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  1. Lovely speakers match well with primare amp. Glws
  2. Fantastic CD player , I couldn’t get this finish when I purchased mine so I had to have black. Glws
  3. If think don’t work out I will take it.
  4. Great speakers I audition these speakers with naim gear wow .
  5. If you were in melb this would be gone. Glws
  6. Could you take more photos with the cover off.
  7. Very nice Amp, sweet sounding and very musical Glws.
  8. Would you mind if I ask why you are going back to MM, as I’m thinking is doing a opposite.
  9. How would I describe the sound of this amp , I demo the hautonga with special 40 I thought it was great .
  10. Wow what a good looking amp . I love the sound of the hautonga With dynaudio special 40 could only imagine how this amp would sound with my dynaudio. Glws
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