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  1. I’ve owned a number of Pioneer plasmas over 12-14 yrs and they have been exceptional for picture quality and they have lasted way beyond my expectations. That said if they fail then parts , especially main boards are nearly impossible to get and in general not worth repairing. Incredibly there are so many still out there working... amazingly well designed and built. Last year I retired my PDP LX 609 Kuro to my second tv area and have been enjoying a Panasonic 65” OLED in the main viewing area. The room is well lit during the day and daytime viewing is not a problem ( Pana OLED is 1000 nit panel) and I run it on close to standard contrast and brightness. I’ve calibrated it using ISF standards and have had to tweek only slightly. As far as power usage is concerned I can guarantee my 60” Kuro definitely uses more power but that said so does my drinks fridge. It is worth noting that the senior Pioneer engineers from the Kuro period all moved to Panasonic after Pioneer panel division folded and many are still there today. Much of what we see today in the way of OLED coming out of Panasonic is linked to these engineers and it certainly shows in the quality of the images on the Pana panels. No question in my mind , and after watching OLED for the past year, that they produce outstanding images. I believe these are truly worthy replacements of the legendary Kuro’s. Only time will tell if they last as long.
  2. Such a beautiful built product from the 80’s. Many forget that Technics built some superb audio models during this period. Similar to my Sony TAN77ES amp. Would make a wonderful addition to someone’s system.
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