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  1. Item: Bel Canto Pre3 Location: Denmark WA Price: $900 plus shipping Item Condition:Excellent. Reason for selling: Gone all tube Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Lovely sounding high resolution preamp. Comes with original packaging and remote. It obtained excellent reviews which you can search out on the web. Pictures:
  2. Sorry it was a bit telegraphic. The switch disables the preamp section so that so that I can use separate preamps. Rob
  3. Yes. Earle is making one for me and it literally has a switch. Rob
  4. I reckon it's possible to resist. Tube rolled for some time with marginal results. You gotta know what you are doing otherwise it is about as enjoyable as a death march.
  5. I just checked out the site you mentioned and read one of the blogs which reminded me of the importance of stereo imaging. Fiddled around with the speaker placment and I immediately got better sound. Thanks FrostEone. Rob
  6. Now you have me intrigued. Which Spendors are you referring to? I know that there is a family relationship between Harbeths and Spendors but have not had the opportunity to ever hear spendors. Rob
  7. This conversation is feeding into my deep pessimism about the growing inequality in this country ... I will have to snap out of it and put on an LP. Interesting to see another dimension to Stereonet users. Not just preoccupied with stereo gear after all. I agree with the sentiments below. I like supporting local craftsman/woman. I have always had my eye on the Elecktra Pre. I like Pres with a big personality. Big bold, dynamic and colourful. Does Elektra fit the bill?
  8. Thanks aasza. PM sent. I will take this. Rob
  9. Hi Paul Happy to comment on my journey and hopefully save you some money . The usual caveats - this is my experience and represents my sensibilities. I listen pretty much exclusively to classical music right across the board from delicate sounding acoustic intruments to massive orchestral music. Also, there would be people here on stereonet who have a tremendous depth of experience, far greater than mine and have spent a lot more money than me. But I do have enthusiam on my side I have to agree that system matching and synergy is critical as is room acoustics. The former is a black art really and luck probably plays a big part. 1. I have built my system around my speakers. I really like Harbeth speakers. I have super hl5s. If my room was big enough (and I had the cash) I would definitely buy the 40.1. The fact that I like Harbeths reflects the fact that I like a full bodied rich sound. I have gone down the other track - lean, analytical - it was expensive and I just did not enjoy the sound. I have heard quite a few modern sounding hifi speakers which have a much leaner sound and cannot tolerate them. There are definite limits to my experience here - for example, I would love to hear so called full range speakers. 2. Concerning solid state, you would have gathered that I have discovered the Anthony Holton SState amps. Anthony is the real deal. These are very refined amplifiers and it is hard for me to imagine that they could disappoint anyone. I have tried all sorts of amplifiers in the past and have been a pretty dedicated valve guy but have never quite found the right tube amp. VTL was great but very expensive now. Prima Luna tube amps - I tried hard to like this amplifier but just could not. A lean sound that strips a lot of the joy from the music to my ears - I stress to my ears. I dont want to disrespect the fact that apparently thousands of people throughout the world love these amplifiers. I have ordered a Weston Acoustic tube amp from earle weston and it should be here by June. I like to have both a solid state and a tube amp as this keeps the music fresh. Tube amps have a big holographic three D sound that I like. 3. I have discovered that the old wisdom of pairing the solid state amp with a good active preamp really can raise your system to another level. I bought a second hand Bel Canto Pre 3 off Stereo net for about $1200 and it has been fabulous. Also, I have paired the Holton with a tube preamp made by Mark Houston of Retro Thermionic and that has been pretty incredible given that it cost me $350! Adds a big tube sound. I was looking to get an Elektra which is made in melbourne as i have heard very good things about it. 3. I play CDs from a dedicated CD spinner and send the signal to an external DAC. I am not interested in streaming music off a server or having my entire music collection on a usb stick. However, the whole DAC search can drive one insane as there just so many possibilities out there. One good thing is that they regularly come up second hand on stereonet as people become bored and for very reasonable prices - as they should last decades, it is great to buy used. I have blown a lot of money on trying to find the right DAC and in the end I stayed with three: 1. Lavry D10/11 - you can buy one second hand for about $400. Excellent rich sound. 2. Benchmark DAC 1 (or 2 or 3) - this cuts across what I was saying about analytical because it is quite analytical but I always come back to the Benchmark. Incredible DAC really and when paired with the richer sounding amp it is really an experience.3. Rega DAC - version one you can buy for about $400. A really good DAC. 4. I really love my Clearaudio Performance Turntable. MM Maestro cartridge. A thrilling machine. If you have an LP collection, then analogue is the way to go. 5. Phono stages - Manly chinook is a very very good phono stage. Also, I bought a retro thermionic (australian) MM Carbon phono stage for very little and that is quite simply one of the best bargains I have ever had. Buying used on Stereonet has been a very rewarding experience and saved me a lot of money. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Rob
  10. Ok harbethrob The holton amp , I have been reading about this I'm for the last 3 months now. I was recommend by Anthony that the 0500 amp would match up well with the speakers. I have been putting money away for this amp and I'm getting close to it . I hope this amp is a keeper harbethrob. That is essentially a 300 watt version of the same amp I have (I have the 200 watt ). It is a superb amplifier. What preamp do you think that you will be using with it or will you be driving it from a DAC with built in pre? I did the latter for some time and it worked very well. A tube preamp has added another level of excellence. However, the characteristic sound signature of the Holton always shines through - rich, dynamic and thrilling. Ha ha, there I go again, waxing lyrical about it. I see that you have Legend speakers. I have always wondered about those speakers and would love to hear them some time.
  11. Thanks Terry but I have to say get thee behind me satan! Already committed to Weston Acoustics. Dean is indeed excellent to deal deal with and totally trustworthy. R
  12. Yes. Highly significant. Further, the value tends to go into what is important -internal components and design. Also, the manfucturer is much more likely to be open to adding options and making changes that may want.
  13. From my perspective at least, I do not buy for patriotic reasons. I am afraid I am not much of a patriot! I am commenting strictly on just how good the gear sounds
  14. By the way, here are pictures of the MM Mimic Carbon II that Mark built for me.
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