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  1. Hacksaw Ridge. Fury. Saving Private Ryan Remasted. Dunkirk was not recorded in Atmos😕🤔😔
  2. really wow . audience perceived age that is more important and to me i would have guessed 18 and 16 . To me they acted and appeared young . and did not act like trained experienced marines or commandos. neither had any muscle on them.
  3. the only thing that let it down and it was in a major way was the the two main actors. They did not covey any sort of threat or urgency. By watching the film you would think they where at the park walking the dog. To cast two children as experienced warriors is so un-relatable as well. Not to mention watching two children flirting with each other all the time is really off putting. Bad casting IMO Great movie otherwise
  4. it appears they just listed them in random order to me. as not to be politically incorrect? strange list.
  5. nah, haven't seen endgame yet! Ill wait for blue-ray release.
  6. My favorite is one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, as its probably my favorite movie of all time!! probably Peter Quill. Least favorite is Captain Marvel. They bring in this unknown overpowered character, that no one likes, at the last minute to save the day. Thats not cool. Widow should not be there its ridiculous, same with arrow guy . They dont have any powers! they would be dead in the first encounter with a super.
  7. I am currently between rooms as i have recently moved house. Old room was quite small 4m x 4m. New room will be 5m x 6m but is not built yet. I first had a pair of second hand Lyrix which i loved and lent me towards getting the full krix setup. Mains: Harmonix Center: Vortex Suround: Equinox
  8. I have a Krix setup for home theater use and im very happy with them . I cant see myself upgrading in the near future if ever. I was tossing up between B&W and Krix and went with Krix because they sounded more neutral/natural sounding to me yet still have the slam and big sound that you want with a HT. They are also very non fatiguing which is a big tick for me.
  9. I would have picked this up if you where in QLD. I picked up a pair not long ago for $450, very happy with purchase.(still looking for another pair) Some peeps are trying to sell some on ebray for around 1k QLWS
  10. The Krix Helix only needs 86mm mounting deapth and has a 6" driver, claims good bass response . But would like to know pros cons between this and the Atmospherix myself as i need some more in ceiling speakers.
  11. What's the gain on the screen or what model is this screen so I can look it up?
  12. He could buy a second hand subwoofer amp and try it. If it doesn't work, sell the amp.
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