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  1. Item: Analysis plus black mesh oval 9 speaker cable with furitech fittings with spade one end and locking banana plug on the other end. Location: Albury Nsw Price: $380. Plus postage . Item condition: very good . Reason for selling: Too short for my needs. Payment method: cash pick up or bank transfer.
  2. These are great amp I have one as well . How do they sound in mono mode.
  3. Nice looking speakers always wanted to try these speakers wrong state . Glws
  4. If this was in Melbourne I would’ve snap it up.
  5. Ed i did the same thing as you did, bought a moon 340i without audition to drive my dynaudio special 40 and i love the moon house sound plenty of power for a small amp .
  6. If this was in Melbourne I would snap it up.
  7. Very nice looking speakers .
  8. This is great value for someone starting Off , I love the Cyrus house sound glws
  9. Pretty looking speakers if I didn’t have so many speakers it would be very tempting glws.
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