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  1. Thanks for this. When playing, I do shift them both forward and toe-in slightly. Just keeping them out of the way of the kids when not in use. I think the front port on the Triangles helps slightly with the positioning.
  2. So, finally settled on the Triangle Esprit Antal EZ and the NAD C 388 all slightly under my budget. Extremely happy with the speakers and found that they matched really well with the NAD amp - better than what I auditioned them with. White wasn't my first choice, but couldn't go past them for the price. I aim to get the turntable up higher once i can extend the cable for the phono amp, thigh I may not bother. It's the start of the journey and can't wait to continue upgrading. Thanks so much for all the advice
  3. Sorry, that was a photo from the replacement external cord that i found on the web. My cable is far shorter. I think the phono amp is the best option along with some new, high-end RCAs from the types you suggested. I have an NAD PP-1 pre-amp which isn't amazing, but isn't terrible either. It gives far more cable reach.
  4. Yeah, I'm just worried I may stuff it up given my limited soldering experience. I'm also not confident of getting the part in Australia
  5. This is a photo of it. Clearly requires soldering, which would be finicky given the internal wires are short and fine. Can't seem to find any availability in Australia.
  6. You're quite right. I've just found some instructions for an aftermarket upgrade of the Rega Planar RB220 tonearm (which is on mine) and the RCA cable and it appears to be plugged into the base. I'll need to pull the base cover off to have a look
  7. Thanks for all the advice. The ideal would be to replace the entire cable, but they are apparently very difficult to rewire and the harness isnt cheap
  8. Hi folks I've been lucky enough to come across an NAD533 TT for nix, however, the RCA cable coming directly from the tone arm has been damaged and is now shortened. The previous owner put some new, cheap RCA plugs on, but the solder job is pretty ordinary and the plug quality is poor. In short, I want to replace the RCAs and - somehow - easily extend the cable so that I can run it on my two tiered rack. The questions I have are 1. Can anyone recommend some easily sourced, good quality replacement RCA plugs, and; 2. What is the best option fo
  9. That's all really helpful, thanks. I did see that i could run a power amp off the Marantz if I wanted to. That said, I really didn't want to feel a need to upgrade or add for a while if I didn't have to. I'm also conscious about crowding the tv with the turntable etc, so I'm leaning towards just staying with a dedicated hifi setup instead of the blended HT/HiFi setup. TBH, i'd never really considered using the system for HT, but the option opened up a possibility. The other concern i have is that the system will be tied to the TV/receiver if/when i move h
  10. So, I auditioned some Triangle Esprit Antal which I really liked the sound of. There is room in my budget to include the centre speaker given they're second hand. Obviously, that's a HT option. I was tempted by the SR5015 instead of the NAD 388 which I was looking at in some depth. The question i have is whether my desire for good music system would be compromised by blending everything with a HT amp? Or, should i just get the two floor speakers with the NAD 388??? Man - too many options....
  11. Thanks. They look like good speakers. I'll go to Apollo and give then a listen of they're still there. Man, this is hard. It's one hell of a rabbit hole! Great fun, but just keen to find something.
  12. While I was really impressed with the Martin Logan speakers, they're taking 4k of the budget. While the Cambridge AXR100 hag plenty of power, it's really basic. I have concerns I may want to upgrade it not far into the future. For a number of reasons, I have to go new. Again, thanks so much for all the advice. This place is great
  13. Also, the room isn't quite that big. It's approx 6x8m
  14. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Super helpful. I went and looked at a couple of units this morning. I didn't have any of my own music, but will go back aftet doing more research. I looked at Martin Logan motion 60XTI, which I liked the sound of. It wad paired with a Cambridge AXR100. The search continues...
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