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  1. The Bass in God is a Woman (Ariana Grande), Dancing With a Stranger (Sam Smith) and Magic (Kylie Minogue) .....are.... SUBLIME with the Black Limba's and the iFi iDSD on normal gain @ 1 o'clock on the volume dial! This is how POP music should sound. MAGIC. :yum Loud in yer face and thumping. That's where type 1 or 2 woods truly rock! Type 4 Wild Chechen can't compete with the kick, power and warmth of the Type 1 Black Limba where you just wanna feel da bass... and that's without flicking the xBass or 3D switch on the Amp. Type 4 with the xBass come close to the Type 1 but still lack
  2. It's a Frankenstein ALO Litz Pure Silver MMCX with MMCX to 2 pin adapters I found online. I bought the cable for my Andromeda's orginally for use with the DX220 AMP8. Don't use the DX220 anymore so probably going to sell that soon. (DX220 sounds too bright for me and too slow and gets really hot and not great battery life - Using phone/tablet with the ifi iDSD is much more pleasant and enjoyable)
  3. Bought an iFi iDSD Signature to use around the house. These cans definitely benefit from having at least 1000mw driving them that’s for sure. 4100mw on tap, more than enough! More snap, punch and control and less distortion is really noticeable. Can listen much much louder than I should be because they sound so clear. If anyone is thinking of changing their cans maybe buy a decent higher end amp if you’ve got an entry level Amp. I wouldn’t call RME ADI-2 I have as entry level mind you, but headphone amp stage is a little light on compared to this beast. The ifi has really woken them
  4. As its affectionately known, the man penthouse. top floor 3 story / split level house. Actually I have 9 year old and 4 older adult kids.
  5. I've gone from this layout and using the Logitech Z906 to power the desktop speakers to.... To this and using the B speaker terminals on my main AVR to power the desktop and now using the room 2 x 10" subs with a different calibration memory on the AVR. Overkill?? No not really. I switch the main AVR between A & B speaker terminals to go from Room surround to desktop 2.1. Should have done this years ago. Desktop sounds so much better! Or this when I really want
  6. What price do you think the dealers are selling them for then? RRP is $7199.... ????
  7. If you were quoted $6600AU for an 8500H (pre 2.1 HDMI upgrade) what would you pay for a A110 that already includes the 2.1 update and the anniversary tweaks? (assuming HDMI 2.1 8500H upgrade will be $1500) PS> Im aware of the 2.1 4K120 Hardware bug but that wont affect me and the HDMI board upgrades for the 8500H are probably never going to get here before middle of next year if not end of next year. (and I've been using a Sony STRDA 5200ES for 15 years waiting for this standards mess on HDMI, HDR and Audio to sort it's Sxxx out!)
  8. The Workstation Sony SS-T70ES Speakers Powered by Logitech Z906 Soon to be replaced by Purifi 1ET400A Amps - Overkill I know - The new Amps will share duties on the main system powering the SS-X70ED Speakers with 2 x Velodyne 10" Subs (1 of the Subs sits next to my workstation that will be switchable from main system to workstation system and will be wired via the RME ADI-2 for Workstation use) Sony 5200ES AVR Amp powers the main system and will soon be replaced by Denon 8500H (with 1ET400A Amps for mains in a 9.2.4 Atmos configuration) The rest of the surround floor spe
  9. Awesome Room... and equipment... Im on a similiar journey with a combo audio/video/office room.. still along way off from yours though! I have a trapdoor staircase to relocate, a balcony to enclose and extend into and a heap of other changes.. Lived with it like this for 5 years mind you!
  10. Best of All Worlds!!! This is sublime... Best of Dire Straights & Mark Knopfler 2005 180gm Vinyl Pressing > Technics SL-1210MK5 w/ Ortofon Super OM40 Stylus > Tube Box DS Phono Preamp > Audient iD14 Burr Brown PCM4202 A/D 24/96 USB ASIO capture to PC > USB ASIO to RME ADI-2 DAC @ 24/96 > Fostex TH610 w/ Lawton Black Limba Chambers..... ahhhhhhhhh absolute Blisssssssss Without any hint of sibilance and just sweet golden top end and firm punchy bottom end!! This is the way Vinyl is meant to be heard! Lets be friends for ever.... Technics
