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  1. I've had my AS1100 straight into the wall and also into a Furman M-10X E power conditioner. I prefer to run it through the conditioner/surge protector, especially due to Brisbane's electrical storms. Maybe your power boards misbehaving?
  2. I think you'll need a pilots license to fly this one...
  3. Spinning a classic from the NWOBHM. Tank 'Filth Hounds of Hades' (1982) Produced by Fast Eddie from Motorhead.
  4. Spinning some English psych/folk. Trees 'On the Shore' (1971)
  5. Hey! Saw my two decks on display in the photo's (Rega & Michell). Now to upgrade the amps......
  6. Considering he's mainly known as a vocalist it is a bit odd that on this album he doesn't do any singing. It has a nice mellow ambient vibe that I like and Steve Jansen's percussion is always interesting.
  7. David Sylvian 'Alchemy. An Index of Possibilities' (1985)
  8. Starting the day with the Glimmer Twins. The Rolling Stones 'Beggars Banquet' (1968)
  9. I was spinning this about an hour ago. Love the track 'Nostalgia'. Great album.
  10. A wild ride with Mr Fripp & Co. King Crimson 'The Compact King Crimson' (1986 compilation)
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