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  1. Here is the picture taken by phone.
  2. Item: Yamaha RX-V3800 Location: Vermont Price: $450 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Haven't had and a single issue with this unit. Selling only because I changed my setup. Too heavy to post so pickup only. Pictures:
  3. Jing

    SOLD: Oppo 105D

    Pm sent
  4. Jing

    FS: Phono Stage For Sale (Mel)

    The board is small enough to put in any amp with preamp power supply, but I would recommend a separate box like this as it is significantly quieter.
  5. Item: VSPS (Very Simple Phono Stage) Location: Melbourne Eastern area Price: $250 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I was to build a Rod Elliott phono stage, by which some people swear that the sound quality is superb. You can find relative info here: http://sound.whsites.net/index2.html However after I found a website called RJM audio, http://phonoclone.com/ind.html, I was attracted by the simplicity and elegance of it's VSPS project. Therefore I decide to build one and put it in my integrated amplifier. Indeed it sounds amazing as expected. So I build another one with separate case, just to bring the background noise level even lower. And here it is: The critical RIAA circuit elements, 2 resistors and 4 capacitors, are hand matched and I used low tolerance parts. For example, the 4 WIMA 1nf capacitors are of 1% tolerance, and 2 metal film resistors 110K and 768K are of 0.1% tolerance. Other Aluminium Electrolytic capacitors (power supply filters) are very low ESR parts. Two output/coupling 2u2 caps are very good MKP ones as you can see from the picture. Also, I have decided to go for dual opamp instead one as per original design. Just to complete the idea of dual mono design, such as dual second coil toroidal, dual bridge rectifier, and symmetrical channels. So you can try any of your favorite dual or mono opamps. Currently I am using NE5534P, which was to be upgraded to OPA627 but I don't feel the need. And the sound? Well, one of my favorites, Gilda's "Caro nome che il mio cor" by Anna Moffo really sings effortlessly with smoothness. I can listen to this beautiful RCA recordings all day long. Even if I turn the volume to maximum, I can only hear the white noise while putting my ears very close to the speakers. Pictures:
  6. Jing

    Modified DSE A2760

    Is this link Richard used to do the mod? Yes I saw this but I did it according to diyaudio link, which has nested feedback, double pole filters and etc. And, of course, no couping capacitors because all my sources have capacitor output, such as phone stage and squeezebox. I will do a bit further more mods such as to use matched pair of 2sc5200/sa1943.
  7. Here it is: http://phonoclone.com/diy-pho5.html The resistor we talked about is still here in schematic, bit removed in PCB.
  8. Yes. It is still Allen wright's mod for the riaa. The newer version has the resistor removed and other two riaa resistors fine tuned. I have no experience with the old version. But very happy with my current setup. Just vsps and power amp, which fit each other nicely with the smallest environment footprints possible. I have thought about Rod Eliot's phono stage but this one is very satisfactory so I don't even look for a pre anymore.
  9. I bought VSPS PCB from RJM Audio, and then made the phono stage myself. It has very good review on Diyaudio and I myself found out that it is an amazing phono stage, simple and good sound. Anyone has the same thing? BTW, Richard form RJM Audio is a very friendly person, who apparently lives in Kyoto, so if you buy from him it only take 7 days for the airmail.
  10. why spending $1000? I got a $10 Very Simple Phono Stage PCB, solder it myself and then put it in my amp. It sounds amazing. Miss Gilda in Rigoletto sounds fantastic.