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  1. Fantastic speakers for the money I audition these speakers a few years ago paired with rega brio amp wow what a combo , this would be a great start for someone wanting to get into Hifi GLWS.
  2. I have Cyrus gear as well in my second system and they are a fantastic gear , how do you find the hyper cable been thinking about getting the atlas cable.
  3. I have the same problem the last 2 days and did the same thing as well.
  4. Moon makes fantastic sounding amp I have the 340i very happy with it.
  5. Dream of having this amp one day [emoji106]
  6. Wow looks fantastic I wonder how it sounds . Glws
  7. I remember when I put this board in my system omg big upgrade.glws.
  8. Fantastic dac I had mine for 4 years . Glws
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