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  1. Item: Denon DP30L MarK II Direct Drive Turntable Location: Eastern Melbourne Price: $600 Item Condition: used Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It turns out that I am not a true believer of vinyl as I spend more time listening to radio nowadays. So just less than 10 hours of listening after upgrading the signal cable to braided shielded and cartridge to Ortofon 2M Blue, I decide to let someone else to enjoy this piece of classic equipment from Denon. It works beautifully and accurately. You can test it with RPM monitor to see that it turns at 33 RPM precisely and adjustable. It comes with the user's manual and service manual. I prefer local pickup but postage can be organized just keeping in mind this is very heavy. PS: Also it comes with a spare mm phono stage made by myself from qualify parts and based on VSPS project found here: http://phonoclone.com/diy-pho5.html It does sound very good.(last picture shows the internal). Pictures:
  2. if you don't have hum, just let the earth off. No big deal, which only means you don't have an earth loop.
  3. Item: Audio/Video selector Location: Mel Price: Free Item Condition: Working Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Not the best of quality but works. Someone might be needing one. Pictures:
  4. Yes I did. But It didn't even cover my cost. But anyway, I don't need it as I have an internal one on PCB board. Then I found I don't need the PCB one either, as it takes much room. So I took it out, and built a hardwired one instead, which I can put as close to the input jack as possible. But to compare the result, I found a case for the PCB one and build a separate box. Sound quality is the same, only the internal one in the amp is bit noiser. Hardwiring is fun too!
  5. You can never get rid of the white noise from vinyls completely, right? It is part of the vinyl experience. But it is only audible on my system when volume is maximum. I am very happy with my phono stage build. No PCB means less harm to the environment. And the internal one had slightly more noise only if earthing is not properly done. Maybe I can let some one else have the external one.
  6. problem solved! Only one earth point is needed, which is the TT. And input and output jack on the phone stage must be floating, and the phono stage only shares the earth point through the TT ground wire. Cheers
  7. Ortofon Blue. Perhaps I need load capacitors for this?
  8. Hi guys, I have just upgraded my denon dp30l II TT with better signal cable, which made a huge difference. The original one is not even shielded with proper copper braided wire, which picks up noise even when you touch the wire. The ground wire is not copper either, and all the signal wire lengths are just too thin. I used AMP shielded and ground wire to replace factory one. The hum is much much lower now. However it is still there. I thought it was my phono stage, but without input from TT connected, it is as much quiet as my CD input. I have also two phono stages, from RJM audio, one in the amp, one external, all properly grounded with absolutely no earth loop at all. While the two phono sound exactly the same noise wise, I start to think may be the TT is picking up noise some where in side. Anyone can help? Regards, Attached is my tt signal cable upgrade (need flux cleaned) and two phono stages. The hardwired one is in my amp, very close to the external one, which is deadly quiet.
  9. After reading the datasheet, I guess you are right. When power is off, both LDR resistance will be very high, 25M ohms at least, therefore there won't be any output. Asking this because I am thinking use power cut to mute it completely, as zero volume is not possible in your design.
  10. Thanks George, but I couldn't understand that. It is like two 10k in series when no current to power the led , and the output is in the middle. Wouldn't that be half maximum volume? Cheers
  11. Guys, Came across this thread recently. Anyone knows if there is no power supply to the attenuator, such as 5V power supply fails, will the volume be half the maximum? It appears to me so, as two LDR will both be at maximum value. Same as that you can't get zero volume as shunt LDR will never be zero. Best approach to address this, is to trigger a relay somehow, to cut of input.
  12. Sure, send me your address, I will have it send out today.
  13. Hi Mark, Shouldn't be a problem. Can you pm me your address and I can work out the postage. Cheers, Jing
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