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  1. I have the UltraDeck to myself I definitely concur 2grams is the sweet spot anything under 2grams I get miss tracking. I have the master tracker version the cart definitely improves with burnin . Im loving mine how's yours going. I paired mine with the new elac ppa-e pre amp stunning combo.. so exciting when you get a new setup playing through your collection and hearing it in ways you didn't before.
  2. Item: schiit freya preamp Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: if u have one drop me a line keen to buy.. im happy with either freya model
  3. There were a couple listed for sale few days ago.
  4. no this is my first conditioner. the PowerStation.
  5. After a lot of scepticism I this week introduced an IFI PowerStation power conditioner into my system. The upgrade in sound from this thing is no subtle its huge. The noise floor on my records is nearly zero so quiet . I never thought that power conditioning my setup would do much at all. I also swapped out all my power cables for IsoTek cables to which I think has also contributed to my results. I always knew my power was rubbish in my house but one can't know the difference until you have tried it. Even my dac sounds less clinical and more engaging .My other interesting finding is I am getting more detail and clarity at lower volumes .great product, Im a convert
  6. Up for sale is my record doctor 6 machine. do not get this confused with the 5 . it is carbon fibre and metal where as the 5 was all wood. This is a manual machine but performs really really well.. It comes with a bottle of record doctor cleaning fluid not used. a bag or replacement felt cleaning strips Ive only had it a couple of months I bought it new for 480. Only reason I am parting with it is because I was able to get a project automatic machine. any questions drop me a line.
  7. Item: 2 shielded ice power cables Price Range: negotiable but im not looking for something in the hundreds ofd dollars. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: just taken delivery of my new analogue system and would like to replace the standard iec power cables with something heavily shielded , to provide the juice..
  8. I believe it was a couple of years before I bought it. the current cart I had installed professionally a couple of months ago. its probably had maybe 30hrs on it..
  9. of course they will my point was more about the synergy of the actual cart that's built with this deck in mind.
  10. the master tracker evidently is amazing, and its built for the deck.. I originally was getting the ultra but I thought what the heck, im told its a great upgrade.
  11. This is my Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB . It has a Audio Technica VM750SH cart which has under 50hrs on it. The cart is lovely and one of my favourite mm carts ive ever used. The cart itself is worth 650 dollars so grab a bargain here. here is a review of the turntable https://www.whathifi.com/au/pro-ject/2xperience-sb/review To give some background I bought it off here last year and its been fantastic. But I had the opportunity to move up the ladder so I did. The cart was professionally installed at klapp av. I also have spare counterweights for lighter carts if that's where your needs tastes go, which I will throw in. Except for some minor wear on the dust cover its in really good condition. Due to the fact I don't have the box this is for pickup only in hawthorn east melbourne. any questions don't hesitate to drop me a line.
  12. its like waiting for the stork to bring your baby haha ive heard only great things about it, how quiet and musical it is. Read one review said its the highest performing deck under 5k which was a big call.
  13. just bought an UltraDeck/master tracker combo taking delivery on Tuesday .. how do you find yours?
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