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  1. I've taken Andy's advice about porting and added a SVS SB 1000 Pro which is a sealed enclosure with a 12" woofer and bluetooth connectivity. First impressions are very favourable! So go for it DT999!
  2. Not trying to hijack the thread but opinions on 'ported' or 'sealed' subs?
  3. I'm quoting Zaphod and he said... "DO NOT EVER use a Y cable. Never ever for such a purpose. You are unlikely to blow anything up (though there is a remote possibility of damage to the preamp), but the sound quality will suffer. You MUST use a cable equipped with resistors, as per Andy's cite. Do not use a Y cable. "
  4. Pantera 'History of Hostility' 2015 compilation
  5. Marillion 'Uninvited Guest' (1989)
  6. Emerson Lake and Palmer 'Welcome Back my Friends.. (1974). Triple live album goodness.
  7. Fish (Marillion) & Tony Banks (Genesis) 'Shortcut to Somewhere' (1986)
  8. Gong 'Downwind' (1979) with appearances by Mike Oldfield, Steve Winwood and Mick Taylor.
  9. The lead guitarist from the Runaways goes solo. Joan Jett went mainstream while Lita went Heavy Metal. No prizes for guessing who made the most money.... Lita Ford 'Out for Blood' (1983)
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