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  1. HI I have a sold steel hifi rack . I want to put casters on my rack to make it more mobile. Has anyone any idea what the thread size on soldsteel racks are for casters? Has anyone done this before and know of some good casters that have worked well for them?
  2. I love the master tracker , I can't imagine putting another cart on mine, the synergy is first class.
  3. I have the exact setup, I love it so much, someone would have to prise it out my hands its that good.😜
  4. Item: Norah Jones Classic records come away with me 4LP 45rpm Price Range: 450 dollar region depending on condition may go higher Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  5. its insanely good by far the best pressing ever of this lp.. if you ever wanna do a trade I have a music on vinyl pressing all analogue Id be more than happy to let go off. I also have a minis black saint and sinner lady analogue pressing im willing to part with as I just got the analogue productions press of it.
  6. interesting move, doesn't not having height adjustability present issues.
  7. The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady 2015 us pressing sounds great 33rpm gatefold
  8. true just unfortunate my first stab at the ultra deck was a bit underwhelming though, the new one is perfect in everyday though, it literally is like a v2. everything that was wrong in my first example is 100% correct here. kudos to mofi for looking after me.
  9. My original didn't have the feet and it scratched the finish off, my new later one , the finish the tolerances are so so much better, although it was distressing how the original didn't live unto expectations, the fact they gave me a new one more than made up for it. its frankly a far better deck than what I had.
  10. In may I bought a MOFI Ultradeck with Mastertracker. In the intervieeening months it started developing issues. Firstly the dust cover didn't have rubber stoppers as it should. The finish on the outside of the desk was inconsistent and started flaking off. I had motor noise. It was setup properly either. The corner of the front was bent. So I sent it back after a few weeks they sent me a brand new deck. Here is where it gets interesting. This ultra deck is night and day better than the first. Everything is tighter, tolerances are perfect. Everything fits better. The tonearm is more
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