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  1. Thanks that insight glws
  2. Wow the driver arrangements looks interesting how does it sounds.
  3. Mani

    Hi-End Audio system

    Wow if u were in Melbourne this would be gone
  4. I audition this sub at cav in Melbourne and they are very nice [emoji106].
  5. If you were in Melbourne this would be a done deal
  6. Mani

    FS: B&W 802 Diamond (D2)

    Love to hear it one day
  7. This is a serious looking amp that means business. Good luck with the house , it’s the best owning your own place.
  8. Mani

    Legend Acoustics Joey5 standmounts

    what a nice speaker for the price , i have a kama 6 se which is a larger version of this . glws
  9. Moon gear is very nice, I have the 340i [emoji108] . Glws
  10. Mani


    I had one of these for 4 years fantastic sounding dac for the money . Glws
  11. Mani

    SOLD: FS :Dynaudio Special forty

    Wow what a great price I have a grey pair my self fantastic speakers glws