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  1. What's the gain on the screen or what model is this screen so I can look it up?
  2. Kezzbot

    Can anyone help me fix my subwoofer?

    He could buy a second hand subwoofer amp and try it. If it doesn't work, sell the amp.
  3. Very nice, making me impatient to complete my room.
  4. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    BTW. No import taxes on those subs for me I was lucky.
  5. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    I have an even bigger sound box to finish first i.e the theatre room! It's coming along nicely but will be a few months before I get to crack open the cardboard boxes Pics are single brick retaining wall which is sidewall of basement has been brought down and slowly being replaced with core filled block So one wall is almost finished! Finished room will be 5 m x 6 m x 2.4
  6. Great info there thanks I have one more question for you can I run my speakon cable with power cable?
  7. Thanks for the table that'll help. Oh dear. Because concrete is highly reflective? You have me intrigued. So solution is bass traps behind the projector screen? Or similar ? Will a bunch of something like this do? https://m.au.dhgate.com/product/12-pack-acoustic-foam-bass-trap-sound-absorption/406637600.html?f=bm|406637600|019034|GMC|1029941465|pla|saulgoodman|AU|019034005|m||2|#pd-019
  8. Hi guys, building myself a 5 m by 6 m home theatre room concrete wall construction and and considering my speaker cable runs. What's the distance I should avoid going beyond with my speaker cable and also speakon cables? My front of 4 ohm speakers and my subwoofers are 1000 Watts each I was considering putting my amps at the back of the room which would mean long speaker cable runs. But now I'm doubting my decision, i might just put the amps at the front so speaker cables are shortest and don't run into any sound quality issues.
  9. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    For me it will be Cyberpunk if it comes out, Total War Three Kingdoms and Battlefield 5 [emoji14] I'll probably try red dead if they release it on PC but I've never been a fan of westerns. but of course as usual there is way too many games that i want to play and not enough time to play them
  10. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    Sweet setup mate.
  11. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    I haven't built the room yet so I'm a ways off. As you can see from the photo and all the concrete blocks everywhere, I'm going with concrete walls.
  12. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    That was quick!
  13. Kezzbot

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    I'm not sure of the wait times but yeah I'll just build em and see if its out by then. the new display on the front looks intriguing.