  11. Wife bought me Omega Headphone Stand for Birthday! Very Nice!
  12. I've been using the Black Limba all day today and am really enjoying them. Something I've noticed is the treble and upper midrange is slightly more gentle on the Black Limba. The Wild Chechen has a slightly harder edge to it so the Black Limba is very nice and punchy and warm but without the edgyness. https://tidal.com/browse/track/91916863
  13. I upgraded my TH610 with a few different sets of Lawton Timber cups. Very nice difference!
  14. Wild Chechen Type 4 definitely my favourite overall for refinement and versatility. Tighter bass that extends low, still has good impact and force and a nice timbre and not boomy. Sweet top end that shimmers but doesnt bite and still extends nicely. Mid range is forward and full but not in your face. Just my perfect kinda headphones! Was listening back to back with Flame Marbled Walnut / Wild Chechen and the Walnut has a nice warmth but with double bass in Jazz it can be a little fuzzy sounding, while the Wild Chechen just sounds natural and full with great impact and ar
  15. Stock TH610 Walnut Cups - 1.4oz / 41grams - Type 1 - Janka Hardness 1010 Lawton Black Limba Cups - 2.3oz / 65grams - Type 1 - Janka Hardness 490 > 840 Lawton Flame Marbled Walnut - 2.4oz / 69grams - Type 1 - Janka Hardness 1010 Lawton Wild Chechen - 3.4oz / 95grams - Type 4 - Janka Hardness 2250 > 2300 Lawton Wild Ziricote - 4.1oz / 115grams - Type 5 - Janka Hardness 1970 > 2200
  16. TH610 swapped over to Flame Marble Walnut Lawton Cups.. Ahhh thats better - a bit of warmth has come back as well as punch and depth to the bass. Very nice.
  17. Wild Ziricote Type 5 Lawton Cup..... VERY different Much less bass overall and what's there is super tight and extends low. More forward mid range and top end - much more vocal oriented. No sharpness in treble but definitely brighter but not too bright. So far favourites are Wild Chechen (Type 4) followed by Black Limba (Type 1). Black Limba was much much warmer and fuller sounding. More listening to be done!
  18. Just some insight to the cup design from Mark - I'm sure he wont mind me sharing his thoughts on my question... How did you decide on the size of the cups??? to which he replied.. (that I agree with completely) "Myself, I feel one can only obtain just so much info from measurements, the real test is listening. Rather than just making a copy of the original cups, we wanted to make as many improvements as possible to the design. Cups serve a purpose, acting as a combination of speaker cabinet and body of a musical instrument. If you treat them seriously this way, you can get
  19. Youtube video of Wild Chechen to Black Limba Lawton Chamber Changeover on TH610. 1080p is up - 4K is up!
  20. Youtube video of Wild Chechen to Black Limba change over inbound... ;) Black Limba only a subtle difference in sound so far but definitely a little warmer sounding in the 70- 120hz region... No sign of sibilance. :)
  21. Wild Ziricote (Type 5 - 1970 / 2200 lbf Janka Hardness) These feel the heaviest by a lot Wild Chechen (Type 4 - 2250 / 2300 lbf Janka Hardness) Next Heaviest Flame Marbled Walnut (Type 1 - 1010 lbf Janka Hardness) Second Lightest Black Limba (Type 1 - 490 / 840 lbf Janka Hardness - really soft!) Feel Really Light - Mark had these originally listed as Type 2 but he's changing them to Type 1 - These are a lot Blonder than Marks Pic here as you tell from my Pic below.
  22. Yes thats the Black Limba, it's a really light wood (weight) much lighter than the Walnut and the Wild Chechen is much heavier and the Wild Ziricote is even heavier. No I havent owned the TH-900 but I auditioned them before buying the TH610 and love the TH610 far more. TH900MKII really hurt my ears in the treble with lots of sibilance and too bright and too boomy in the bass. TH610 much more neutral and controlled, and even more amazing with the heavier denser bigger Wild Chechen wood. Yes very easy to install just be careful. I'll video the change over to the next p
  23. Just WOW WOW WOW... amazing in every way.... The fit and finish is spectacular! The sound seems tighter but also deeper and fatter and also smoother in the upper midrage and lower treble where the stock TH610's have a tendancy to be siblant on some brightly recorded tracks. The sparkle, air, separation, width and staging is there and even sweeter since the edge has been just so slightly taken away at around 5-6k. Im my opinion this has made the TH610 the perfect headphones with the Wild Chechen. Not sure how I'm going to go with the others since this has spoilt me now I thin
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