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  1. Yes, we exchanged quite a few pleasant emails and SMSes while I was working on it, when I saw AKSA amp circuit and guessed most of his ideas and he advised me eventually of a few things where I couldn't balance out the DC current output. It was a true pleasure.
  2. Aksa circuit is not reproduced as it is proprietary. This diagram, if you read carefully, is conceptual. Richard's idea is only modifying the circuit, two bipolars per channel still, upgrading components in this amp is according to other sources and some basic understanding of improving signal path parts quality, and through this, the sound quality.
  3. Further information: This AMP was modified according to Richard McDonald by myself the year before last year when I had time playing with things. I think the mods result is very similar to the famous Hugh Dean Aksa 55, which, without wonder, was a product by Richard and Hugh as you can read the story here. http://www.aesmelbourne.org.au/wp-content/media/THE AKSA STORY.pdf The modified circuit shares high similarity with AKSA circuit, which is said to be the most tubey... Only difference is that A2760 is much better looking amp than a original AKSA 55 as you can see from the picture . Aksa 55 amps don't have speaker protection circuits and kindof dual mono transformer either. And also, I used fancier capacitors such as metal films and Nichicon Muse series, etc. Anyway, I used it to drive my Yamaha NS1000M and did look anywhere else. I actually had two of them, with one added remote volume control, source select and even a phono stage as the retired preamp power supply is actual very good for addon things like those. This one has been my in my video shelf as AV amp, but now I have started to try surround system. These is also a VSPS, very simple phono stage, designed by RJM Audio to come with it or the next owner to play with it. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Further information: Have been my man-cave speakers during the pandemic period, working from home. They are very interesting speakers as you can read the review here: https://forums.audioholics.com/forums/threads/bookshelf-speaker-shootout.95335/ Small size but excellent sound. My attention is constantly caught away from my books or work while they play as background music. Unfortunately grills are lost as I don't use them. But cosmetically, they are perfect. Photos:
  5. Further information: Very good player, excellent review. Being Used as DAC(Audio/Video) only. Maybe a bit too big for a DAC, and waste of its Blueray and CD player capabilities. Therefore try to simplify things. Photos:
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