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  1. SOLD: FS: Gryphon Exorcist

    This gryphon exorcist has turned my head right around
  2. I've bought at least 6 cartridges from 2juki over the years and always had a great experience.
  3. Bah..Humbug.... I just got Bowie at the Beeb. 4 disc set with John Peel commentary.
  4. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    'Made in Europe' was one of my first vinyl purchases back in the day. The version of 'Mistreated' is sonic heaven.
  5. Metal: Currently Spinning

    I think Varg would have something to say about that....
  6. Went on a birthday vinyl spree. Gong 'Shamal' and 'Time is the Key', Led Zeppelin 'BBC Sessions (5 disc's)', 'The Pretenders', Nazz 'Nazz Nazz' and ' Nazz III', King Crimson "In Wake of Poseidon' and 'Lizard', Jean Luc Ponty 'Mystical Adventures', 'Dan Reed Network' and 'Dave McArtney and the Pink Flamingoes'
  7. Legalize it, Don't criticize it, Legalize it and I'll advertize it....
  8. The Tea Party 'Edges of Twilight'
  9. Digging Iron Maiden

    I must disagree. The Martin Birch era albums sound particularly sprightly. After all he twiddled the knobs for Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Fleetwood Mac and others.
  10. Soundgarden "King Animal"
  11. I'm very happy with my pair. Nice tight bass and they have an extremely high WAF. Made in Australia to boot!
  12. Todd Rundgren and Utopia live bootleg from 1977.
  13. YES (albums)

    1. Fragile 2. The Yes Album 3. Close to the Edge 4. Going for the One 5. Drama 6. Time and a Word 7. Tormato 8. Relayer 9. Yes 10. The Ladder Then of course there are all the live albums, Yessongs, Yesshows, Keys to Ascention etc..
  14. withdrawn: Sonus Faber Cremona

    Wow that is a cool turntable!
  15. Post food pics

    The Herrings are delicious but not as tasty as the Chilli Mud Crab in Singapore