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  1. Here is the very rare and out of print MOFI pressing of Carole Kings tapestry My copy hasn't seen a lot of play and has been stored sleeved whilst in my collection all corners are sharp this edition is numbered 6812
  2. Further information: For sale 2 lp 45 RPM mobile fidelity pressing of kind of blue . Box is pretty much flawless, records are the same , this box is numbered 13501 Photos:
  3. Further information: c/w box all original filters, certificate, box , case , original cable + 3rd party balanced XLR cable Free express shipping any questions please drop me a line.
  4. Hi I am about to move house. I just wondered if people could share their experiences of what containers or boxes they used for moving. Id prefer a container as they can be stacked in the moving truck, where as I don't really want boxes of LP's stacked as weight being on them is never a great things. If you know of a good product please share, id really appreciate it.
  5. what are you upgrading to? I have the same can . I absolutely love mine.
  6. its fantastic, recorded in Paris so has quite a different sound to Rudy van Gelder ones. enjoy
  7. I have that player, its a great choice even does hi res out over optical which is very unique to a sacd player.
  8. usb and analogue boards are 2 different things analogue board 1 and 2 usb unison , usb version 5 etc
  9. Thanks to all who replied I now have someone to fix it for me.👍
  10. Hi I have a lovely balanced lavricable cable for my he1000 v2 one of the 3.5mm connectors has shorted out and is no longer working. Is there someone I could send it to locally who could take a look at it and fix whatever the issue is paid of course. any recommendations No I don't really want to ship them back to Europe for repair to much hassle
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