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  1. Great album! I saw the tour for this one with Lee kerslake on drums and Trevor Bolder had returned on bass.
  2. "Jinjer" an awesome Progressive Metal band from Ukraine featuring the fantastic Tatiana on vocals. This girl can do it all, Death growls and soulful harmonies. The band are as tight as the rear end of a fish. Excellent.
  3. I like them more ! Never mind this girly 'like' business. I LOVE them!
  4. Genesis 'And Then There Were Three' (1978)
  5. David Sylvian 'Brilliant Trees" Morbid Angel 'Blessed are the Sick' Jethro Tull 'North Sea Oil' (10" RSD EP)
  6. That's a cool looking deck. What's the platter made of?
  7. Todd Rundgren 'The Complete U.S Bearsville & Warner Bros Singles (remastered) 4 LP Boxset
  8. Jethro Tull 'Bursting Out' (1978). A live album featuring my favorite line-up of Tull with John Glascock on bass and Barrimore Barlow on drums. Followed by some 70's Sabbath 'Technical Ecstasy' (1976)
  9. Return to Forever 'Romantic Warrior' (1976). Clever buggers this lot. I don't think anyone told them about a 4/4 backbeat.
  10. Todd Rundgren 'Bearsville & Warner Brothers Singles Remastered' 4 LP Boxset.
  11. Todd Rundgren 'A Wizard a True Star' (1973)
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