015 us pressing sounds great 33rpm gatefold 


  4. 2 hours ago, RNWau said:

    There are a few TT brands out there that have a bit of hit and miss in build quality, but when you get a good ‘un, it’s worth it!

    true just unfortunate my first stab at the ultra deck was a bit underwhelming though, the new one is perfect in everyday though, it literally is like a v2. everything that was wrong in my first example is 100% correct here. kudos to mofi for looking after me.


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  5. 3 hours ago, cafe67 said:

    I bought and waited for later (u/d and m/t) unit than buy a “older” shop demo for a good price.  It was my understanding that rubber “feet” on the dust cover appeared on later models 🤔


    although its expensive , i also bought the Mofi weight which I find makes a positive effect on the sound. 

    My original didn't have the feet and it scratched the finish off, my new later one , the finish the tolerances are so so much better, although it was distressing how the original didn't live unto expectations, the fact they gave me a new one more than made up for it. its frankly a far better deck than what I had.

  6. In may I bought a MOFI Ultradeck with Mastertracker. In the intervieeening months it started developing issues. Firstly the dust cover didn't have rubber stoppers as it should. The finish on the outside of the desk was inconsistent and started flaking off. I had motor noise. It was setup properly either. The corner of the front was bent. So I sent it back after a few weeks they sent me a brand new deck.


    Here is where it gets interesting. This ultra deck is night and day better than the first. Everything is tighter, tolerances are perfect. Everything fits better. The tonearm is more fluid. Motor noise is now non existent , no hum . So I was in communication with MOFI in the states through this. My new deck is like a ultradeck V2, it has many improvements , including the ones mentioned. So if anyone is considering buy a MOFI try to get a later manufactured one, they are so so much better. I think my new one sounds better to. It was quite a task to get this swapped during lockdown, but I am glad I did. At its price point it should be perfect and now I am happy to say it finally is.

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  7. Hi just looking for a bit of advise.

    I have just taken delivery of a pair of hifiman he1000 v2's . Id really like to get a pure silver balanced cable to replace the stock one with

    Does anyone have an idea where I could get one in australia at a price that won't break the bank and sounds and performs well.

    I would like to eek out as much performance from these as I can but I dont want to spend silly amounts of money, considering the investment in the headphones themselves.

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