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  1. I have a very simple answer to this. It's more difficult to make a really high quality 44.1khz filter and audio reconstruction and make it sound better than a DSD filter. Put another way, Redbook standard CD's frequency rolloff introduces aliasing, timing and phase changes that are in the audible range. DSD filters are way above the threshold of hearing and when properly filtered, not audible. Therefore you would assume DSD to be superior. However there are plenty of well mastered CDs that sound as good as DSD when played back through a high quality 44.1k DAC and filter. So my advice is listen to as many 44.1k DACs as you can and find one you like. If it happens to do DSD or MQA, great... but I wouldnt buy equipment specifically for DSD, because there are many more rebook CD's and FLAC's available than DSD/MQA and a good remastered CD will almost always sound good as a DSD recording given the same quality redbook DAC vs DSD.
  2. This is a bit left field... The RME ADI-2 DAC or ADI-2 Pro FS R BE (2019 editions) with AK4493 DAC chip. Chromecast Audio on the optical input and iPad w/ Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter + Roon as digital transport connected to ADI-2 via USB. If you want analog inputs get the ADI-2 Pro FS R BE. Very versatile setup. Awesome preamp with DSD256 DAC and bonus you get a great headphone amp. oh and infrared remote. (sorry no Apps though you can load whatever you want on the iPad) MQA unfold to 96k RMEADI2 AS STREAMER by Hilton, on Flickr 192k FLAC (upto 768!) RMEADI2 AS STREAMER by Hilton, on Flickr DSD128 DoP (upto 256 including native direct) RMEADI2 AS STREAMER by Hilton, on Flickr
  3. Congrats John and thanks Tom for the warm welcome you always extended to me. I haven't been around a lot but very much appreciated the hospitality shown when I came along to a few events. Hopefully I'll see more of you all in 2020. I'm flying in and out of Sydney every week for work for another six months but hope to get some time to come along soon.
  4. Andromeda a perfect with DX220. I have AMP1mk2 that came standard with it, AMP8 which is basically AMP1mk2 with 4.4 balanced pentacon and no lineout and no 3.5out and the new AMP9 Korg tube 3.5 out only. Andromeda is wonderful with all of the AMPs but did have a very slight hiss with AMP9 when it was new, but now is whisper quiet on all AMPS no matter whether using balanced or 3.5 outputs. Output impedence on all the AMPs is 0.3 ohm so no lowend rolloff either. Im using the the ALO Litz pure silver 4.4 and the ALO litz standard Andromeda cable. The top end of Andromeda is still beautiful even though they use the Sabre DACs in DX220 which can sound a little edgy in some implementations. It has 7 different DAC rolloff filters built in to choose from. To be honest, it's desktop rivalling quality in portable formfactor. (and better than many desktop systems costing subtantially more) The AMP9 adds a nicer smoother top end, full warm lush vocals, especially for brighter headphones AMP9 tames them down a little.. (TH610 I just bought sound lovely with AMP9 but just a little bright in 5k > 8k range with AMP8 or AMP1mk2. (but still quite livable) HD600s sound wonderful and my Sony MDR-1A sound great too. Its fast, battery life is good, Google store can be patched with an add-on from lurker0, Build quality is excellent, controls are perfect, screen is gorgeous, only downside is it can get pretty warm if your working it hard with DSD512 or DSD generally and charging at the same time. Built in player is very elegant looking and easy to use, but i mostly use Neutron player and Tidal. It also has hardware MQA unfolding, including in offine mode.
  5. Noice AMP9 time......... If you bump the DX220 with AMP9 you can hear a little tube shimmer like a bell. Tapping lightly on the AMP9 casing from left side to right side with your finger and you can hear the tubes ringing and panning from left to right. In normal listening and moving about I havent heard the tubes ring but it's definitely not a setup for an active listening session. (it's very very low level ringing and damped well enough to not be a problem in general listening) Fortunately with my USB-C Dock and Bluetooth remote I can enjoy at my desk without even touching. Turning up the volume or skipping tracks.. I also use the BT remote on the train or walking around the city so I dont have to worry about dropping the DX220. I can highly recommend a USB-C Dock and BT remote. I'm using a front end interface called Automate that can also be setup as your default launcher. Easier to read song titles, nice large album covers - swipe left right for track change swap between all your audio apps and have quick access to shortcuts and a slick clean uncluttered interface, even for Neutron. Tap song title to tap through to the audio player and after you select a track it will revert back to Automate. I've emailed the developer and they'll add support for a shortcut to Mango Player in next release. I've used Automate on a 10" tablet in the car for a couple years in place of Android Auto / Apple Car play. Works wonderfully just the same on the lil' DX220. DX220 AMP9 by Hilton, on Flickr Automate. by Hilton, on Flickr DX220 AMP9 by Hilton, on Flickr DX220 AMP9 by Hilton, on Flickr
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