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  1. true just unfortunate my first stab at the ultra deck was a bit underwhelming though, the new one is perfect in everyday though, it literally is like a v2. everything that was wrong in my first example is 100% correct here. kudos to mofi for looking after me.
  2. My original didn't have the feet and it scratched the finish off, my new later one , the finish the tolerances are so so much better, although it was distressing how the original didn't live unto expectations, the fact they gave me a new one more than made up for it. its frankly a far better deck than what I had.
  3. In may I bought a MOFI Ultradeck with Mastertracker. In the intervieeening months it started developing issues. Firstly the dust cover didn't have rubber stoppers as it should. The finish on the outside of the desk was inconsistent and started flaking off. I had motor noise. It was setup properly either. The corner of the front was bent. So I sent it back after a few weeks they sent me a brand new deck. Here is where it gets interesting. This ultra deck is night and day better than the first. Everything is tighter, tolerances are perfect. Everything fits better. The tonearm is more
  4. the not to late looks like a classic records press, if so im very interested, pm me to chat
  5. In the federal treasurers seat I get constant 100mbit download speeds via nbn HFC
  6. yeah if there ulm telefunkan's from early 60s im super interested also
  7. I have the he1000 v2 the better and more powerful the amp the better it scales up. Its like adding more meat to its bones. I run mine balanced as well which really gets the best out of them. It opens them up heaps.
  8. I just upgraded to the h1000 v2 also no regrets either stunning headphone.
  9. this will update fine to iOS 14 https://buy.mazumamobile.com.au/ipad-air-2-wifi-only checked the compatibility list https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/ipad/ipados-14-release-date-new-features-3779723/
  10. https://buy.mazumamobile.com.au/ipad-air-wifi-only
  11. Item: balanced XLR cable for hifiman he1000 V2 Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for something better than the stock xlr balanced cable to get the best out of my he1000 headphones especially interested in a silver dragon or equivalent
  12. Hi just looking for a bit of advise. I have just taken delivery of a pair of hifiman he1000 v2's . Id really like to get a pure silver balanced cable to replace the stock one with Does anyone have an idea where I could get one in australia at a price that won't break the bank and sounds and performs well. I would like to eek out as much performance from these as I can but I dont want to spend silly amounts of money, considering the investment in the headphones themselves.
  13. to sweeten up the deal further. I am including at no extra cost a moon audio silver dragon 4pin XLR cable at no extra cost. Its worth over 300 dollars and makes a huge improvement further to the headphone.
  14. I've owned the lcd2. Edition x is much more open sound signiture,is far more comfortable and lighter on the head.
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